Cosworth ICD Porsche GT3 Cup Dash

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I finally got the Porsche dash to a good spot to share it.
Here are a few notes about it

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup dash for iRDDU

Created with iRDDU Beta v2.3.10
Does not work with v2.3_RC
I Have not verified it with any other beta versions
Optimized for a 800x480 display
Displays in English Units (for now)

This was created to emulate the iRacing dash, however, the iRacing dash display has some problems so some of the data values do not match exactly. I believe this dash is more accurate.


Top LED's
The LED's are programmed differently for each gear.

Side LED's
No function at this time. Since we can't get the data to make brake lock-up indicators, ive decided to try and do something else with them. It's gonna take some thinking, but if i can make it work i think it will be pretty cool.

Engine Data
Water Temp will turn yellow above 110*C (caution) and red above 130*C (critical)
Oil Temp will turn yellow above 121*C (caution) and red above 140*C (critical)
Oil Press will turn red below 1.3 bar (critical)
Water Press has no color change for now
iRacings Water Pressure calculations are incorrect for this car and thier display is missing the 10's digit.
Ive used my own calculation to more accurately represent Water Pressure as far as I can tell.
The value will not increase much above 20.5 psi do to an adjustment i put in to simulate the pressure relief valve opening

Fuel/lap data
Displays current fuel level, Last lap time and current lap delta to session best lap time.
iRacings Delta time is missing the 10's digit
I haven't figured out yet how to display the last delta time for a few seconds after crossing the s/f

Alarms Screen
iRacing only has a warning message for Oil Pressure. Ive added a couple more
"ALARM" will be displayed if either or both Water Temp and Oil Temp are in Caution State.
"ALARM" will Flash if either Temp is in Critical State
"Water Temp" and/or "Oil Temp" will be displayed next to "ALARM", in yellow or red, depending on caution or critical condition.
If both Temps are in an alarm state, "Water Temp" and "Oil Temp" will alternately be displayed.
Low Oil Pressure will always be a critical alarm, and will override other alarms be displayed.

Pit Limiter Screen
When Pit Limiter is active, a new screen will be displayed, showing Gear, Speed, and Throttle position.
If Speed is above the pit lane speed, the backgound will be red, If below, background will be green.

Current Brake Bias setting. This is not on the iRacing dash, but thought it would nice to have since there was some extra room by leaving out the "lights" & "TPMS

Once i get back from vacation, im going to start on some different dash pages that you will be able to scroll to. Or i may have the dash change, based on session type, like the real one. This would be the 'Race' page. Would have 'Practice', 'Qual', 'Warmup' pages, etc.

The zip file is called 'Cosworth_ICD' because im planning on doing other car dashes, based on this display. They will use alot of the same bitmaps and such, and shouldn't take as long to create.

If anyone tries it, let me know what you think, or with any errors/suggestions (1 MiB)

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here's a few pics

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one of the Pit Limiter on screen

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Oh my god! Thank you Brian, you leave my a lot of work, when I see the 991 I thought I may did my iRDDu dash for it....but now I'm happy to use your.

Thank you very much! :) :)

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Updated dash
Added a Metric Unit dash (1.02 MiB)