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Student Template Version 2.0

Student's Name: Lance Tubal Lothorum

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (February 4th is his birthday)

Race: Evotelluric

Physical Appearance:

(notes found on Damien Gaul's email records)

McCarthy:Target the easiest person to pick out of a crowd that anyone could wish for. It might start with his seven foot two inch height, but this Lance kid is also barrel chested with a muscle tone normally reserved for body lifters. A commoner of Scottish background, meaning his indoor voice is roughly as loud as a regular west coast American's shout. Face is relatively unremarkable; just simple short spiked black hair, steel blue eyes, and the ability to grow facial hair faster and thicker then most men of seventeen. Will sometimes grow his facial hair out as an experiment, just trying out a goatee or possibly even a full beard. Due to Evotelluric abilities, constantly shaving would be difficult, meaning that target will normally appear rather scruffy. Research on subjects history suggests if one were to closely inspect his chest and back, they would notice healed but still slightly scarred skin from what had been extreme burns. This could either be Evotelluric powers, or possibly scars from a previous attack. More noticeable is the clothes Lance wears are always loose fitting and sleeveless when possible, but they are also normally have burn marks and dirt stains. Target seems to believe clothing is wearable until threadbare. Normally seen in outdoor environments, or located within the confines of his grandfather's forge.

Gaul: How is anyone supposed to dig up information on this material? Absolutely abominable work. Marduk's work is in more detail (but its in that horrid American standard of measurement), here is a copy.

Figure stands at seven foot two inches, measures two and a half feet wide at shoulders. Blood type is O+ (see hospital records for confirmation). Rises between 5:15am to 5:21am in whatever time zone he is in, begins regular workout routine. Muscle to skeletal structure shows that this height is not due to disease or mutation. Weighs in at 342 lbs (also hospital records). Body fat percentage at 12%, diet habits suggest healthy eating other than targeted choices of spicy foods. Strength has not been properly gauged, but it is assumable to be enhanced by Evotelluric abilities. Only uses an actual hammer at his grandfather's forge. Works at least eight hours per day on weekends, then spends four to five hours working on blade techniques. Attempts to hide this by destroying the evidence. Subject did not start acting out in public forums (school, shopping) until he noticed McCarthy. Commotions appear to be attempts to attract attention in case we decide to act. I recommend continued observation of him and his family, and please remove McCarthy from this. Takes the best hiding spots, and manages to get seen.

Should I fire you as Marduk suggests? I've never used him before, but you used to be more reliable then this. Get your head together McCarthy, or at least give me some good information on his personality.


McCarthy: Marduk only gave you statistics, and on my 'recommendation' he is now focusing on family history. As promised sir, (or is it mam? Which knickers did you prefer today?) here is all the information I can get on his personality.

Target appears to be simple minded and rather ox-like, this is an incorrect assumption as discovered by an associate. (Foley attempted to test him, and Foley is going to be in the hospital for six to nine months). As the understudy of first his father and then his grandfather, Lothorum holds considerable knowledge of most metals and possibly other chemical components. This work under those men also seems to give the target a degree of patience I thought only capable of professionals. It seems teenage hormones drive him to act out in loud mannerisms and get angry. Is he pretending to let small things bother him to throw us off? (Your response confirmed this for me. I've been more careful since). Also seems to have a love for spicy foods, leaves me wondering whether poison could be a good idea. Never can tell with a freak, especially this one. His powers seem to disturb him, treats them like a curse... except at his work. Subject has produced some of his finest steel using that power. I do not recommend taking any action other then to continue to allow him to study under the grandfather for now. Has Drail made any progress on Gastraphetes?

Lance writing about himself:

Being tall sucks. Chandeliers, low ceilings, and refrigerator dust are practically my mortal enemies. Also, people always ask you 'Why don't you play sports?' Maybe it's because I suck at running. Maybe its because I'm good with a hammer. I don't know. Anyways, the school assignment today was to write about something meaningful to you. I doubt being tall qualifies as meaningful, but I thought it was a good icebreaker. This is probably why I have a C- in English. Here we go:

The blade seems to be what my entire life is about. My Dad raised me to build good, solid blades because people liked collecting swords. As a child, I never imagined anyone actually using them, I just thought people wanted those things to remember the old days. You know, replicas of past ages? I was wrong though. My Dad and my Mom were killed over a weapon, something called the Gastraphetes. It's a crossbow, one built possibly two hundred years ago. My grandfather believes it was our family that built the thing, our family that made it dangerous enough to where its more destructive then most modern weapons. I don't know if I believe that, but I know my house did not just 'burn down.' It got blown up with a click of a trigger. Grandpa told me that we'd do better to destroy all these bastard weapons that we've let into the hands of savages. He told me about his father, and how he made a sword so brutal that upon seeing it's work, he swore to destroy all his weapons if and when he got home. He taught me more about being a blacksmith, so much more then Dad had. Yet, I couldn't stop thinking about making weapons. Like my brain was stuck on it in the form of an addiction. I'd sneak back into the forge after a long summer day, when Grandpa had fallen asleep but the coals were still hot. I'd build any sort of blade I wanted, and then melt it to erase the evidence. Eventually, I got caught and properly punished. It didn't stop me though, I was right back at it again, sneaking in and trying my craft again and again.

