The Money System

Come here if you're looking to join contests. This forum is for contests that still have open spots. All other filled contests will be moved to their respective subforums.

The Money System

Hooked on Sims
Hooked on Sims
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The Money System

New and Improved! Everything you need to know about that money thing under your name.

How to Earn Money
Note: All hosts, judges and contestants will be paid by the board! It is no longer necessary for hosts to pay their own judges for their contest. Also, hosts, to make it easier for us to keep track of who needs to be paid and when, PLEASE include the name of the member as well as the name of their model when posting round photos. Please do the same for your judges by including their actual when giving round critiques. All hosts are required to report the dropouts in their contests to me regardless of the reason they dropped.

+15 for completing each round
+$50 for winning a Quick contest
+$240 for winning a Beauty/Sims 3/Non-Beauty contest
+$150 for winning 2nd and 3rd placing in ANY contests
+$550 for winning a SCF official contest

+25 for opening an organized contest following the "How to Open a Contest" guidelines
+25 for hosting a contest that successfully moves on to it's designated section
+$100 for finishing a Quick contests contest
+$300 for finishing a Beauty/Sims 3/Non-Beauty contest

+20 per round if less than 12 contestants
+35 per round if more than 12 contestants

+50 for working as a Counselor on the SCF Staff
+75 for working as a Supervisor on the SCF Staff
+100 for working as a Jr. Mod on the SCF Staff

+50 for making a suggestion the forum uses
+150 for making SCF's top banner


How to Lose Money
- Hosts will... Lose all money earned while hosting, plus an additional $150 if they abandon a contest.
- Judges will... Lose all money earned while judging, plus an additional $50 if they quit judging.
- Contestants will... Lose all money earned while competing, plus an additional $50 if they dropout.
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