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Realm of Arda
A Fourth Age LOTR RPG
  • Many canon characters available
  • Original characters welcome
  • Expansive plot open to all!
  • Forum-based, focused on literate posts not gaming modules

“The War of the Ring is over. Middle-earth has passed into the Fourth Age. It will become the Golden Age of Men, but all greatness must first be earned.”

King Elessar spoke these words to his Council just three months after the downfall of Sauron. His words would be proven all too true. Though the Lord of the Rings was destroyed, enemies of the West live on.

And the hero upon whose revered name the Ring War was won has passed over the sea.

Deep in Harad and to the far East dwell enemies of Gondor and Rohan. Though the Armies of Mordor were defeated, the Men of Harad and Rhûn were given pardons. Most returned to their towns and villages with no more thought for Gondor or the war they were forced to fight.

But the desires of the common man are not those of their leaders.

Battalions of Haradrim remain within the borders of desolate Mordor. They are led by the six greatest War Lords in Harad. Aided by the Uruk-hai and Orcs hiding in the mountains, they attack the border of Gondor sporadically.

War between the Men of Middle-earth is imminent.

King Elessar has no choice but to make a move against the enemies of Gondor. War is declared, and preparations begin for the long campaign into Far Harad to face the main bulk of the Emperor’s army. In Rohan, King Éomer honors his alliance with Gondor and musters the Rohirrim.

Where the standard of Gondor flies, so will the banner of Rohan.

Allies of Gondor and Rohan gather from across Middle-earth. Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took leave the Shire and begin the long journey South. Treebeard shepherds the Huorns into the Wizard’s Vale where they stand as a vanguard of the Misty Mountains. Prince Imrahil and Faramir, Steward of Gondor, ready their men to march in Gondor’s army. Gimli, now Lord of Aglarond, and Legolas, now Lord of Eryn Silivren, prepare the Dwarves and Elves for battle.

Once again, the Free Peoples of Middle-earth stand united against a Darkness in the East.

The first of the Haradrim Wars will begin when the last of the harvest is brought in from the fields. Although they are mighty armies with mighty leaders, there is restlessness among the Men of the West. Whispers and rumors have begun to spread. Men tremble when the words are uttered.

A Lieutenant of Barad-dûr still lives.