North Snowplains

If you brave the mountain range in one piece, you will find yourself higher up than normal on a frigid plain of tundra. Spanning for miles, there are plenty of open territories to be claimed. Despite being a field of perpetual snow and frequent snowstorms, one can still find frozen bodies of water out this way, as well as snow-covered forests. However, the closer to the center of the plains you get, the stronger the snowstorms will pick up. There are legends that tell a hateful being who bends ice to their will resides in the center, and will launch explosive ice attacks on any intruders that approach their frozen fortress. Some say it's a runaway experiment who ran off from ANGEL just before the war took place, while others say it's a group of rogues who just couldn't take Hell's heat. People tell of a woman who had her heart broken by a powerful man and lives in wait for him here, while still others state it's a strange weather pattern with no meaning behind it. No matter the case, the North Snowplains is a region that should only be crossed if you are properly prepared to do so. Very few highways cut through here for these very reasons, and the only places of interest are gas stations, heated motels and log cabins open to the public. Keep your head on a swivel, though--dangerous creatures lurk out this way!

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