New Haven

New Haven, the second largest city in the State, goes by many nicknames. The Armpit, Manufacturing Hell, Where Jobs Go to Die...and only recently, The Melting Pot, are just a few of several colorful nicknames given to the city and its long and...interesting history. New Haven comprises of six distinct districts: suburbia, downtown, the Highlands, New Haven Industrial Park, Haven Coast and the borough of Raven, formerly Raven Village. It is a rather large city and after the War on ANGEL, a serious cleanup was in effect for New Haven and its economy. After a series of rotations involving skilled mayors who actually got their hands dirty to turn the city's infrastructure around to better help the people, the city began to prosper. That only continued for the next three decades after Mayor Cruxis' six-month service in office. Not every golden age lasts forever, though, as new dark horizons began to loom for New Haven. Not all dark horizons are met with open eyes, either...

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