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All Ratings are out of 10...

Number of Members – 9
Number of Posts - 5
Number of Active Members - 4
Originality - 6
Quality of Categories - 8
Good Adminship - 8
Good Moderators - 8
Variation of Forums - 7
Layout - 8
Appearance - 9
Overall - 7

I quite like the general concept behind the newest skin implemented on your board. Being a visitor of the board since it's jump-start, I have personally seen it undergoing many changes as of it's opening, and overall, I would best deem this skin the best to have been implemented to this date. In general, it flourishes in the field of design, whilst also portraying a few unique traits, or rather revived styles, that are uncommon to see implemented otherwise. What I am referring to is it's techy-lookalike style, one that has not been utilized for quite some time now; but you have managed to apply your own personal twist to it, therefor making it look more so current-day and modern - furthermore sleek and attractive. There is much to be desired concerning the color scheme used, however. Perhaps it may be more so of a trademark to PT, but there have been very few diversions from a blue color scheme on your skin designs, with the exception of charged. I think it would do you good to once more experiment with the color scheme, as blue is too often used on resource boards and overall, the general feel of the skin would incline. Nevertheless, the skin is very well structure; certainly fitting of PT's style. Alike to the skin, I also have very few qualms with the forum designs that follow. They are all very well structured, although to some extent, I dislike the shape conformed into the posting icons and board markers. More or less, I think they disrupt the flow and would look much better if they were placed in a cascading flow (an example being the posting icons to your Valentice skin). I feel the same would also look swell for the board markers, although it is not entirely necessary. Otherwise, I could not have expected better of Prime Templates, and it will certainly be difficult to match the current skin in terms of design and innovation the next time you revamp.

Overall, your layout is very well structure. Your forums and categories are laid out in a logical manner and furthermore, it is very compact and subtle. As such, the task of navigating throughout your forums is as easy as ever - which is often difficult for resource boards to accomplish. Therein lies an issue with originality, however. Although I have never really had the feeling that being original has been a primary goal of yours to establish, your layout still lacks the components of being original. You offer very little that a user could locate elsewhere, and your range of discussion concerning skinning is not very broad at that (an example being the lack of skinning chat-specific area). However, I do like your simplistic approach towards your services and what you provide. Without going over the top as far as services and the like, you have managed to structure a very substantial layout. You provide nearly all that is necessary in a skinning board and nothing more, which means that you have of a focal point to focus on. In the case of many other resource boards that claim to be service-exclusive, they often tend to provide services completely unrelated to what they claim to provide, which not only proposes an overabundance of work in both searching for staff and the upkeep of the services entirely, but is completely unnecessary. Although a few more skin-oriented topics wouldn't hurt, I don't see the need to add any further services at this point in time - as I hope it will remain as such in the future.

The status of the community, I feel, has always been the factor holding Prime Templates behind. Whilst you are excelling in and have a substantial amount of users throughout your board, activity is severely lacking as proven by your overall post count - which is surprisingly low as compared to your user base. It is rare for there to be more than ten users online at a time nowadays, and it seems as if community discussion no longer thrives. Perhaps such may occur due to the grab-a-skin and go notion that many users adapt to over time, although there should certainly be more than a select few users willing to partake in community events. As I see it, the most notable issue is within community posting - or lack thereof, and newer discussion topics are rarely posted for the users' enjoyment. I would recommend getting more involved with the community - posting new topics, responding to recently posted entries, and generally giving your user base something to do. You cannot always expect users to do all of the posting, and therefor, it would generally be beneficial if you would put yourself into the picture a bit more than what it seems you have been doing. Otherwise, your staff team seems to be very interactive with the board and the community and seem to be well-mannered in the visible areas of the board. You have very little to be concerned with as far as the staff go, generally speaking of your lack of staff-required services, and you have a perfect amount suited for the size of your board. Best of luck to you and your board, and thank you for waiting for your review.
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I'll try and help with topics, myself, Sith, we could do much better, though O.o