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Hooked on Sims
Hooked on Sims
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05 Nov 2009, 13:41 #16

lolatheluna @ Nov 5 2009, 08:24 AM wrote: It would be nice to have this thread for complaing about the everyday life and random things we just hate, speaking of things we would like to complain about, learning to drive is hard! I'm afraid I'll hit something all the time it sucks. :fist:
I actually just learned to drive not to long ago and I definitely know what you mean. It is a bit nerve wracking at first thinking what you should do next, and why is that car over there doing that?, and omg that squirrel! But you get through that feeling when you drive consistently for about two to three weeks.

Now I drive everywhere and it's really nice not having to use public transportation to get to work.
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05 Nov 2009, 22:16 #17

You know how it feels! Finally someone who understands all my friends say that didn't happen with me or I guess your not ready. But I admit I'm a paranoid type of person! So it's normal for me to feel that way. How was everyone's day? Oh! I got my license today! But no time for that complain people! But, throw in some happy stuff please.

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06 Nov 2009, 00:46 #18

omg congrats LOLA, thats so great oh yeah :) be safe!

and Genes, I totally feel you there. But now with the time moved back an hour here in the U.S..... its now a little brighter a little earlier....I just really really hate (heres my complain for today)...that when I get out at 5 its already pitch black! I only get an hour of sun a day during the week on my lunch hour.

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