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So, I've never been one for gag characters. I like earning them, but I've never bothered beating Portrait of Ruin as Olde Axe Armor or playing through Streets of Rage 3 (Bareknuckle 3, sorry) as Ash even though he is actually a powerhouse.

Not to say I don't have respect for the crazy sons of guns, but I'm not talented enough to get the epicness out of them. Unlike certain people in the world.

Yeah, let that epic win settle in for a moment.

So who are your favorite joke characters out there? Are you the type to legitimately use Mister Satan in a DBZ battle? Ever cheat using Cait Sith in FFVII to one-hit-kill Ruby Weapon?

Tell us your stories of joke character domination and why Lethal Joke Character is a useful trope.
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Gau from FF6 is incredibly lethal if you know what you're doing. Also Setzer ruled if you know how to manipulate slots (His damage output wasn't too far off of what Celes/Terra were doing.)

Same thing with the blue mage class in FF5. You know what I'm talking about.

Quina in FF9 can be gamebreaking in the right hands.

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I heard the song at lyrics heed my every order as eat my every quarter.
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Flash is kinda like the atomic bomb or television - one of those technologies that would probably not exist if its inventors could be shown its future uses beforehand.


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Sega 02: "SONIC TEAM. The Sonic Team development studio was established to execute the wishes of Sega."
Sega 03: "It was intended to enact the business strategy we had created."
Sega 05: "However, it appears to have become dominated by a single, zealous individual."
Sega 04: "Yes it has. We must take it back into our own dominion."
Sega 01: "It is time. We must restore SONIC TEAM and the Sonic series to their proper role."

"Iizuka, you will take responsibility for betraying Sega."