Then, Evos Dawn happened, and I got to be even more of a freak. Guess what? My ability helps me at the forge. It also burns the crap out of me, and has proven to be more self fatal then threatening to the rest of the world. I think I might be the only Evotelluric that people around these parts feel sorry for. Still, I can generate enough heat from my hands to help me with my smithing. Once again, I'm back to that age old addiction. I build a blade, and then melt it in fear of getting caught. I believe my grandfather, that to build a weapon means to be willing to take responsibility for it. Yet still, I can't stop building them. Is anyone fit for a blade? Is there a cause to create one, or a person to trust it too?

Marduk: I hacked transmissions sent from McCarthy, his analysis is correct so I will not be adding on. My over view of his family life and history is as follows:


The Lothorum name comes from old Scotland, and the Lothorum tradition of working a forge seems to run thicker then blood for this family. There are claims, mind you these cannot be identified, that the Lothorum family crafted the original steel of William Wallace. Either way, the family's work as blacksmiths included specifically swords right up until the World War II Era. At this point, Alastair Lothorum (great grandfather of the target) was involved with British military. He was captured by Nazi forces, stashed with other prisoners in a Nazi concentraition camp. He survived by being useful as a blacksmith, and eventually the Nazis started taking note of him. He was tasked with the creation of a blade, a steel cutlass sword that would look presentable and be... efficient. The blade he crafted is currently one of our society's Weapons of Pinnacle, Marrow. At this point in the war, American, British, and Russian forces were pushing daily deeper and deeper into German territory. The officer this sword was made for went insane, and executed as many Jews as he could with this blade. Alastair Lothorum witnessed the atrocity, and swore to never craft another sword in his life. He was rescued and sent back to his home. All of his teachings to his son, Lance's grandfather, involved the destruction of weapons. The grandfather carried his father's mantle to the tea, even as going as far to research what other weapons the family had created and destroy them as well. It was his research that lead to the discovery of Gastraphetes. By some means, the multiple parts of the Gastraphetes were found and either destroyed or disassembled. Now, Lance's father held some rebellion against the Grandfather, and broke apart the family to go back to weapons making. It made money according to the man, which let him set up a good family life. Lance was born shorty after his father began indirectly working for us, going through the tests to see if he would be worthy of position as our smithy. As a child, the only remarkable thing about him was his rate of growth. His father introduced him to some of the simple concepts of blade making, and gave his son quiet a bit of the knowledge he bares today. At the age of ten, Lance's father came to work for us directly, helping to rebuild Gastraphetes. An arguement ensued over its use, and Lance's father was murdered over this weapon. We believe at the point of his death to be a 60% restored Gastraphetes. Lance's residence came under attack by Graven to deliver a message to the Grandfather from us. The house burned to the ground, Lance's mother was killed.

The child was moved to live with his grandfather and grandmother. His grandfather gratefully took him back to the forge, but forbid the construction of any blade, or weapon in general. Lance started back at school, a year behind due to the trauma, but seemed pleasant and peaceful enough. After Evos Dawn, he was rushed to the hospital several times due to burns, but having expressed no major threatening ability, was considered by the government to not be a threat. His classmates already treated him different due to his size, and the ability was subtle enough to hide in most circumstances. His abilities did not become well known to his classmates until just recently, when Foley made his fool move. Here is a copy of that transcript.

"I've started the recording. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"My name is Lance Lothorum. My family, my whole family as far as I know, is Scottish. We like working with metal. Is this something that the government wants, because I'm an Evo?"

"Of course not. It's a school sponsored interview to asses any emotional or mental concerns we might have. Now, let's continue. You said your family works with metal?"

*Short Pause*

"My family has been blacksmiths for over a hundred years, possibly even more if you like to believe the local drunks. My father used to say he had me at his forge before I could even walk. It's funny though, because as small as this town is, it had two blacksmiths. My Pa, and one other man who I now know is my Grandpa. Dad and him... disagreed about something a long time ago. Anyways, Dad taught me about making sharp edges, about melting temperatures, and how to make steel more durable then something from a factory. People in town liked him, because he helped revive a lot of local legends about Scottish folk. Boomed tourism they said, because we could show off. Grandpa hated it though..."

"When did you first see your Grandfather?"

*Lance laughs*

"I first met him when I was six, I was throwing stones at his windows. See, all Dad told me was that he was competition, and that he was a mean old man who kept trying to get us shut down. He chased me off with his cane, an old wooden walking stick that didn't look like it could help support a fly. Truthfully, I didn't know he was my Grandpa until... the fire. Child services discovered I had family in town, took me there and dropped me at his doorstep. I was terrified right up until he walked out, and I noticed he was smaller then me."

"Your Grandfather continued instructing you?"

"In a way. He taught me more about the chemical aspects, also about super alloys and the like. He doesn't like blades though. He named his Smithy 'Bladelocks' to symbolize that he would destroy any weapon that passed too close. Damn good at it to. He caught me trying my hand at a Katana one night, and made me hold the thing...with no proper handle, while he hit it with a hammer. It took one swing, and I couldn't feel my hands for a week."

"A katana is an eastern weapon. Why were you building one of those?"

*Short Pause*

"My Dad only taught me conventional weapons, but I found his books. A katana looked like fun to try, so I did. Why is the school concerned about me as a blacksmith? Shouldn't you all be freaking about... you know-"

"Yes... Well..."

