Foxden Village

A small village tucked away deep in the Blackwood Forest, Foxden Village is home to several species of fox beings. You can find it all here, really: red foxes, grey foxes, arctic foxes, they're all here in this little haven. Their leader is none other than Itachi Kumaria himself, who has been running this village flawlessly for the past three decades, on top of Hell and New Haven. The village itself is fairly primitive in design, in which the huts are made from thick, tightly woven plants from all around the forest and that business relies more on a bartering system rather than monetary. Despite this, however, the beings who live here are very much aware of the events happening beyond their haven's boundaries, and are even adept at using technology to some degree. The foxes here are highly capable of combat and will defend their territory through any means necessary--which includes deadly force.

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