Blood and Roses - The cleft of the stainless Rose

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This is a impromptu devotional I wrote about Lilith as my relationship developed with Her

Blood and Roses

The Winged One

Life used to be beautiful... wonderful; I don't know what
happened. I can still clearly remember, skipping up - and
no one still skipped - to a friend in the street, I somewhat formally made an offering.
"Here," I said sincerely, "I want you to have this."
In my outstretched arms was an ordinary, unpolished apple
- but I acted as if it were a precious gift from the bottom of my heart.
I now understand that moment as one of great significance.

It seems like I only appreciate that when I'm alone in
nice weather with the wind blowing against my face.
Like I used to when I was little... With no
responsibility, when nothing else mattered and there was
no meaning to life other than living; living for that moment… losing myself in myself and the outside world around me.

Lilith is the sudden breeze that shoves us on the street
or turns our umbrella inside and out.
And in this sense, it was a sign to pay attention -
or that some necessary work had been neglected.
She came as a winged messenger, a harbinger of change and new ideas.

I realised that, if I try to please everyone, I'd end up
pleasing no one, including myself, because if I loved
everyone and everything I would lose my natural powers of
selection and wind up being a pretty poor judge of character and quality.
So now I adhere to kindness to who those who deserve it
instead of love wasted on ingrates!
It was the first sign Her presence was near.
Lilith was claiming me. The Goddess of wind and change was taking over.

The Garden - The Cleft of the Stainless Rose

My love is enclosed
in a lovely seductive garden
of earthly delights
full of colour and chaos
where the wild roses grow
all bloody and wild.

The garden is beautiful and pleasant,
and garnished in every rose colour,
I am here for my pleasure; my sorrow
of my sorrow She might save me
the garden-dwelling inspirer

In the day, but mostly the night.

Alas, there is nothing more sweet,
than the first flower; new rose
Oh rose, this painted rose
Is not the whole
Who paints the flower
Paints not it’s fragrant soul.

As a dried-up rose,
She works to corrode things,
to maintain a permanently pleasing situation.

She comes in quickly,
and stronger than She’s ever let me feel Her before.
The energy in the space throbs with Her;
sensing Her swirling around me,
like desert winds;
A gift wrapped in sandpaper.

I feel Her glow coat my skin.
She is with me;
She is in me;
blessing me without words.
I feel Her energy enter my head
and churn in my stomach,
rush to my heart,
and float in my head;
mixing with my own.
In the right light,
you can see Her in my eyes;
there is an intensity there -
you may have a hard time looking at me.

I rise to my feet and dance for Her,
writhing like a snake,
letting myself go; losing all my inhibitions -
watching my dark silhouette perform for Her,
as She moved though my body;
I hold my body in the stillness of Her sacred poses.
I ask, “Do you know, where the wild rose grow, so sweet and scarlet and free?”

She brought me a flower
All night by Her rose I lay,
All night by Her rose I lay
Dare I not the rose to steal
- a lesson in etiquette.

Here is where I lie forever in Heaven
Her taloned feet tear away the flesh of lies!
At Her appearance;
the unjust tremble and the corrupt flee,
It was them who said goodbye
I never left the Garden

For in this rose,
heaven (Goddess) and earth (Woman),
are contained in a small space (Lilith's womb),
a thing to be wondered at.
By that rose we may well see
That She is Goddess in persons three
In one substance.

The Circle of Thorns

I walk the Thorny Path,
and though my feet are cut and bloodied,
I smell the roses;
feel the velvet of their petals on my skin;
and taste the dew on my lips -
as lush as the Garden of Eden!
I drink Her in as much as I can;
I wrap myself in the luxury,
and intoxicating beauty of the rose.

There is no rose of such excellence
As is the rose that bore Lilith.
She is tit for tat and flower of all.
The beauty and luxury of the scented petals,
hides the danger of the thorns;
as a reminder -
that the Female is the deadlier of the species.

Lilith is the Rose, and She is the thorns.
In the Enchanted Garden, She blooms everlasting each bud and thorn
perfection and promising youthfulness and immortality.

Her palms are always open
The Truth of Creation,
She holds in Her hand.
It is in one of these poses,
palms up in supplication,
that She opens me.