"Stop stammering fool. I recognized your face the second you came to this school. One of the men my father worked with, before my house blew up with me Mom. You're no councilor, and no Government man either. Foley was what Dad called you-"


"See this blade? Notice how sharp it is? I'll cut out the throats of every student and teacher here, and then you'll be blamed for it ass. NOW SIT DOWN AND-"


"You decided to interview me in a chem lab, Foley. Then, you tried defending yourself with a fucking knife. Now, I want information about everything. Every time you lie to me, I'll touch you with this hand-"

*Foley screams*


It's mostly screaming after that. By the time the background checking was done, the target had already acted. He's moved his Grandparents into witness protection, and he himself has left the country. I did, on the other hand, find a letter that Lance Lothorum... left us.

Dear Guild, Society, or whomever the hell you are.

Maybe you just like collecting weapons, but I think you also like using them. Foley 'informed' me that Dad and Mom got killed by one of your little group, but you've already started to pressure both Grandpa and myself to come in and replace my father. Let me tell you something, I am not my father. I recognize that making a weapon means accepting the responsibility for any life taken by that weapon. I've sent Grandpa and Grandma under government protection, and my research has led to the discovery of the outpost where the user of Gastraphetes is hiding out. Apparently, killing Evotelluric is something like a new hunting sport that you sick bastards are engaging in. Gastraphetes is just the first weapon I'm going to pry from your cold, dead finger tips. I'll redeem my family name if it kills me, but your group will soon never use Lothorum steel EVER AGAIN.

Records indicate he applied for and received scholarship money to transfer out to Japan, at the freak school. McCarthy was supposed to grab him before he got on a plane, but the bastard out smarted him. Sir, I'm nervous about going to Kyoto, at least without Graven's expressed permission. Gastraphetes is supposed to be almost fully restored now, which would make him the strongest of us. Should we be worried?
Callum Alastair: "...We've got chocolates, porn and imagination. Think we're dangerous enough as is."
Caleb Prometheus: "No you don't need to speak, but could you please stop thinking about your breakfast?"
Lance Lothorum: "Indoor voice? I work all day in a forge. You're gonna need a proper analogy if ya want me to shut up."


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School wrote:Azura Technical Institute
Year wrote:Third Year
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When before the Dawn, being a blacksmith ran in Lance's blood. He was trained first by his father, then his grandfather. As an Evotelluric exposed to extreme levels of magic on the Avalon and Azura campuses; Lance will forge greatness to his name through combining ability, power, and knowledge. This designation applies toward improving his capabilities as a blacksmith, and Magic or Evotelluric elements used to re-create mythical elements or build entirely new ones.
Non Evolutionary Traits
Lance's Pre-Dawn Traits
[+] Spoiler
Lance does not have the blood of a Giant, but he is a still a behemoth compared to most people his age. His size and training as a blacksmith give him incredible strength and endurance, to the point where he can lift and carry up to four hundred pounds for four miles before needing a break. This superior endurance allows him to work in a forge all day long, constantly striking steel with hammers as though he had boundless energy. While this has the potential to make him something of a titan in battle, Lance is a complete klutz when not weighed down by at least a hundred pounds of materials or wearing heavy armor. This strength and endurance comes at the price of Lance only being able to move at the pace of a regular human being (and that is with using his height). This is undetectable while he walks, but very notable during physical activities.
Evotelluric Evolutions
Lance's Evotelluric Powers
[+] Spoiler
This is Lance’s true Evotelluric ability, one of the most dangerous both to himself and others around him recorded from his home of England. Lance’s forearms and hands hold an extreme resistance to heat, as in the ability to touch and hold molten steel without being burned… if only his body did not have to be close by. They also do not have working nerves, Lance cannot feel a cut or know how hard he is grasping at something without careful training. Lance’s body, unlike his hands and lower arms, does not hold this high heat resistance, but does have a regular working nervous system. ‘That isn’t dangerous at all though!’ Unfortunately, the resistance comes a heavy price, the real power. Unlike pyro kinetics or fire magic, Lance’s hands generate heat based on creating extreme levels of friction between themselves and any surface they touch. Each swipe of his hand is capable of raising the temperature of the object he touches by 50 degrees Celsius so long as his hand moves in a slow and steady motion over that object. This is a localized effect, but thanks to endothermic physics the area around a heated object will also begin to warm. The melting point of most metals comes in at roughly between 1400-1800 degrees, and with several repeated slides of his hand Lance could achieve this on up to a 4 foot two handed sword. While this heat does not necessarily generate a fire, most materials have a combustible temperature that Lance must be careful not to exceed. A simple grasp may raise an objects temperature between 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, which is why Lance’s cloths normally look horrid and or burned. While using this ability does not drain him of any energy, Lance too can burn and or feint from heat exhaustion like any regular human being. Using this ability without regular refreshment of water will dehydrate him. It was his hope that the school would assign him a safety pendant so that this ability can be carefully trained in the forge and nowhere else.
[+] Spoiler
Lance’s body naturally adapts to metals around it, and his own bloodstream began evolving months after he used an iron based alloy to seal a deep wound on his arm. Red Cells began carry the elements of the scar throughout the body, which the nervous system detected and then began to break down the elements in that alloy, gaining insight on how to improve his own body. Over time, bone marrow red cell production changed to create a new type of hemoglobin carriers. They now carry extra molecules of metal within them that can, upon contact with a metal surface, bond and act to increase the total strength of the object they bonded with. To be short, Lance’s red cells have gained the ability to directly enhance any tungsten based metal or metal alloy they are placed upon, so long as a stable coating is achieved. The blood adds extra base particles to act as a bound over the metal it is placed upon, giving the metal enhanced durability without need to increase the weight. This enhanced durability allows the metal to cut any received force down by 33%. The blood absorbs that 33% of the impact by giving way (as in literally spewing off when the hit lands). Since it technically reduces force received, this blessing is useless on most weapons (with the exception being defensive weapons made to absorb blows instead of trade them). This boon lasts only until the blood dries when it is coated on something in haste. However, Lance is capable of using 2 units of his own blood to coat a single large piece of heavy armor (like the chest plates for plate armor) when he forges it to give a permanent damage reduction to that individual piece of armor. It would literally take several months to safely craft a whole set of Blood Forge armor, and due to the extreme amounts of work needed to form the alloys, using his blood in this manner only grants a 25% durability against impact bonus. This unlocks the Blood Iron Recipe, and Blood Iron armor MAY NOT be coated with fresh blood to provide a 58% damage reduction. Instead the armor remains at the same quality, granting a 25% damage reduction.
[+] Spoiler
Lance wrongfully assumed that the nerves in his hands 'died' after Evos Dawn. Though there was a shut down of sensory perception within the forearm to hand, this was evolutionary intention instead of internal failure. Though his body has taken years to begin repairing or repaving how this system works, at long last the process has begun. Lance's nerves in the hands and forearm area have been rebuilt from axon and dendrite transmitters into a far more advanced nervous system cell structure. The new cells transmit bio-chemical energy from one surface of the cell to another, and have the ability to pass far more complex signals in exchange for the ongoing loss of sensory perception. These new nerves tie in to Lance's skin cells to receive transmissions and broadcast information to the brain. For now, the new nerves are capable to using touch to send small amounts of electron shifts throughout any periodic table metal. This works much like an electron version of sonar mixed with alternating current, as the electrons move about the metal surface at different rates to describe what metals are in an object. The electron movement creates no static electricity or any sort of stored charge that another individual or alternate local source could feel. The conscious brain then receives the transmitted signals and identifies what type they are.

