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Seto Application

Joined: 9:20 PM - Dec 20, 2013

9:34 PM - Dec 20, 2013 #1

***Part I***
Character Name:


Aliases Names:

Apoc / Reaper


Union of Fury

***Part II***

1. What is your timezone?

+5 EST. ( Eastern time zone United States)

2. How many hours a week do you play Shaiya?

3+hours a day 25+hours a week

3. Please give a short description of what you think a good [GS] does.

A GS (game sage) entire purpose is to make the GM's life easier. which include (but not limited too) handle disputes, resolving character issues to the best of ones ability
and assisting players from time to time.

4. How much experience do you have with the Shaiya community?

I have been playing shaiya since ep 3 on OS ( original shiaya ). I have about 7 years exp. and quite familiar with gameplay settings / rules.

5. Which other Private Servers did you played?

This is the only private server I have played but I am quite familiar with others ( friends in many areas ) so the idea isn't entirely new to me.

6. Why do you really want to be a Game Sage?

Being completely honest. I am quite happy with the staff in most areas, but I feel that some rules can be better moderated. A good GS friend of mine works very hard
and is always taking on problems ( that are not hers ). Because of this, I wish to assist her the best way I can, and help guide players into being more self reliant. Also
I feel that there is a lot I can contribute to the game/staff/and players in general and having a way to voice separated opinions and giving separated feedback will help
better the game in many ways.

In conclusion, I want to be a game sage because I want to help players as much as possible as well as giving the GM's / GS's a break from there never ending work, and
have a way to contribute ideas back to the game. ( I feel as I have a lot of them )

***Part III***

Any other information about you:

I am also a moderator on another forum for indie game designers. So I am used to solving and resolving issues ^^ and I am known to be quite friendly.