Slippery Target Sporting Clay Tournament - May 5, Northlake Texas

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DFW Clay Target Sports is hosting the Slippery Target Sporting Clay Scholarship Tournament – an Adult and Youth, 100 clay shoot to raise scholarship money for undergraduate and graduate students of north Texas through STLE, the Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers – North Texas section.

When: May 5, 2018, registration and safety briefings begin at 9:00AM, last squad out at 3:30PM with awards starting at 4:00PM 
Where: DFW Clay Target Sports is located across from Texas Motor Speedway at 13055 Cleveland Gibbs, Northlake, TX 76262.

Register at ... ournament/

We do the pulling, scoring, provide score cards and tallies, provide a print of results (bribes accepted) as well as announce shoot results.   Awesome performance and random prizes provided throughout the day! There will be thousands of dollars worth of prizes provided which include all sorts of never used outdoor gear including shotguns, fishing equipment, fishing kayaks, and brand new ammo generously donated.  Additional scholarship money awarded to youth shooters.    

Lunch tickets and T-shirts are provided to the shooters as well as for sale.Side games (register the day of the shoot):
  • Singles Shooter and 2 Shooter teams for:
    • 20 Bird Flush – birds launched roughly every few seconds.  This takes a calm approach coupled with perfect form.  The 2 shooter team that wins is poetry to watch!
    • Grouse Flush – 6 birds launched simultaneously, show-off you are a ‘Clubhouse Charlie’ and hit 2 with 1 shell!  Do that here and you are sure to win!
    • Skeet Doubles – from several station on the skeet venue, requires a keen eye and mindless reflexes!
    • Long Bird – from 27+ yard out, perfect to prove your worth as a serious shooter!
    • Skrap (one Skeet Target and one Trap Target) – what better way to prove you have the technique mastered for trap with the reaction time needed for skeet!
    • Max’s High 5 – best of 15 from station 5 high house notoriously known to be the ‘challenge station’ for any skeet shooter.  Master this station and you have bragging rights!
    • Paintball Gallery – a throw-back to the old carnival game but instead of pellet guns with bent sites, you’ll have paintball guns! Great for all ages and skill levels. 
Teams (Squad’n)
Pre-register on-line, email, or supply us with the desired teaming at registration the day of.  Squads can also be sponsored by ‘The Boss Man’ sponsor level.  The Slippery Target tournament allows for Mulligans as well as Ringers and Hired Guns. The Hired Guns are serious scratch shooters that will improve your overall squad score.  Bring them on as a member of your squad.  Pay in advance by checking out their bios on-line through DFW Clay Target Sports or take your chance that a sure shot will be available the day of the shoot (unlikely).  Then there is the Ringers. The Ringers are student shooters who are highly accomplished and will proudly state who they are a junior hired gun for and make no mistake, these kiddos can shoot!Awards:
  • 1-2-3rd place score for High Overall (no Mulligans or Ringers, or Hired Guns scores allowed)
  • 1-2-3rd Team (Mulligans, Ringers, Hired Guns and even bribes allowed!)
  • Youth Team (No Mulligans Allowed, da young’ns haf ta earn dar keep!)
  • Hi-Lady Annie Oakley Award & Clubhouse Charlie Award (most club houses)
  • Lewis Class 1st, 2nd, 3rd for Master AA, A, B, C, D, E class (Mulligans allowed and encouraged!)
    This is a Mully Shoot except for High Overall Scratch Class and Youth Team, That means that you can buy a shot (buy a Mulligan) to improve your score! You can also buy a ‘Ringer’, or a ‘Hired Gun’ to help at each station.  They don’t come cheap but they are worth it!
Adults and Youth shooters welcome!

Sponsorship opportunities still available.  

Check out

Hope to see you on May 5!