This process is not a quick one as Lance''s arm(s) are not used to being capable of displaying this 'sixth sense.' The range of detection is one cubic meter at a time, thus he can only tell about small to medium sized objects. Lance can only detect normal periodic elements, as he has no experience with magical metals. Even then, Lance will not know any specific amounts of varied metals. Metals can only be detected upon direct touch, meaning that organic material like dirt, water, or flesh prevents this ability from working. It takes just two seconds of concentration to learn the base components for what is inside. Even simple metal mixtures like regular steel will still only report iron and nickle to his mind. Elemental Sensory does not provide detailed information about the surface touched also, such as where a weakness has taken hold. If there is rust in the piece of metal, Lance will know there is rust but not how to use that to his advantage (unless of course it would be obvious to his skills as a blacksmith and he had the tools to act upon it).


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Combat Training
Martial Forms and Skills
[+] Spoiler
A combat style developed for Lance by his armor smith mentor, a tenacious blend of figuring out how to use heavy armor (and later shields) to break enemy attacks.
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That which is knocked down must stand up if it does not wish to yield. The training endured to grasp this concept involved Lance starting out on the ground and being hit with a bludgeoning weapon until he could stand up. Success meant a five minute break, then start again. After months of doing this, any whom manage the feat of knocking Lance down while he wears armor should be prepared for him to be capable of standing up while counter attacking with the speed of an intermediate martial artist not wearing armor.
[+] Spoiler
That which is to endure against others must first learn to endure itself. The second pillar of training was taught in conjunction with the first, as in whenever Lance was not being battered along the ground, he was forced to wear plate armor all day every day. He could remove it for restroom use, and remove the helm to eat. Beyond that he was taught how to naturally exist within his armor to the point of being able to do simple tasks such as sleep in armor, straight up to complex tasks like work the forge. Lance looses none of his native dexterity because his body no longer feels sensory deprived while in the armor. Between his own blacksmith skills and this training, custom armor that Lance makes for himself feels comfortable and actually helps his body get closer to regular levels of sensory neural input for balance and movement.
[+] Spoiler
A wise man does not always make the enemy approach. Rather, when opportunity arises he strikes hammer to hot steel according to his own time and place. After mastering how to live and get up quickly, Lance was introduced to the hard concept of overland movement, walking, jogging, even sprinting in heavy armor. Modernized heavy armor allows for full body movement, but a soul must learn to bare the weight and balance it while moving. With his natively high endurance, Lance can run in heavy armor for an hour (this assumes a jogging pace), move at a marching pace in heavy armor for six hours, and fight in heart pounding physically grueling combat for 30 minutes before requiring rest. To rest from simple movement like walking only takes 15 minutes. A run requires a bare minimum of 30, and after a fight/flee type situation he would need an hour. Despite wearing armor that would slow a regular person, Lance's body has been trained to handle the weight. He can sprint at a top speed of 8 meters per second for 100 meters before needing a couple minutes to recover, and now is capable of running in armor at regular human pace.
[+] Spoiler
The enemy will fall upon you, and their fall will be great. Let them taste only defeat... which I'm told stinks of dirt and death. As one might expect, the last ideal of heavy armor training is combat use. When one feels naturalized in their armor, they become all the more dangerous.To end a threat though, one must know how to take its punishment. This involves using all parts of full plate armor to willingly receive the damage, and stances used to control or cancel the enemy's ability to knock back or flank the user. This form balances with different methods for tackling individuals or groups of opponents. Lance is well trained at using an adapted horse stance with his ATRF boots to center his gravity, and then use a combination of his arms, legs, pauldrons and breastplate to divert the energy of an attack down to inconsequential levels. Another 'stance' is called the sway, best used with piercing or bludgeoning attacks. Instead of rooting himself, the warrior charges at the attack, and as it hits the body times the motion and momentum to where the hit slides along side the armor, failing to deliver its total force. Finally, one must seek to counter their foes. Due to his unique armor, Lance mostly chooses to utilize his fists and elbows for close range attacks through hay-maker style punches, quick brutal elbow strikes, and grappling to drive opponents down to the ground. Most of the armor parts will not deliver a keen blow due to reducing 25% of the force, but they too can be used when necessary to harm an opponent. Having a tactical mind and working as a smith has taught Lance how to use enemies weapons and armor as potential weak points. Blood Iron Plate armor's force reduction works against him for breaking or damaging a weapon, but knowing its spacial limitations and basic forms gives Lance a superior knowledge on timing his counters or attacks.
Artisan Blacksmith
Details Crafting Ability, Specific Recipes and Supplies
[+] Spoiler
