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One by one the Nobodies had fallen. In their last ditch attempts they drew forth their Zodiac Stones as ordered by Xemnas and unleashed the power of the Lucavi. However, the strength and determination of those gathered against the Org proved the stronger force. Now, as the joint-coalition of BOARD, Order of the Crimson Sky and the rest wiped out the remaining stray nobodies and heartless everyone that had been fighting the Org's Members converged on the same spot; The Altar of Naught. It had been the place Jameson's notes had described as the base of Xemnas' operation, the residing place of Principal Hitagawa and the staging ground for activating Kingdom Hearts.

Everything had progressed to this final stage. Together, those assembled began to scale the tower to Xemnas' Lab.


"They're coming for you now, those sounds are obvious," Principal Hitagawa mused from her seat within the caged area Xemnas kept her in, "You're all alone now in your cause." She knew there was nothing she could do from inside the cage, but the least she could manage was to taunt her captor.

"The funny thing," Xemnas began as he rose from the chair he was seated at clasping some device in his left hand, "and what you don't realize... is that this is exactly how I planned everything to go. The greatest of powers always require world holds a stone of absolute power but is created only at the cost of the lives of humans... your world's own Hiro Tsukasa had a spell that cost his own soul to use... I have studied all worlds... ultimate power comes with ultimate sacrifice. The Organization, this very castle... I constructed all of this to be destroyed and grant me Kingdom Hearts."

"They'll stop you!" Ayumi retorted back quickly in a rare moment of being angry herself, "Kingdom Hearts isn't complete and you're all that remains of the Organization. There's nothing th-"

However, her words were cut short by Xemnas who turned facing her with a wicked grin upon his face, "On the contrary little Key. Your precious students and their allies just completed Kingdom Hearts for me on their way here."

Ayumi Hitagawa's eyes widened in shock, though still not quite sure of the meaning in Xemnas' words. However, there was no more time to puzzle such meanings as the doors to the top level of the tower literally blew open; everyone arriving to stand before Xemnas...


As the joint force reached the top of The Altar of Naught the remaining door before them was broken down instantly as the flooded into the foyer of the large chamber. Principal Hitagawa could be noticed immediately, dressed in an elaborate white dress, seated upon a chair within a large cage and standing in the center of the room as if he had been waiting the entire time was Xemnas.

"Greetings," Xemnas spoke in an excited tone, "It's so enjoyable to see the last of my little pawns once more. We met all that time ago... as allies... and even though some of you doubted my interests from the start you still danced right along letting me call each and every move you'd make."

Raising an arm Xemnas began to pursue a very long speech, a personal obsession of his, "I'm sure that weak boy's information reached you so you're aware I also command the Heartless. Do you feel foolish? The Organization beseeched you to help destroy this evil yet unbeknown even to them I was the one pulling their strings. Every invasion, every attack, everything. And along every step you all followed barely questioning the actions you were taking. Do you all know or remember why I pitted you against the Heartless?"

"The defeat of each one," he continued, "Pushed Kingdom Hearts closer and closer to reaching its finished state; ready to be used. Not for all of you to save the worlds but for me to realize my goal. And like children who understand only violence you've followed along completing it for me without me so much as lifting a single finger."

"No," Ayumi suddenly cried out, "He's bluffing all of you... just before everyone arrived in The World That Never Was he was remarking on Kingdom Hearts still being incomplete, don't let him break your spirits.... He-"

"SILENCE!" Xemnas bellowed in anger at the interruption, "The Key doesn't tell the truth. However, it is not her fault. She merely doesn't know the full picture. Kingdom Hearts is completed... and all of you standing before me, and my Organization Members, finished it. Long have I researched Kingdom Hearts and the Heartless... long before other Nobodies or the Org even existed. Before I granted the Zodiac Stones to my followers I experimented on them... intrinsically altering the natural energies held by the Lucavi... while they remained the same for all intensive purposes I had threaded their very essence... their life force, if you will, into the Heartless. If you're too stupid to get it... consider them as becoming Master-level Heartless. The death of each one, with so much power they held, easily equaling the equivalent of killing millions of heartless at once."

