Considered to be the Demon Plane of existence, Hell was once upon a time ruled by the infamous demon king, Lucifer. Ruled now by Fox God Itachi Hiro Kumaria, and Wolf King Damian Apollo Cruxis, II, the demon plane saw a critical turnaround in living conditions for its indigenous people while still remaining the punishment realm for those who have sinned and never once repented. Hell is hot, perhaps hotter than the hottest desert on Earth, and any non-demonic beings would only last down here for no more than four hours. The main city is the Black City of Gehenna, which is now a prosperous and otherwise peaceful city for its citizens of all classes. A large eco dome was built over the city to emulate the human plane's weather conditions so that Hellion demons could finally experience Earth pleasures without leaving their home plane. Aside from the changes in the urban areas, the Wastelands are still riddled with afrits, bandits, stray demons and gigantic beasts with severe aura sickness. If ever you find yourself lost down here in the Wastelands, keep your head on a swivel and your senses on high alert. If the wilderness doesn't get you, the heat and environment certainly will.

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