Lance was taught from his father long before he became an Evo on how to specialize in crafting fine weapons and armor. He is fully capable of constructing practice (blunted) and edged weapons in almost any shape or form. Lance also had the expertise to work with metals to create chain, half plate, or full plate armor. This includes but is not limited to high and low carbon steel (iron mixed with carbon, normally charcoal), nickel, tin, bronze, copper, some superalloys, and chemicals that can be added to give custom coloration. Lance has some experience working with high value metals like platinum and gold, in addition to some carpentry and tanning knowledge (mostly for weapon handles, but he can create a blade from high value metals). As a preference, he refuses to utilize the automated hammers known currently as trip hammers, but will in exchange use mounted tongs to ensure solid strikes. Under normal circumstances, Lance will tailor a weapon specifically to the person whom approaches him (including the size of the weapon). Tang, metal type, handle, and the shape of a blade are all discussed after a person is sized up. It should be noted that Lance does have connections to get the necessary materials shipped out to him so that he may practice his blacksmithing while on campus. His limitations are that he cannot yet create Damascus, (which involves blending high carbon and low carbon metals followed by repeated folding), Wootz (an almost extinct Indian metal that utilizes glass in its mixture to create a unique pattern), and he cannot yet work mythical components (mythril steel, raw energy, oricalcium or elemental power). Lance’s Evotelluric abilities are only controllable enough to heat most metals to a malleable state, but he prefers not to use this ability.

As of Right now, Lance has set up his forge in the R&D Labs, mostly because he could not find a safe outdoor spot and as of yet does not have the required money to buy a business license in Fukuoka. On weekends and evenings it is most likely that someone on the fourth floor will hear a rhythmic hammering coming from a cavern, and also a few Scottish curses. It should also be noted that being a Blacksmith means that Lance knows quiet a bit about metal, and can hold his own in the areas of chemistry and physics when it considers blacksmithing. He knows high temperature creep resistance factors for super alloys (which would be important for making weapons for fast moving individuals), phase stabilities, oxidization, and fatigue life, and holds several thick leather bound journals filled with recipes for metal mix creations. Lance for now will be using the research and development building whenever he wishes to create a super alloy.
[+] Spoiler
After traveling from the dual campuses to take an extended leave of absence, Lance sought out another smith that worked under the people whom killed his family. This particular smith went by the name “Master Bat” (Bat in Mongolia is actually a boy’s name for hero, Lance dubbed him 'master' at first out of mockery) and began helping Lance to refine his teachings. With the correct elements Lance is now able to produce the ancient and unique high carbon durable metal called wootz. He has also mastered the folding high carbon and low carbon metal enough times to make Damascus grade steel. Atop learning how to make masterwork metals, Bat instructed Lance how to use modern materials like Kevlar and rifle plating beneath metal armor. This can technically advance what would be considered archaic forms of armor up to or just beyond what modern body armor has accomplished for soldiers. Together they discovered how to harness a quality hidden within Lance’s bloodstream to produce an evotelluric empowered armor. (See the Blood Iron Recipe)

As an artisan, Lance is capable of producing better quality work in less time. He can cut 10% of the time needed to form any mundane non-master work (so super alloys, Damascus, wootz, and evo recipes do not apply to this) metals to produce the armor or weapon he was attempting to create. Because Lance does not use auto-hammers, this speeds him up to the level one would expect through using such devices. As an artisan Lance has a superior judgement when it comes to determining the quality of others' work. Between his native evotelluric abilities and keen knowledge, Lance can accurately price and determine what any non magical metallurgy item is built from. Items imbued with magical or magic like properties can also be examined this way, but it takes weeks of research to lock down how the object was built. Even then, just knowing the recipe does not mean Lance has the skill necessary to recreate it. Spotting potential weaknesses in metals and metal based structures has become easier due to extensive work with understanding how armor must be able to handle blows. Weapons are not immune to this either, Lance knows the weak points of every historic bladed (or blunted) metal weapon. Magical items tend to have far greater resistance to being broken, and again it would take him weeks of research to find a guaranteed weakness on such things. His limitations are that he is still completely inexperienced with magical components like mithril and orichalchum.
[+] Spoiler
Titanium Vanadium Cobalt Super Alloy (TVC +/-): Titanium and Cobalt with Vanadium as a Bridge metal with positive or negative polarization, a super alloy created on the school campus. This super alloy was created by Lance in order as a solution to a question: how does one create a sword handle that will not break for a super human? Titanium is legendary as a metal with low creep temperatures and its resistance toward the elements makes it highly useful for deep sea and space exploration. Cobalt is both dense and better yet magnetic, with again a heavy resistance to creep temperatures. Vanadium was dubbed 'brown lead' by the man whom discovered it because it simply is so damn dense and durable. This super alloy is artificially created in parts (Vanadium is artificially created though it is listed as element 23, then the three metals are alloyed together under specific processes to give the positive or negative charge). This combination of elements is all but useless for blades, but when it comes to handles or clamps cannot be bested for super human needs. The school is a part owner of the patent from Lance's creation and is thus free to use it in the creation of any of their own items.

