A serious request

Request for custom content, sims or tutorials and perhaps that friendly neighbourhood simmie next door can help you out!

A serious request

Joined: Aug 11 2007, 05:14 PM

Mar 4 2010, 11:22 PM #1

Hi.. i still am a really huge fan of ANTM cycles and models and i can't get 1 out of my head... NIK PACE.. the runner up of antm cycle 5 ( winner was nicole linkletter)

I tried to make Nik several times in sims but it doesnt satisfy me how she end up looking like when i made her so i thought and hoped one of you guys would love to help me out an give it a try....
Because i really dont have the skills for it and it kinda frustrates me not having her as a sim in my game...

It's a challenge though!!

Nik Pace

Well if someone would help me and try her out thanks already... here i have a few pictures of Nik...

Profile shot

full face shot

3/4 shot

i hope you guys have enough pictures here to try and create her..
Good luck and please let me know if anyone will try this out for me :D