"You all," Xemnas continued, "Were far too slow completing Kingdom Hearts. Many times you failed to even save the worlds from the very simple scenarios I created. It was necessary to speed along that process so I brought the Lucavi into the picture. I was aware of the spies presence for some time and that one of my own Nobodies would betray me but I allowed it to slide. Letting them think they had one upped me when really they would bait you all to come here in one final grand display of power to be heroes. In doing so you would face my Nobodies, forcing them to awaken their Lucavi and upon their defeat super-charge Kingdom Hearts to its completion."

"And so here we are," Xemnas chuckled in delight, "The heroes gathered to make their final stand against their enemy. Kingdom Hearts ripe for the picking of the victor. I could not have staged and more traditional or satisfying story. Before you all die, however, you have a right to know what I intend to use Kingdom Hearts for. I think that's only fair since I have all of you to thank for its completion."

"The moment I became a Nobody," Xemnas grinned evily, "I understood the nature of reality. So much pain and suffering exists. People can live for years and years and years suffering, hating their lives, hating everything... being completely and utterly miserable and what do we say? That it is pain that validates happiness? There will always be bad times so cherish the good? A great writer once wrote that to understand supreme bliss once had to have felt supreme sadness, but do lifetimes upon lifetimes of suffering validate whatever small pieces of happiness some seem to get? Once I became a Nobody I felt none of these things. No joy, but also no sadness."

"This way," Xemnas' grin grew wider, "Is perfection. Emotions cloud people's judgement and influence their actions many times to negative ends. Without them one can properly pick the most logical answer at all times and efficiently make choices. I want to end all that suffering... throughout the history of many worlds it was the radical ideas of geniuses like myself that truly created progress. I want to make the ultimate progress. With Kingdom Hearts granting my wish I shall merge all worlds into a single Perfect World. One where all exists together as one, fully understanding everything about others, and feeling no emotions. It will not only be the perfected reality, but together all of us collectively will have become the perfect lifeform."

"However," Xemnas let out a soft sigh, "This world is not for you before my eyes. The last of my precious pawns. You deserve an ending to your story before my Era begins, so I will grant it now. After your deaths I will sacrifice the Key to Kingdom Hearts and awakening ultimate power I will merge all worlds and create The World of Nothingness."

"BASTARD!" Hiro Tsukasa suddenly cried out from the group rushing forward past those in front of him and drawing forth Tyrfing, The Sword of Sorcery. He was tired of listening to a man so obsessed with his own words he would talk on endlessly, a man claiming to be a genius, claiming to know what was best for the entire Multiverse. The time for talking was over, in Hiro's eyes.

Smirking Xemnas vanished. In truth he was merely moving, however, he was so fast none present could keep up. A single second later he appeared crouched in front of Hiro missing the sword swing as he raised his palm and placed it gently on Hiro's stomach as a sudden burst of Nothingness energy flared out.

Hiro Tsukasa went flying back slamming into the wall near the entrance and slid down slowly his body slumping as he touched the ground; the gaping hole on his stomach a perfectly clean cut from the energy blast. Unconscious? Dying? Already gone? There was hardly time to wonder.

"Tch," Xemnas scoffed as he stood back up straight dusting off his Org Cloak, "It seems that one didn't embrace the Keyblade like the rest of you. His Heart was pathetically weak. Now, let us play out this final Act." Finally, Xemnas raised his left hand which had been clutching some device the entire time. It was a small controller of sorts with a single button.

Pressing it Ayumi suddenly hunched over in her chair crying out in pain as a crimson-colored barrier wall expanded from one end of the room to the other enveloping the entire chamber in red light save the small Foyer area where everyone was gathered.