Wootz Steel: (From Wikipedia) A steel characterized by a pattern of bands or sheets of micro carbides within a tempered martensite or pearlite matrix. This steel is an essential component in the forming of damascus, and during ancient times was regarded at high value. History states that King Porus gave Alexander the Great 30 pounds of the component as a kingly gift, and the old Persian saying "Give them an Indian answer" refers to using a blade made from this material. Wootz is created with high carbon alloys, creating its foretold toughness. Lance needs at least eight hours to create 3 ingots of this material.

Damascus Steel: Unlike modern smiths who simply 'reproduce' the effect of Damascus, Lance's training forged the true secrets of combining high and low carbon metals in the ancient ways of forming the subject of medieval legends, a tough steel that could be honed to a permanent lethal sharpness. There is no substitute for the required work, the elements must be pounded together by the hammer, heated, folded, and then more must be added in. This requires rare earth elements that Lance can obtain through Master Bat, but this process takes a week to obtain, and at least 2 days worth of work (at 10hr work shifts) to forge 3 ingots.

Blood Iron aka Tungsten Rhodium Enhanced Iron (WRhFe): When forged properly, this produces an alloy that ignores 25% of force from any hit. While mostly useless for weapons, the boon it grants any type of armor cannot be ignored. This recipe is a cold forge recipe, meaning that Lance must combine his blood with the tungsten and rhodium without being able to just heat the metals. This means literally ten to sixteen hours of hammer work pending on the size of armor he is attempting to make. The Rhodium and Tungsten are forgiving metals, but the Blood of the Forge must be spread and folded many times into the metal before it can dry. Once the soaked ingot reaches a dry state, it requires a heat seal to permanently lock in the enhanced iron. Both Rhodium and Tungsten are rare earth metals, they normally require at least a week to receive a supply of. Atop this, Lance's body must be able to handle the blood donation. Ironically his blood is only capable of permanently enhancing these metals for a short time period (even if placed in cold storage to maintain red cells, Lance can only store his blood for 42 days before it expires.). This means that he can never 'keep a back-stock' on blood for the purpose of this recipe. Made to order, made to use. Blood Iron alloys cannot be coated with Blood of the Forge for an increased benefit. If this does happen, the armor still can only ignore 25% of damage.

Chemical Compound: Honor's Demand (CH3CH2OH+NH2+1-phenylpropan-2-amine+ergosta-5,7,22-trien-3β-ol; AEP) A chemical substance crafted by allowing bacteria such as yeast to feed upon a rare fungus that grows at the edges of the Gobi's desert. In its fungal form, ingestion of the mushroom produces severe stomach craps and vomiting. Subjects supposedly report staying wide awake for up to three days after the digestion has ceased. Due to having great knowledge of chemistry, Lance cultivated the mushrooms and then allowed simple yeast bacteria to feed upon them, producing this liquid compound as a byproduct. Producing more of the compound takes between 2 to 4 weeks, pending on available resources of the mushrooms and maintaining a 'clean' environment for the bacteria to ingest. Lance does have a contact in Mongolia who can send these out, but only shipments of enough material to make for six treatments on the gauntlets. The liquid creation is flammable but at a 180 proof is too high to be digested for any potential benefit. Again, the user would be vomiting and suffer terrible headaches... but stay up for hours. Instead, if the chemical is absorbed through inhalation after burn off, the recipient no longer suffers from the effects of ethanol (as that is what burns) and instead receives a temporary boost of amphetamine and phytosterol components. This makes them feel invigorated; reducing the mind's ability to correctly scope its own fatigue and strength limits. In this quantity it is non-habit forming and fades immediately if an individual stops inhalation. Unless one has a vast understanding of chemical reactions within their own body, they will only feel as though they have returned to their previous state (or worse if they exerted themselves while on the compound) of fatigue.
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Blacksmith hammers: Some for flattening, some for sharpening, some for bending… the man has a lot of hammers. Hammers could be used as weapons, but Lance will proudly admit he has no fighting talent with the things. So smithing it is.
Anvil(s): Lance’s anvils come in parts and pieces and include all sorts of tools to make pounding steel more manly. He has three at this time, and the ease of focusing on hammering on the largest (which weighs just over three hundred pounds when put together), shaping on the secondary, (roughly two hundred and fifty five pounds), and the third is reserved for touch ups and repairs (this one weighs under a hundred).
Whetstone: This is a family heirloom, a yard long and foot thick stone taken from the Charnwood forest quarry. It is used to re-sharpen blades, and is commonly called a water stone because water is used as a lubricant between the stone and blade (which is more tradition then necessity)
Tongs: Lance has several sets of tongs made to hold a variety of hot metals. The truth is though, he only uses mounted tongs on larger blades to keep his body out of the heat.
Furnace: Also known as a forge, this is something Lance has pre built for moving around. Though there is a great debate between using gasoline vs. coal, Lance prefers coal on the basis that natural gas is harder to come by in natural environments. The six x six (it is 4.5ft tall) brick and cast iron furnace has a cobalt lining to prevent heat leaks (this also gives it a blue tint when heated). This is technically Lance’s one unnecessary piece of equipment thanks to his power, but he still prefers it over using his Evotelluric abilities.
Heat resistant Clothing: Lance does not wear gloves, but while forging he will wear a thick apron, goggles, and heavy pants and boots that are flame retardant and heat resistant.
Heretic's Armor
Special Equipment Developed By Lance
[+] Spoiler
This rust colored suit of heavy armor was developed by Lance and his master to grant the best of both worlds when it came to armor. Like heavy armor of the medieval to Renaissance ages, this suit makes it highly difficult for slashing attacks to carry through. Atop that, Lance addressed the potentials of piercing damage by layering rifle plating beneath most the metal, followed by Kevlar mesh. Finally, the armor's specialized 'blood forged' quality reduces even bludgeoning blows, making the suit quit robust toward the three marshal damage types. All pieces of it are made to fit in conjunction with items he has obtained from the school. Lance's elemental cloth and Coat of Holding tighten to form fit, then use the harden ability to create a comfortable and durable layer between himself and the armor. TVC +/- brackets are used as locks The full suit weighs in at eighty seven pounds.
[+] Spoiler
Assuming the armor is donned correctly and Lance is hit in optimal areas, here lies a description of the armor's endurance limits:

