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((Gotta go!))

Asa listened as Dookie bumbled out a response. The assumed he needed alliances and wanted the cover of people to help him get through the game. Asa had to make sure he wouldn't laugh as the guy tried his hardest to let Asa down. Part of him had to applaud the attempt to have some manners in an environment like this. Most people were already breaking cardinal rules, and this guy was still acting like he needed to make sure Asa wouldn't dissolve into a puddle of tears. Asa just kept nodding as Teach Me How To Dougie kept speaking.

"No, I see what you're saying," Asa said.

I see what you're saying, and now I'm gonna fuck with you.

"That's totally fair. I mean, there's always the chance that I would kill you down the line somewhere. It's good to be cautious."

Asa shifted his hand out from under the shawl and revealed the brush axe. He held it up, making sure to keep the blade part pointed away from the two. While it was fun to mess with people, he didn't want them to immediately assume he was going to attack them. Retaliation was the last thing he needed, so he could hold the axe so the blade was pointed at him and towards the floor.

"God, can you imagine if I decided to use this against you two right now? That would be so fucked up. But, oh well. You guys know what you're doing, so I guess I can just leave you be."

Asa lowered the axe and took a step back towards the door. He was grinning and chuckling as he did. Now he just wanted to really introduce some doubt into their minds. He didn't like the idea of two people managing to work together and survive the game. The audience and sponsors would eat that up, so he thought it would be better to end such an alliance before it really did anything.

"It's nice that you two found each other in all this chaos. I mean, you must have a really strong bond if you're sure the other person is all you need. You're gonna have to weather so much together, and if you are teammates that makes your chances of leaving together all the better. You are teammates, right? I'd at least hope so considering how tight you seem to be."

Asa reached the door and pushed it open.

"Don't worry about me though. I'll probably be fine on my own. Just make sure you two are really committed to survive together. There are some real psychos out there."

Asa stepped out the door and waved at them with the hand holding the axe.

"Have fun you two!" he said, closing the door.

Asa hurried off to the side and walked away from the daycare center. Sure, he had wished he could have messed with them some more, but they didn't seem all that interesting. As he knew from watching past seasons, boy-girl partnerships were always hinging on the weakest frame of support. If anything, they'd probably take each other out before someone else did. He at least hoped so.

With that, Asa hurried off into the resort, searching for the next target he could find.

((CJ3 Asa Rosen continued in Everything as Cold as Life ))
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Lily glared at the boy as he left, keeping her eyes on his ax until he was out of sight. Turning toward Dougie, she avoided his eyes as she spoke.

“We should get moving. It's getting late.”

Trying not to look at the corpses on the floor, she opened the door and stepped out into the cold.

((Lily Ashburg continued in Nobody Said It Was Easy))
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"Sure," came his response. Passive, uncertain.

Like everything else.

He couldn't meet the camera's gaze, focused on Lily's back as he walked from the building.

The sight of her was an odd comfort.

((Dougie Sharpe, Nobody Said It Was Easy))
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