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[[Madelyn Conner continued from A Generation Lost in Space]]

Setting the gun next to her Madelyn sat in the preprepared tent. Mikaela was gone. Jake was gone. Marion was dead. Eric was dead because she had no idea how to handle a gun. She had failed. So now what? Pulling her knees up she rested her forehead on them.

It was likely that Jake, and especially Mikaela, didn't want to see her again. What would he think if when he heard her name on the announcement? No, she decided that was over. Regardless, tears were coming from her eyes. Would her family and friends be there for her if when she got home? Madelyn had heard stories about how winners came home to nothing. They seemed to get by just fine, but could she?

Well, she'd have to. Eric's death was a mistake, one she'd have to live with. She slowed her breathing, but the tears were still coming. She was going home, and there couldn't be anymore mistakes. Not that she was going psycho-kill-everybody, but she couldn't hesitate next time.

Madelyn knew she should drink something. To eat something, but wanted a little more time. To what? No idea. Maybe to wish herself out of here, or pretend she wasn't here. Just a little while, that's all she wanted.

That little while passed, and Madelyn didn't know how long it took, but apparently it was long enough for her. Pulling her head up she took her bag off, and finished her last water bottle, and the last of the beef jerky. At first she worried about her food, but then she had an idea. Her tears still drying she left the tent.

Only Eric's body was left of the crowd. Madelyn was thankful of this. She didn't want to face Tim, considering that he won in the end. After sighing she got closer to the body and freed it of it's bag, weapon and bandanna. She wasn't going to keep it, but it meant that Eric was free. From the game, and the madness of entertainment that people got from it.

That she used to get from it. It was so easy to watch, to pretend it couldn't happen. Yet here she was. Here they were. Stuffing the bandanna into her pocket she straighten out the body, like they did for funerals. Arms at his side, flat on his back Eric rested. Madelyn had gagged when confronted with the exit wound, but forced herself together.

Looking down at the body Madelyn tried to think about something to tell it. That she was sorry, or something. But it wouldn't matter, because Eric was dead. Head slightly bowed Madelyn left.

[[Madelyn Conner continued in A Day on the Water]]
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PRP1: Madelyn Conner:
Starring in: Game Faces
Prop(s): Glow Sticks (11/12), CZ 75, and Colt Anaconda .45 Magnum
Past Scenes:
Rock the Boat, Baby -> Hotel California -> Breathless -> The King in Yellow ->
Columbines in My Eye -> The King in Yellow -> Foreshadowing/Hindsights ->
A Generation Lost in Space-> A Rest -> A Day on the Water ->Clusterfuck -> Of Moons, Birds, & Monsters
Bandanna: On her wrist.

Contract: Ongoing
Co-Stars Eliminated: Ferric Tam, Marcus Walker, Brennen O'Brian, and Mae St. Clair

PRP5: Sterling Odair:
Starring in: Clusterfuck
Prop(s): Hatchet, MAC-10 Machine Gun [x7 clips (30 Round Capacity)] 30/30 (Taken from Jonas Jeffries)
Past Scenes:
A Cold and Lonely Road -> Establishing Shot -> Friendly Fire -> Shelter by the Lakeside -> Metanoia -> Wrong Direction
Bandanna: Around his neck.

Contract: Finished
Co-Stars Eliminated: Jonas Jeffries

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Madelyn Conner By Inly

Madelyn Conner By Little Boy

Sterling Odair By Little Boy

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Character Selected: F02: Vienna Gogh
Stage Selected: How Not to Meet
Weapon(s) Selected: Cowboy Hat
Saved Games: Game One


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Character Selected: M10: Leo Raclaw
Stage Selected: This Too Will Pass
Weapon(s) Selected: Plunger
Saved Games: Game One, Game Two, Game Three, Game Four

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Leo Raclaw as drawn by Diseased Bear

Vienna Gogh as drawn by Violent Medic

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