"This is my newest little trinket," Xemnas explained, "Kingdom Hearts is ultimate power but it comes all at once. I wondered... what if you could tap into that power and use it without actually activating it? This was my prototype to test the issue and it seems a striking success. An unfortunate side-effect, however, is that it inflicts great pain on the Key as she is the interface through which activates Kingdom Hearts. However, I assume I'll kill you all long before she reaches the limit her body can withstand."

Xemnas pocketed the remote and then threw his arms up in triumph, "I call this masterpiece the Heart Barrier. Within this field of red light only six Hearts can exist. Once that limit is reached the barrier will expel all other Hearts from entering. Your dear Principal counts as one... as you may well know... I posses no Heart and thus five more of you may enter. Let us consider this a Tag Match of sorts... however, I am giving you pathetic beings a handicap as I have nobody to tag out with."

"NOW!" Xemnas cried out as he took a readied pose for battle, "COME PAWNS! Fight your Master... fight... suffer...despair knowing you can never win... and die by my hands! Let us close this story and open the way for my new Era!!!"
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((OOC: So yeah, rules for this. Only 5 people can be in fighting Xemnas at once. You can hop out at will and if there are open spots hop in at will. You might sometimes be force-hit knocked out of the Heart Barrier so other people can take turns as well. Be creative and use the fact you can tag out to your advantage. Even if you're not in the Barrier you can still post being all spectator-y or what not.))

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Nickle ran up the spiral tower, his hands occupied with both his keyblades while Kaneryuu rested in its sheath. Nickle had to admit the climb up the tower had not been an easy one, especially with having to face not only Kinclex, but Noxiquidem right at the entrance to the castle, not to mention a grand series of lesser Nobodies along the way. But he was closing fast on everyone's final objective. Xemnas. The last Nobody. Organisation XIII's Number 1. The orchestrator behind this grand scheme.

Nickle entered the foyer, spotting Xemnas first, but then looking to the side of his line of sight and spotting Principal Hitagawa. His sapphire blues eyes widened in suspense and confusion. "Hitagawa-sensei!?" Even though Nickle was no longer a student, it didn't feel right not to address the principal as anything else. What could Xemnas possibly want with her? Nickle listend as Xemnas began to speak, but why was he reffering to Hitagawa-sensei as a key? It didn't make sense.

Nickle's line of thought on the subject was broken, as Xemnas explained about the Lucavi stones. He almost felt regret, regret for what he'd done. Kinclex, in his blind goals to get a new heart, had been turned into a Heartless. It was like some horror comedy. Nickle's teeth gritted and his hair began to flare around him as his powers began to seep to the surface. He began to speak of the benefits of not having emotions or a heart about how it could avoid conflict. That was bullshit. To destroy emotion would be to destroy humanity. It was genocide. He wouldn't be affected by feeling lonely. All he'd have were memories and thoughts to contemplate if he was in a world of nothing by himself.

Before Nickle could react, Hiro had moved forward first. Old Tsukasa-senpai, he did have a way with words, no matter the situation, Nickle would give him that. However, Nickle's moment of comradery vanished in an instant as Xemnas ran Hiro through. He looked in horror at how fast the Nobody leader was and how easily he had bested Hiro, "HIRO!" Nickle cried out, looking at him with eyes blank due to disbelief. "N-No way..."

Nickle was brought back t face Xemnas with the principal began to scream. Nickle remained motionless, stratergising in his mind about what to do. If only 5 of them could be inside the barrier at any given time, then he'd better be one to lead things off. Even if it didn't mean finishing Xemnas, every attack mattered and sacrificing himself to let others get a look at how to defeat him, was just fine by him. "You want a cage match boyo? Then you got one!" Nickle charged forwards, entering the Heart's barrier and throwing both of his keyblades at Xemnas, while drawing Kaneryuu.

