REQUESTING tutorial Sims 3 Non Default Skintones

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12:04 PM - Feb 07, 2010 #1

I'm requesting for a tutorial for using the Skininator, a tool that allows us to create non- default skintones.

ON 5th Feb 2010 at 01:38 PM, a revolutionary tool was made. A tool that will allow us to be able have seperate and different skintones for each sim. as you know before this iconic tool was created, it was not possible to have non- default skintones, well now we can thanks to CmarNYC at MOD!
To have an easier user interface, when seeing your non- default skinones you can use this mod also found at MOD:

If anyone uses the skiniantor and makes a skintone , please create a tutorail, it would be much appreciated ! Thanks in advance !:clap:
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