Friday Evening Men's / Fall 2017

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The official Friday Evening Men's schedule for the Fall 2017 season is now posted. Access the schedule from the main Softball America web page, call the game line (215-822-8777, option 7), or click here... Friday Evening Men's

Please note: This is a 7-game schedule. League fees are discounted to $65.00. If paying online, use the ‘Other Payment’ box for league fee amount. Any regular season postponement will be rescheduled for the first available Saturday at Hatfield.

Team 1: Shockers
Mgr: Eric Scheckenbach
Team 2: Dirty Dozen
Mgr. Connie Georgiadis
Team 3: Long Shots
Mgr. Ben Soler
Team 4: The Deplorables
Mgr. Tom Banes
Team 5: World Wide Stereo
Mgr. Dan Lutz
Team 6: Nine Inch Males
Mgr. Bob Hartzell