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Overpopulated AOL

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5:25 PM - Oct 30, 2014 #1

heya, let's get to the point.. AOL.. well as you noticed it's overpopulated.. War is imbalanced.. CTI is Crowded.. 2 raids for MM?.. now Fury.. UOF is few in numbers although they put up a fight.. numbers count in PVP.. so i suggest a Faction Change.. and yes it ain't possible for cafes.. i get it.. it's understood cause it has 1 IP address.. well how about we open the IP's for UOF and AOL.. yeah i know.. statpadds.. still there really shud be faction change.. PVP ain't fun if the numbers ain't balanced.. 2 raids vs 1 raid? cruel.. really cruel.. SB would be more fun if PVP is balanced.. anyway.. something has to be done.. think about it.. hilarious i answered my out suggestions.. still i got a point.. lol

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