The sword was unsheathed and immediately switched to blade-chain mode, being charged with electricity and thrust towards Xemnas. A frontal attack, although easily avoidable, was always a basic and more often than not, effective stratergy to discern a fighting style. The others who entered the barrier, would be able to follow up however they wanted, but Nickle wanted to give them at least some sort of chance or opening.

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Zander massaged his shoulder with a wince as he moved to the final stage for this grandiose performance. "Well THAT was long pointlessly tiring.." Zander said sardonically while arriving from his confrontation with Xephiroths with as many injuries as he had. He had already loaded the sword program in and summoned his keyblade. Two sword fighting was as good as it got for now. He lacked any abilities which might be more useful.

Perhaps the pitfall of being someone stuck in the middle was a lack of the power and effectiveness of the extremes when it came to common things in life like fighting evil masters of thirteen goons. Yes, clearly these should be the things he has to worry with in life. Oh well, at least it was cut and dry. This guy was the enemy, kill him and go home. That was all there was to it. Zander liked that faux black and white clarity, even if it was just FALSE.

Evil and good didn't exist in this world. That'd what he'd been taught. That the two sides were both good and both evil depending on whom you asked.Their motives were all purely selfish and destructive and that was fine as well. However, thinking this only hours after Jameson's death made him feel bit guilt. The guy had DIED for his ideals of what is just and injust and who was Zander to claim those ideals were false when it came right down to it?

But for now it was easy. The enemy before him was 'the enemy'. Everyone would destroy him and this whole damn mess would be for once and for all. Zander raised his blades with determination burning in his eyes. Now was the time to take his attack carefully... He remained outside the barrier for now, allowing his power to generate further.

However the man had insulted Jameson, Zander's best friend. Zander wouldn't let that one slide. He draw revenge out with careful carving strokes.

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Katerine arrived, not in her Kaixa form, and her keyblade, Commitment, was in her hands. She had extended it to become a longer keyblade pole weapon, and held it, pointed spear and keyblade up front. This was it, the finale battle. And with this, everything she fought for, everythign she lost, can come at an end. Her heart quaked with the joys she felt, the memories of the family she longed to see. She was going to save em, save em all. She listened, transfixed, at the guy. The bastard who claimed to bring about a new order.


Every order has a value system. Even this supposed nothingness. Its value system comes from the sole leader of the the heartless bastard before them. This is why he wanted to rule the world. Was it pain, suffering he couldn't man up to, that caused him to go on a massive emo-fit?

[Standing By]

Regardless, as two others ran ahead of her, she joined the fight, running in, holding keyblade in one hand as if it were a javelin, and her phone on her right. The calming pulsing sound that came from it indicating it, and she, was ready.

"HENSHIN!!" She called out, slamming the phone home, as she entered the barrier.


She would enter the area within, transformed as Kaixa, keyblade at the ready.

EDIT: Kaixa makes 2 I guess.

Katerine Wolff (Kamen Rider Kaixa)

Lorenzo Schrodinger (Not-Railgun/RioTrooper)

Alexis Herrmann (Trainee Monster Hunter)

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wrote:I think Chizu makes 3. To make matters simple, please indicate clearly whether or not you're in or out of the barrier. ^_^

Chizu's Drive Form (minus weapons, and with short white hair and red eyes)
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Chizu was almost out of breath. By all accounts, she should have been unconscious by now, after the fight with Kinclex. But she wasn't finished yet. Kinclex was only the opening act. She knew that in the end, Xemnas was where it ended. Her body ached from the earlier fight and all she wanted to do was rest. But she couldn't. Not until it was over. She followed Nickle up the stairs and rushed into the room at the top.

Chizu drew herself up short as Xemnas stood there with Principal Hitagawa beside him. Her eyes narrowed. She had known what to expect but that still didn't make her any less angry. Xemnas began to speak, and Chizu's fists clenched, her eyes shadowed by her hair. She had been played. This whole time. Her shoulders shook with anger as she forced herself to remain still. No more. She wouldn't allow herself to be manipulated anymore.

