Looter's Beach

Looter's Beach used to be one of those clean and prestigious beaches that ran along the south cost of Taunton County. Unfortunately, thirty constant years of steel remnants and continuous pollution from beachgoers turned this once sparkling paradise into a sandy wasteland of metallic ruins and bandit hideouts. Having once been known as Duxbury Beach, the residents both new and old have begun nicknaming it Looter's Beach.There's not just sand and metal deathtraps littering the area, oh no! Jagged rocks point out of the water and sand like a dentist's nightmare, and many deaths of beings both human and supernatural have been reported out here. Bandits and wanderers have even made their own little fortresses and hideouts out of the beached A.N.G.E.L. ruins that continue to wash up on shore every day. Devices such as auto sentries and airborne drones patrol Looter's Beach like bloodthirsty junkyard dogs and will attack anyone on sight, including others who dwell on the sandy shores. Basing on the environment out here, one can conclude that every day is a new civil war, each with the same purpose: kill, conquer, spread fear, repeat.

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