5 Stand or Sporting Setup

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5 Stand or Sporting Setup

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Have your very own setup right in your back yard or the nearest piece of land you can talk your shooting buddy into using. Selling 8 machines plus all the support equipment and targets to make it necessary to make it happen. All machines are in perfect working order and will not let you down when you holler "PULL!!" Everything it set up on a Long Range TC3-500 remote system that's easy to use and will even work if you're out shooting solo when you get a wild hair to go blast some clays. All of the machines have been tarped and covered when not in use so sun and weather damage have been at a minimum. Frankly they have spent most of their life covered or in a trailer since I've owned them. Life and work always seemed to get in the way of fun. All heavy duty club machines and several special target machines...Rabbit, Chandelle, and Battue. These aren't your single stack specials from Cabela's or Bass Pro. Some of the machines were bought from Pecan Meadows in SE Texas before they went out of business, (shame...that was a good place to shoot) one from R&R in San Antonio and the others from a guy in Tyler that had a mobile 5 stand set up for corporate events. Three machines are 24 volt and come with a voltage converter so you can use 110 volt power. A small generator runs all three easily and is more convenient than having six extra batteries that need charging. Included are over 6,000 targets, some solid orange BIO's and some orange top black bottom. Several hundred, pushing 1000, battue solid black and solid orange plus several hundred rabbit targets. Batteries and solar chargers for all the 12 volt machines plus all the extension cords for the generator machines. One of the machines is mounted to an electric forklift setup that is on an old boat trailer to give you somewhat of a tower target. Probably goes up near 15 foot and will be a target you can shoot that will usually only be seen at a registered shoot. Good practice to help get ahead next time you're looking for that perfect score on tower shots. Nothing like that monster at Angelo but it will sure help. Pushing $20k on everything would like to get $15k, shoot me an offer. Not gonna piece it out cuz that becomes a pain in the azz. I know it sounds like a lot, and it is somewhat, but it's less than what you would spend doing it with new machines and acquiring all the stuff that goes with it. This isn't a cheap hobby and we all know that. Get some shooting buddies together and pool resources to make it happen. You won't regret it, the time spent with friends shooting clays and ribbing each other is priceless, plus you get to practice hard targets they like to throw at registered shoots and smoke them like nobody's business. And you can always say... "Hey....I got a sporting clays course out back let's go bust some birds." More pics on request, contact me at flyemlow@suddenlink.net if you're interested, can share a phone number there and send more pics too

Auto Sporter  303C              24 volt on forklift
                      212B              2 of these machines
                      Rabbit            24 volt
                      Vertical Teal  24 volt

Pro Matic
                     Eagle Battue

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trap 5.jpg
trap 4 (3).jpg trap 3 (2).jpg trap 14.jpg trap 13.jpg trap 5.jpg

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hello there  I know your post has been up for some  time now  what  would be your best and final  price for the whole set up   I belong to a small shooting club  that might be interested  if the  price is right  ok thanks  Albert