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Colin was tense. At any moment, Dougie could lunge forward and attack and he'd have to deal with it. HOW he would deal with it, he had no clue...

... And then, as quickly as the two came, they were gone.

Lily walked away, and Dougie followed, shaking his head in a way that made Colin wish he could smack it. Soon they were out of his sight, leaving Colin standing there in the bus depot.

Like a moron.

"Well fuck you too."

Colin knew this was going to be an incident he wasn't going to shake from his head for a while, just like Gene and Yagmur. Because that's what he needed - more stuff to be pissed about.

Whatever. Lily seemed alright, but Dougie was a dick and he didn't want that guy around anyways. It was better that they were both gone. In a way, he had some out on top.

Colin stood where he was for another minute or so, looking around. As much as he hated moving around some more, he knew that being in the same place in silence would just make his mood worse and worse. He needed some sort of release, even if it was just walking.

Colin zipped up the bag, tossed it over his shoulder, and stormed out, hoping to run into someone who wasn't a complete pissbucket for once.

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