Plymouth Lake

To the northeast lies a massive lake. What used to be a sparkling campground for summer goers and winter wonderland for ice skaters is now a dull and stagnant body of water constantly monitored by the Taunton County water department. A dam was built at the edge of the lake where the water flows into the Duxbury Stream, cleaning out the murky mosquito-infested waters. Many rumors abound Lake Plymouth as to why it transformed from a lively, lush green forest to a dull, dead and dreary area full of mysterious beasts and sketchy characters. Some say since the New Haven Museum Incident, an infection quickly spread through the suburbs, destroying the wildlife and all who lived around the area. Some say A.N.G.E.L. still has a functioning laboratory deep in the woods that surround the lake--which could explain sightings of an alleged massive beast who dwells in the lake's dirty depths. Whatever the case, it is advised to travelers to avoid visiting this locale, and if they do happen across the area, to stay sharp and keep a sturdy weapon with them at all times.

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