Pilla Panther Lense For Sale

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Pilla Panther Lense For Sale

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February 14th, 2018, 5:35 am #1

For Sale - A three day inspection period will be provided with each lens sold. Return will only cost actual shipping cost..

Pilla Panther 
No Post Frame
65 Max Orange No Post - Number worn off -  Lense condition - 70-75% $65
40 Max Orange No Post - Lense condition - 80-85% $85
20 Max Orange No Post - Lense condition - 80-85% $85
Post frame Required
40 Original Pilla Color - Center Post Frame required - 80-85%  $85
25 Original Pilla Color - Center Post Frame required - 70-75%  $65

Large Pilla Case (4 Fram slots and Framed Glasses slot) - Excellent working order but cosmetically about 70%(Scratches and internal normal wear and tear) $50.

All prices include USPS shipping No insurance but will provide if required by buyer at actual cost. 

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