She was a different person now.


Chizu's eyes widened at the shout as Hiro suddenly ran forward, charging at Xemnas. Her eyes widened further as Xemnas struck back at Hiro and her teacher fell against the wall with a hole in his stomach, the blood draining from her face as her mouth fell open in shock. A pool of blood was already beginning to form around him. Not even Tsukasa-sensei could survive that injury...

"SENSEI!" she shouted. Her eyes narrowed sharply, her fists clenching around the hilts of her keyblade as she turned to face Xemnas. She shook her head, and if there were any tears in her eyes, they were gone now as she rushed into the circle. Chizu seemed to disappear from sight, reappearing a few feet away from Xemnas. She would reappear again, in front of him.

"DIIIIIEEEE!!!" she shouted, her face contorted in anger. She slashed the keyblades through the air so quickly that their movements were a blur. She sent two quick strikes at Xemnas's chest and disappeared again, reappearing a few feet back. Chizu landed on the ground and slid back slightly, raising her right hand. The wind behind Xemnas would suddenly rush forward, attempting to strike him in the back with a blunt attack.

Enter, attack, defend, attack. All that had been accomplished in a matter of seconds. Chizu was through playing games. She intended to make sure that Xemnas didn't leave here alive.

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Hajime Go was finally here, with his memories back and a fresh wave of determination to end this crisis of many worlds that this Xemnas had brought upon them. Hajime couldn’t believe just how much he had gone through in such a short time, and even now, he probably still couldn’t, not after he finishes this one fight, the fight to end it all. Then he can sort out this confusion of combining two different memories of his life.

It was probably more urgent that he does so because as he stood there facing the... man behind it all, Hiro-sensei steps up to challenge Xemnas, only for him to be taken out like nothing, and Hajime could only watch and do nothing, at least not fast enough.

"Sensei!" Hajime shouted angrily, a memory of a not so different situation like this having occurred before during the vampire incident. Not again, not now, Hajime thought angrily, turning to Xemnas.

With rage fueling his will to fight now, Hajime crosses his hands in front of him and yelled "Henshin," summoning the new belt that he had accidentally unlocked during the difficult fight with Xaturoh. He then presses the buttons on either side of it, and fire began to cover him from head to toe.

With a yell of challenge, Hajime's burning form charges in towards Xemnas, and the flames extinguished to reveal the new, dull red armored figure of Agito's new Burning Form, a being of raging anger that burns even its own armor to get the color.

"This is for Hotaru!" Hajime shoted as he approaches Xemnas, summoning Sleeping Lion and Hidden Dragon into his hand, with every intention to slash at the white haired Nobody with the two keyblades...
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Coming out of the battle with Kinclex was harder on her heart than it was ever! Roz flew gripping the fire bubble to her chest.. Alexia was safe within it..

Making her way to the top, Rozanny froze and just caught the glimpse of Hiro falling in battle..


Her heart took another large shock, causing her to fall out from mid air... to hit and roll landing on the floor..

Her wings ached.. her body just wanted to sleep.. but urged herself at a limp... towards Hiro's motionless body...

"please don't be dead...." she whispered when she got close to his body.. "please... Hiro.."

placing the fire bubble by His side.. Roz tried to shake him awake..

The blood pooling underneath him was making Roz.. go slightly hysteric.. he wasn't waking..

The sounds of Battle washing over her..

"GODDAMMIT HIRO WAKE UP!" she shouted...
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[OOC: Looks like I make five]

Ganta arrived in the room as Xenmas began his speech, stopping as the man behind everything spewed out his rhetoric. Ganta panted a bit from running the whole way here after the fight with Alexia had finally ended. He was slowly regaining his strength after going all out, and most of his energy had returned. For now, he listened, his brow tightening as he began to glare at Xenmas, his fists clenching till the shook, his teeth bared. Every word the man spoke fueled the rage inside of him, the pure hatred he harbored towards all who followed Xenmas.

