Thursday Evening Men's / Fall 2017

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The official Thursday Evening Men's schedule for the Fall 2017 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America web page, call the game line (215-822-8777, option 6), or click here... Thursday Evening Men's

American Conference
Team 1: Jamison Pour House 2160 Old York Road, Jamison, PA
Mgr. Brian Penecale
Team 2: Vertex Pest Management 215-407-7222
Mgr. Matt Schaub
Team 3: Mayhem
Mgr. Craig Henderson
Team 4: The Commission Re/Max Action Realty 215-450-0668
Mgr. Phil Black
Team 5: Irish Car Bombs
Mgr. John Toto, Jr.
Team 6: Outback Steakhouse
Mgr. Bill Stone

National Conference
Team 7: Callahan Auto
Mgr. Frank Guido
Team 8: Brew Crew
Mgr. Sean McNamara
Team 9: Garges Gang
Mgr. Cal Bohannon
Team 10: Hemlock Philosophers
Mgr. Jesse Kuiper/Mike Snowman

Patriot Conference
Team 11: Sex Panther by Odeon
Mgr. Keith Hass
Team 12: DaVanzo Shift
Mgr. Dave Shannon
Team 13: Mermen
Mgr. Cody Miller
Team 14: Yum Yum Bake Shops 500 West Street Road Warminster, PA 18974 215-441-4477
Mgr. Tim Kulp