Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch Long Bird/ Short Bird NSCA Challenge June 23rd Fort Worth, TX

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Howdy Shooters,
Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch is excited about our next NSCA shoot on June 23rd, 2018.  As we near the shoot, we want to explain what we are doing differently for this event.  As you may have noticed in the event name, we are having a Long Bird/Short Bird Challenge.  With us offering two different courses, we wanted to spice things up and do something a little different.  The Cowtown Course will be a normal set of fun and entertaining targets, while the Ranch Course will be set a little different.  Each station on the Ranch course will have one “short” target inside of 20 yards and one “long” target outside of 35 yards.  Although the “long” targets will be challenging because of distance, I will be sure to make them entertaining and very hittable.  Overlaid on the Cowtown Course we will be offering a 50 bird 20 gauge course and on the back 6 stations of the Ranch course, saddle up for a 50 bird round of Super Sporting with 3 machines at each station. 
We aim to give each of you the best tournament experience and have you leave with a smile.  I hope that you are able to join us for the Long Bird/Short Bird Challenge on June 23rd.  Link to Registration:  Register HERE
Thank you for your support, see you at the Ranch!!
Travis Mears
817.980.4345 cell | 817.935.8378 office