"Don't give us that crap!! Ganta bellowed. "You think you understand suffering? You say you want to make a world without it? He pointed an accusing finger at Xenmas. "Then why the hell are so many people suffering right now!? What's the point of it if you just cause untold suffering to so many? How in hell can you justify that?? Ganta's eyes burned like emerald furnaces. "All of you are nothing but damned hypocrites, every last one of you! Well, I'm not gonna listen to anymore of this tripe!"

His hands were a blur as they weaved the necessary signs, and he slammed both his palms against the floor. The stone began to heat up, then began melting into molten lava that covered Ganta from head to foot.
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Ganta wasn't done though. He summoned both his Keyblades, bathing them in his flames before finally calling out his Drive Form "Estus Terminus!!" With that, the spikes on his back and head grew longer, and more emerged on his forearms and his shins. One of the spike's on his back formed into a sinuous tail, and more of the floor under him melted, adding onto him until he had grown to about 7 feet.

With that done, he leaped into the barrier, hurtling towards Xenmas, his now clawed feet tearing half-melted gashes in the floor. He raised his Keyblade Rascal Flame and shot a torrent of flames to meet with Chizu's wind attack, fueling the fire, and adding a powerful conflagration to the wind strike. "I'll see you burn in hell for what you've done!" As the flames reached Xenmas, so did Ganta, both his burning Keyblades coming down with all the strength he had in a crushing vertical slash. He was sick of having to wait, he was going to help put an end to this if it was the last thing he did.

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Tango, being the closest to the tallest tower, walked through the entrance with a satisfied look on his face. Obviously his time with Alexia was truly a wonderful moment etched forever in his mind, as well as devouring what remained of her soul just as the darkness within the stone escaped. Now, he had a new toy to digest in his stomach for quite a while, regardless of if the girl was good or not.

Kyra, being the second to arrive, came up from behind Tango and snuggle-glomped him before his fur could react in time. "Tango, I missed you!" She rubbed against his furry cheek, completely ignoring Xemnas as the idiot ranted on and on. She was a bit winded from the battle, so she took a fifteen minute break to heal up her wounds and recharge the battlechips for the final battle. Luckily, the other humans had cleared a path for her on the stairwell so she didn't have to expand wasteless energy on the Nobody soldiers.

SH wasn't so luckily, crawling on his hands and knees and shaking like mad, his skin crawling from the terror that was Maxer. Apparently his Zodiac Stone was quite scary when activated, and it took all of his skill and talent to survive that onslaught and regain his original age.

Like Kyra, he allowed himself some time to rest and recover once the Nobody was destroyed, allowing the robotic sword legs to tear the remaining Heartless set on automatic. Problem after was climbing the stairs afterwards, he pulled a hamstring so right now, he was in serious pain. "Man, I know they have no hearts, but why couldn't they include a elevator?"

"Hard to tell, Master. I'm still wondering why my opponent didn't use Dark Corridor." Kyra replied, just as Hiro got blasted through the stomach. Her eyes widened, recalling a certain time when she watched a comrade die from such a attack. "That can't be?!?"

"But it is, and judging from that kid's face, he's probably one of our Hiro's alternate selves. And he seems to be rather hurt from the looks of it, the shock must have clunked him out." SH said, frowning a little. Surely someone who looked like Hiro would not be as weak as to fall into such a tactic without some form of insurance.

"Meow." (And just what we need, a barrier that Xemnas can't destroy to stop me from carrying out my plan. Someone blow a hole in the ceiling so I can attack Kingdom Hearts directly!) Tango waved at the two, trying to get their utmost attention so he could claim Kingdom Hearts for himself and then wish that Nobodies and Heartless never existed. That way, time would reverse itself and all the Heartless would become human again, and all the worlds would be restored. And then he would be praised and petted by women and fed raw, living and scaly walleye fish by hand.