And in that moment,
She cuts me like a fruit;
Cuts me in half like a apple -
Cut to expose the subtle potent power,
in the star-shape; Pentagram arrangement of seeds.
She is the Star Woman -
a representation of Us - The Star People.
Every woman and man is a star that will shine,
that will sere like a moth to the flame.
In Her dark world,
the stars will shine,
and shower me with light.

In the old days,
when a woman offered herself to Lilith,
her palms would be made open,
to show her willing acceptance.
I myself am the offering on the altar of sacrifice.

Now, my blood is my offering to Her -
"I am Your daughter, teach me.
I am Your sister, speak to me.
I am Your priestess, embody me."

"If I show you the Roses, will you pay the price?" She asks.

She showed me the roses, and we began ...
As I smell the accepted love scent -
I take the roses into my hands,
and squeeze the thorns until my palms bleed;
She will not be held at arm’s length.

"The circle is entwined.
The torn draws blood.
The torn is the power,
and the power is absolute."

My tumbling subsided in Her sure embrace;
She said, "Give me your loss and your sorrow."
I nodded my head.
It started when She pricked my hands.
Palms up and outward I have give my answer and the answer is yes.
She is best approached naked and fleshy - no hiding.
As I cry silently, my body shook and tears fell;
my trembling subsided in Her sure embrace;
She would be my Lady.
And with a careful hand,
She wiped at the tears than ran down my face.

I let Her in,
giving Her my tears,
my anger,
my fear,
my trust.
"Lilith, I sacrifice to You my old notions of the sacred feminine. You are my sacred feminine now."

All wisdom, all pleasure,
and all receiving comes with a price.
Tears, spoken and written confessions,
make appropriate offerings.

By Blood and Kin
I have paid.
"I will make you the snake that speaks the language of the wind.”

Leaving the Garden, Becoming the Snake

"Coiling, turning, deep knowledge burning,
Sacred Serpent, lead me on
To the initiate's fire on plane much higher.
I yearn to grow, O Goddess one."

She is the snake, and I let Her bite me ...
I now know there is no "original sin", I celebrate man and nature as they really are.

I make full use of my feminine wiles, using all the soft, womanly qualities I have.
I exploit my own most powerful and compelling native resources to achieve my personal goals.

It is a skill that I have fed, loved and cultivated (with Her guiding hand).
I am mysterious, I am calm, I am aware.

Charming and alluring I know how to use my quick wit and
agile body to my best advantage, hypnotising everyone around me.
With my agile body, writhing and coiling like a
snake, I can now adjust quickly to new ideas and projects.

With Her as my Initiatrix, I have steadily acquired my
manipulative skills through example and osmosis,
since She is ever-present in my life.

 Shedding My Skin and Beginning Again

“There is no rose of such excellence
As the rose that bore Lilith.
Lilith’s blood blossoms,
and flows in my veins.

Thou are the Thorny branch
Thou are the flower
Thou are the sweetest Mother, Sister, Goddess
Therefore, I set to work
To praise Thee distinguished Lady.

Hail to You
Winged Goddess of the Dawn and Night
Queen of the Desert
I gather in Your sight
Sharing Your Eternal Flight
Give me wings
Give me flight
Free to fly into the night
To beat the breath and sensual love into all things.”

I honor You when I bask in the pleasures of the flesh and give into my desires.
It is Your energy that courses through me when I allow passion to fuel me.
Briding the worlds of earth, sky, mind and body.
It is Your work that I do.
It is Your voice that I hear when I speak of erotic freedom.
Each time I part my lips to kiss or my legs to fuck, I am sharing Your message of passion and pleasure.
When I compel others to live in their purpose and dare them to question the unspoken rules, I am spreading Your message.
As I inspire others to indulge in the joy of the body, to stretch the confines of gender and sexuality, and delve into their own beliefs and sexual mores, I honor You.

The person who grasps and fully understand the mastery of the world inherent in the Rose’s stem will usher in a true feminism: the liberation of the demonic In every woman.

Does this mean I a Feminist? Oh Absolutely!!  

I consider myself a feminist, and that means celebrating my femininity in all its manifestations - wild, free, powerful, soft, gentle, nurturing - It is a great gift and privilege to be alive in this extraordinary world and even more so, to be alive in it as a Woman - a Living Goddess.  
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