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Location Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Interests I collect things. If some people like building models out of wood or resin or plastic, I get my kicks from rebuilding animals out of the bones that they leave when they die. Grim? Not really. Morbid? Possibly. Educational? Very.

I collect books too: cookbooks, young reader novels that I loved when I was younger (I still hope that I can maybe complete the collection I have). I collect authors, such as C.J. Cherryh, Michael Crichton, Terry Pratchett and others. Books about art, gardening, herbals, healthy living. Sci-fi and fantasty. And of course, books about bones and anatomy.

I am an artist and a writer. A role player, a photographer, a baker/cook and design artist, and a musician. I am engaged to the most wonderful man I've ever met.

Life is short and getting shorter, and there are a whole lot of things I haven't done yet. 21 and counting.

Bring it on.
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What's that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye?
What's that footstep following, but never passing by?
Perhaps they're not just waiting, perhaps when we're all dead,
Out they'll come a-slithering, from underneath the bed...

"Your dren is really frelled up."