"Guess it can't be helped then. Kyra, lend me your shoulder." SH raised an arm so that his navi would provide assistance lifting him up, limping towards Rozanny and wincing each time his sore leg hit the floor. "Umm....excuse me, miss?" He asked in a calm, poised manner. "I come from a world that has very good medicine, and trained myself in the medical field. My companion, " He pointed to Kyra, who smiled at Rozanny with the eyes of a escaped convict, "has brought my first-aid kit with tools, since we wanted to be prepared when we came to Traverse Town. Might we have a look at the victim that you are shaking and see if we can save his life? Please?"
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(cannot believe I forgot about this. Name: River City Ransom Demo
Type: One-Time Use
Event: Season 3 Finale
Description: They're on their way to the top! With the band's transfer to Hyakuji, the students in River City Ransom laid down a demo album to progress their career. Promo copies were handed out to all their new friends at Hyakuji High School as a thanks for redeeming them and welcoming them to their school after all they had done. When a student listens to this demo (whether that be by having it as a cd or on a mp3 player) they are filled with the same passion that the band used during the final battle against Kaimu and may, for the remainder of the thread, copy one of the abilities the band used. These are as follows:

Tatsuya: Copycat (you may copy one other person's powers in the thread and use them at an equal level)

Daigo: Super Strength (to an extreme degree, this also includes general skills at fighting/martial arts if the character does not already posses such skills)
Rika: Expert Sword Fighting/Sword Techs (The special sword techs can be made up by the user but, like Rika, should be themed around striking fast or confusing the enemy such as using a flurry of sword strikes. If the user does not own a katana or equivalent then one will materialize for them to use. In Meglumar's case this happens anyways so +1 swords)
Aya: Healing/Barrier (The ability to heal others wounds and create powerfully resistant protective barriers. The barriers will only appear to protect others and cannot be used to obstruct others for no real reason)
Kaz: Basic Fire/Ice Magic (Pretty straight forward. Fire spells are cast from the right hand and Ice from the left. Go crazy and make up your own spells using these two opposing elements))

Name: Time Stone Fragment
Type: One Time Use
Event: Season 4 Finale: Till The End of Time
Description: A minor shard that remains from the wish granted by the seven Times Stones prompting them to shatter and spread about the timeline until they are once again fated to reform. While the fragment only holds a mere sliver of one's original power, it can still grant the wish for help by summoning a great person throughout time. When the shard is shattered, roll 1d6 in your post when using it and contact Hiro_Tsukasa via PM with a link to the post. Based on the result of the roll the following people can be summoned to support you for the duration of the thread:

1) Pirate Hiro & Jameson: "Arrr, let's make this flashy~"
2) Excalibur: "Fools! Were you expecting Arthur or some great Knight? My legend began in the 12th century!"
3) Future Hiro/Kamen Rider Decade: "Me? I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider..."
4) Dynamo: "Eh, so this is my job this time? Working for you guys? Heh, Mission accepted~"
5) Doctor: "Didn't you insects know? Only I can be the one to destroy Hyakuji."
6) Future Kiryu: "Seems my experiment isn't quite over. Now, what happens if I drink this~"
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Title: Glasses of Deception

Description: A pair of silver-rimmed glasses that replace Shad's thick ones, complete with his own prescription. Essentially, the glasses give the user the ability of 'single target'. Which basically means that enemies are naturally drawn to him, and in a way, redirect their rage upon him awhile ignoring their other foes. Kinda like a bunch of monsters you run past just happen to chase you because you're low-level. May not seem like a major weapon, but it's useful to distract.

Has a pact with Excalibur.

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Seth walked into the final chamber, stumbling about as if drunk. The fight with Xaturoh was invigorating to say the least. He healed up the last of his wounds, knowing that he couldn't afford to lose much more blood.

