Ioron Forge

Some miles west of River City is a massive valley where the Taunton River and the molten rock of Mt. Ioron mix together, creating a foggy and treacherous landscape for travelers and tourists alike. The safest walkways are on the highest cliffs overlooking the eerily beautiful lava lake, fenced off at the edges with glass and metal guard rails, about waist height. Lush green forests surround the massive valley, creating an offset in elements that the Taunton County is famous for in the State. Perhaps it is the cleanest location in the county, as it is patrolled day in and day out by round-the-clock rangers. However, that is considered the civil side of the valley.Descending from where we stand on the cliffs, the steam from the river and heat of the lava give inmate escapees, rogues of all species and bandits, among other dangerous threats, a proper hideout. Down here, they like to take advantage of the patrolling state officers and Commonwealth Reserves whose main objectives are to keep the tourist section of the valley safe and free of looming threats. Several battles a day break out down here just to keep the overlooking cliffs safe and sound. If you find yourself anywhere other than proper tourist areas, be sure to find a patrolling officer. They could literally save your life!

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