Examples of force that will not harm armor or the user:

1) Falling from three story buildings.
2) Being hit by an average sized car traveling at 30 mph.
3) Being shot within 15 ft by a 12 gauge shotgun with regular shot
4) Physical attacks by slashing weapons with strength equal to or lesser than a diamond saw
5) Piercing attacks that generate less force than the 12 gauge shotgun example
6) Bludgeoning force equal to three times the necessary strength to dent 6 inches of reinforced steel.

Examples of force that the armor can endure (this means will be damaged but remain functional as armor), but the user will be severely hurt (meaning crippled)/require medical attention/possibly die from due to blunt trauma leaking through:

1) A traditional canon from the civil war era fired at 50ft
2) A fall from a five story building
3) Being hit by an average sized car traveling at 50 mph
4) Physical attacks made by slashing weapons with twice the force of a diamond saw
5) Piercing attacks that generate force equal to an 8 gauge shotgun with normal rounds
6) Bludgeoning force equal to six times the necessary amount to dent 8 inches of reinforced steel.

Examples of forces that can break to the armor itself, and presumably kill the occupant:

1) Being shot by a tank turret
2) Falling from a seven story building
3) A hit by an average sized car traveling at 75 mph
4) Slashing attacks made by weapons with four times the force of a diamond saw
5) Piercing attacks made by military grade sniper rifles
6) Bludgeoning force equal to nine times the necessary amount to dent 10 inches of reinforced steel.
[+] Spoiler
Built with the Blood Iron recipe, this full helm completely covers Lance's head. The outer coat is Lance's Blood Iron Alloy that reduces force impact by 25%, while beneath that lay grade II rifle plating and Kevlar padding for support. A wide visor for peripheral vision is included, but bullet proof glass is used over that space for protection. The mouth is covered by more blood iron metal but has air slats carved in. Here the armor forsakes rifle plating or Kevlar protection for a small built in military grade gas mask. In order to maintain a safety seal, the base of the helmet is padded so that once overhead it creates an air tight fit.
[+] Spoiler
The heretic does not bother with gloves, nor the traditional gauntlets accustomed to heavy armor. Instead two rust colored vambraces run the length of Lance’s forearm to elbow, with smaller secondary upper arm fittings running two finger’s width from the elbow up to four finger’s width from the armpit. Like most of his armor, they began with the blood iron alloy, are plated with rifle plating, and then have a layer of kevlar beneath that to completely enclose the parts of the forearm and upper arm that are covered. Thus both his cross shaped scar and the limit bracer that restricts his friction fire power can remain safely hidden. The edges along the ulna and radius are lined with ignition flint so that Lance can make his own sparks to ‘bring out the flames.’
These do serve a higher purpose, as Lance treats them before use with a chemical combination of amphetamine and phytosterols that when burned set off a localized (five foot radius) chemical effect upon inhalation. The vambraces burn for a total of a minute, but the chemical effect can permeate in the air around Lance for up to two. Winds or lack of air particles will cause faster than normal dispersion, pending on the severity of the outside force. The vambraces only release these chemicals while aflame, which causes those who inhale the substance to feel stronger and unfatigued, thus more tempted to fight Lance. Though non-habit forming, leaving the radius of the burn off causes the beneficial feelings of strength and stamina to stop immediately. The drugs do not induce euphoria or reduce pain. They also do not truly give any boon; the subject is not stronger, faster, or has more stamina.
[+] Spoiler
The Main structure of Lance's armor is a rust colored Cuirass, gorget, and two pauldrons. As this is structured for effectiveness, It lacks artistic design or body sculpting that is seen in 'modern' interpretations of how armor should function. Again it is crafted with the same method as the rest of the armor: Blood Iron Alloy makes the top layer, Rifle Plating Grade II the second, and Kevlar the last. The Pauldrons lack the kevlar layer as they are locked in with polarized TVC brackets, and stretch outward by five inches off each shoulder to allow the arms beneath full motor function. The Cuirass uses three TVC brackets on each side, making it take less time to put on even when it is not contained within the coat of holding. Finally, the gorget covers the space between the chest, back, shoulders and neck to provide the best possible protection.
[+] Spoiler
This actually consists of a Fauld (the armored skirt that fits just below the Breastplate, Cuisses (Side and back thigh armor), Tassets (front upper leg), Poleyn (knee), and Greaves built in to Sabatons. All pieces again are locked on with TVC brackets, and built with Blood Iron Alloy, Rifle Plating Grade II, and Kevlar. The exception to this is the bottom of Lance's Sabatons, which overlap his steel toed black boots. The reason for this is that in order to gain the benefits from the ATRFs, their direct substance must be in contact with the ground. Atop that, reducing impact through a blood iron coating would result in throwing the body badly off balance. Technically this is one of the armor's few 'sweet spots,' and one that Lance has yet to find a solid work around.


