Mt. Ioron

Said to be a gate to Hell, looming miles north of New Haven, Mt. Ioron is an active volcano teeming with Wastelanders searching for purpose, beyond what they used to have down in Hell. It is advised by authorities, tour guides, militaries and small guilds alike to avoid this area of the mountain range as much as possible. Not such a bad idea staying on the roads, now, isn't it? However, if one does find themselves unlucky enough to be in this area, expect to see hostages of any species held against their will and hoards of treasures filched from unsuspecting passersby and stashed in carefully hidden caverns. You may also end up being a hostage at the mercy of the rogues yourself if you're either not careful or piss poor at defending yourself. Or worse, depending on how you play your cards...The rogues who wander this part of the mountain range swear no allegiance to any Hellion lord and will attack anybody be they political figure, powerful being or normal passerby.

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