He watched as Hiro got blasted badly. "Sucks for him." He smiled. Seeing Xenmas babble about his stupid plan just made him chuckle. Seth was going to let him know just how wrong he was. "You know, the thing about all you is that you believe you're justified in what you do. You think that creating this 'perfect' world of yours will somehow make everything better." He drew his blade and moved his keyblade to his other hand. He would leave his shield on his back. "I say bull. It won't make a difference. Every perfect world is merely an illusion. The attempts of a feeble mind to justify it's own existence. I don't care about that. I really don't give a damn."

He wanted to jump in right there and kill the bastard himself but he was a little too late. Five people had already jumped in and he was in no mood to see how strong that barrier really was. "It's laughable really. You think you've been controlling me from the start. Truth is, you weren't. I went along on this entire thing because it seemed like fun. And I've had fun so far. But now comes the time were I get to what I really came here for: Kingdom Hearts. Whatever the hell it is, it has great power."

He planted his sword in the ground to balance himself. "Power that I want. So I'm gonna kick the crap out of you and take it for myself. You want me to be a sacrifice. I'LL MAKE YOU INTO ONE! I'LL KILL YOU AND TAKE THE POWER YOU'VE SO GENEROUSLY GATHERED FOR ME. AND IF I CAN'T I'LL JUST DESTROY IT AND LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Grinning with blood lust he continued. "Sure I'm a selfish bastard and I don't really care about any of these other losers but that's just the point. I don't care. I want power and I'll do anything to get it. When you die I'll just see if I can make use of that power. It'll probably be useless to me as I don't know how to work it but I might be able to figure it out. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that I'm tired of all this. So don't give me that 'I'm just a well-intentioned extremist' crap. No matter what you're gonna die today. And no one will care. I certainly won't. So go on, talk. But someone's gonna shut you up permanently. If not me then certainly someone else. I'll just wait for my turn to cut your idiotic head off."

He leaned back against his sword. "And for the rest of you guys. Know that while I'll help you kill this guy don't expect me to help set your worlds right afterward or anything. If I'm still conscious after he's dead I'm going to see if I can use Kingdom Hearts myself. If you wanna stop me, be my guest. If I can't get it I'll just keep wandering this entire Mulitverse gathering as much power as I can. Still, it was nice working with some of you guys. Maybe if I weren't such a selfish jerk right now I'd actually care about what happened to you all. Damn, I'm starting to annoy myself really." He chuckled to himself. Being so close to such great power was slowly tearing apart his sanity. He was slowly losing himself to his great desire for power. "Whatever. As long as this ends I don't care how it ends."

Midori had managed to stay awake for the enemy's speech, and even Seth's own. "<Idiot. Does he really think anyone cares what he thinks. And does he think that anyone is gonna want to help him after saying something like that. I think some people might even want to knock him out right here and now to prevent him from doing something stupid.>" The battle with Maxer had left her almost completely drained. She had no idea how she had managed to get here awake. But despite getting here awake, she wasn't going to stay awake. "<I'll just rest a while. I need my strength.>" With that she collapsed. She had no energy left. She would feel fine is she just got some rest. Hopefully this battle would be over before she was needed. Realistically, probably not. She would rest as much as she could in the meantime.
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The world in all its splendor, is not the grandest thing. The galaxy, with all its stars and planets and the order they follow in their ever spiraling pull towards it core, is not the grandest thing. The universe, with galaxies left and right filling the empty cold void of space with warmth and light, a marvel of existence that inspires awe in everything that gazes upon it... is not the grandest thing. The grandest thing has stood since before the world was. The grandest thing spoke, and out of nothing the world became. By the power of words the world came into being. And those words were words that held a power grander than anything that now exists. For those words were imbued with power by the grandest thing. And in the end, when the day comes, the splendor of the grandest thing shall fill the world and burn it away with all its impurities. In that day, all will know the grandest thing, and acknowledge that all else was merely an imitation at best.

And knowing that, now you know why I don't care about anything. It's not good enough see? I'm waiting for something better.
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