Crimson The Dark Bat

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Crimson The Dark Bat

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Name: Crimson Saunders

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Bat

Height: 5.7

Weight: 125lbs (Working-out, not fat XD)

Appearance: Crimson is a bat with red fur which had silver flame - like patterns around the arms and legs. He also has a long fringe with silver tips on each strand. He has a wingspan of approx. 1.5 meters and wears a black zippable hoody with silver patterns on the arms and body. He wears black jeans which are also decorated with a similar pattern of silver. He wears blue shoes and has green eyes and some chest hair.

Personality: Crimson tends to be a focused individual - he will not deviate from a mission easily, although personal feelings can sometimes get the better of him. Generally, he tends to be a bit of a joker and is good-natured. He will support anyone who truly is in need, but he does not suffer fools or angered folks gladly.

History: Crimson was the result of an experiment carried out 62 years ago by Dr. Victus Robotnik (Father of Gerald Robotnik) known as Project "C". The project involved the fusion of a normal Mobian child with the properties of the Scepter of Darkness. He was snatched as a child by Mephiles during an Air raid as caused by the ongoing civil war at the time. Mephiles killed his parents and handed him to Dr. Victus, who fused Mephiles' DNA with that of Crimsons. He grew up working as an apprentice for Mephiles, his mind intent on evil and who, thanks to the experiment, had some of Mephiles' Immense power and also stopped aging once he reached 16. At this age, he met and fell irrevocably in love with a young vampire-slayer calling herself Sonia Tyler, whom he was sent to kill. He refused to end her life and so, betrayed Mephiles' evil side to be with her. He was protecting her for a year and a half from Mephiles' minnions who all wanted him to suffer for his betrayal. After the Solaris incident, in which Sonic, Silver, and Shadow the hedgehog erased Mephiles from existence, time changed and Mephiles' properties were erased from Crimson and he became a normal bat once again. In his true existance, He was hired by a hedgehog named Nosmiro as a hitman at the age of 12, where he leaned his skills. Nosmiro had been killed by Mephiles back when he existed, but with the change in time, Nosmiro never really died, hence hired Crimson at the age of 12 to train him, later hiring him to do his dirty work. During his time working for Nosmiro, he encountered a female hybrid foxbat called Envy Darkheart. She was a fortune hunter who would do anything to get what she wants. She and Crimson soon became sworn rivals after many races to many treasures. When he turned 16, he left his hit man work. Sonia and Crimson are still dating - that never changed with the course of time.

Skills: Crimson has excellent flying skills and is quite good at repairing technology. He also has excellent senses of hearing and smell

Abilities: Due to a formula given to him 2 years ago, Crimson gained the abillity to harness the power of lightning energy.

Experience: Has been using a sword since the age of 13. He has been training with martial arts for 2 years now and gunmanship for 11 months.

Equipment: Zephyr (Sword), 6X WP Grenades, Desert Eagle and a FAL Assault Rifle.

Use for TISC and Gifts. Other uses - you notify me.