Pigeon Shoots

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I am a university graduate student enrolled in a  writing program. I am currently writing a piece about the pigeon shooting. I am hoping to give equal weight to the animal activists' perspective as well as the shooters' perspective. However, while I have been able to interview animal activists, it has been very difficult to discuss this issue with those involved in the shoots. I am hoping that someone here will be willing to speak/email with me.

I am doing this piece for a seminar class. At this time, it would not be published, although I do hope to publish it in the future. In doing so, I would present it to a publication that is neutral regarding this issue, as in, I would not present it to an animal activist publication or a hunting/shooting publication.

If you are interested and willing to share your knowledge/experience with pigeon shooting, I would be grateful. You can contact me at bas2101@columbia.edu.

Thank you.