Blackwood Forest

Not much was known about Blackwood Forest then, and not much is still known now. However, since the fall of ANGEL and the rise of mysterious spikes in aura, many researchers the State over are drawn to this area for, well, research. Rumors abound of a cryptic rift emanating colorful energies, and the researchers wish to scope out the possible truth--if any--behind these rumors. No one can conclude for sure if the relationship between ANGEL's fall and the spike in aura in this area is causal or coincidental. The small village deep in the woods, Foxden, most certainly would hold more information on the matters, although that information is not easily given to non-fox demons, and practically impossible for humans to acquire. Still, one theory is going around, one spawned from HUDSON--a tear to another world. Where it is located, none can say for certain, but it may be related to a theoretical "aether well," another discovery only found recently.

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