Ioron Mountains

Let's clear up one thing: despite its odd spelling, it is still pronounced "Iron."The mountain range that lies to the north of New Haven circles around the North Snowplains into the Western Massachusetts Desert, before wrapping around back to the east and stopping suddenly, overlooking a valley close to River City. Known to be home to many powerful freelance demons who hold no allegiance to any guild, city, or demon lord, travelers are warned to stay aware of their surroundings. There are a few safe interstates and state highways to travel, however. They are heavily monitored and patrolled by the United Commonwealth, in conjunction with the three local police departments. As a result, not a whole hell of a lot of humans live out this way, and if they do they are a daring bunch of rascals who I hope have made some log cabins for themselves...somewhere underground...and far away from magma furnaces.

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