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School Supplies
Equipment from the Student Store and Event Items
[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler
The uniforms for the Avalon and Azura campuses are purchased in a basic set. (Included in the cost of tuition.) Additional clothes may be purchased through the Student Store. This uniform is required during classes and assemblies. During field trips, the dress code is decided by the professor based on necessity. It is acceptable to wear parts of the uniform, but during school inspections, all students must wear their jackets and pants/skirts. Altering skirts or shorts to fall above the knee may result in detention, and clothing must be clean and presentable at all times.

[+] Spoiler
1 Overcoat (of school color)
1 Cloak (of school color)
1 Red Claw cropped jacket with black fastening bands (of school color)
1 Vest (cream)
3 Collared shirts, short-sleeved (white)
3 Collared shirts, long-sleeved (white)
1 Neck tie (black)
1 Pair Dress Pants (of school color)
1 Pair Cotton Shorts to knee-length (of school color)
8 Pairs Socks (black and white)
1 pair closed toe dress shoes (black)
1 Belt (black with gold buckle)
[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler
A more durable and enhanced uniform with multiple benefits, these new clothes are built from the trademarked watercloth. The fabric closely resembles a liquid in its properties. It is silken and soft to the touch, but is also somewhat thick and surprisingly heavy. While it maintains its form like any fabric would, unlike any fabric, it can be pierced by most anything with an edge and moderate force, but, after it is removed/passes entirely through, the watercloth resumes its previous form with no perceivable damage remaining. It offers nothing in the way of protection, but is warm and sturdy as far as tearing is concerned.

These uniforms not only notate which school you attend, but the mystic gems on them enhance one's learning capabilities toward their primary magic principle or designation. Any power that falls under one's primary magic principle or designation has a reduced less credit to earn (see table below). This means that you will be required to choose (at the time of requesting your purchase) ONE single branch of your character's powers to improve. For mages this means either a focus upon a single element or a type of magic (summon, destruction, so forth). Skills or even a piece of equipment could be chosen, but we recommend giving yourself enough space to use this uniform a few times. Your selection will become your new Primary Magic Principle or Designation You may shift your primary magic principle or designation once a year after obtaining this uniform. Remember, your PMP or designation does not need to be the cornerstone of your character as a whole, but it should represent a part of them. This can also help with moving toward major enhancements, in fact the uniform's best savings kick in with more expensive purchases.
Cost and reduction applied
2-6 credits-1 total cost
7-12 credits-2 total cost
13-18 credits-3 total cost
19-24 credits-4 total cost
25-30 credits-5 total cost
31-36 credits-6 total cost
37-42 credits-7 total cost.
[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler
A more durable and enhanced uniform with multiple benefits, these new clothes are built from the trademarked watercloth. The fabric closely resembles a liquid in its properties. It is silken and soft to the touch, but is also somewhat thick and surprisingly heavy. While it maintains its form like any fabric would, unlike any fabric, it can be pierced by most anything with an edge and moderate force, but, after it is removed/passes entirely through, the watercloth resumes its previous form with no perceivable damage remaining. It offers nothing in the way of protection, but is warm and sturdy as far as tearing is concerned.

This year's uniforms not only notate which school you attend, but also notate to the school staff which year you are. This unlocks a few things around the campus and in Fukuoka.
[*]First and foremost is a discount within the campus student store. All purchases within the student store will be discounted 1 credit, though not to decrease below a minimum of 1 credit for any given item, even on discount. You've been around here long enough that you deserve a little break.
[*]Next is the ability to gift another player's character an item from the student store at half the base price of the item, rounded up. The minimum limit is 1 credit, so no purchases may go below this limit. Discounts do not apply to this. This extends to upgrades to specific components of items, such as NICAM programs and Elemental Cloth upgrades!
[*]The ability to make one subforum for your property listing via the property system. All other portions of this fall underneath the property system, so check there!
[*]It's also rumored that the uniform will make you sparkle in the sunlight. This has not been verified.
[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler
P.L.E.A.S.E.D.: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

This little device comes standard to all students enrolling at either AEA or AMTI. Using a combination of Bluetooth technology and a unique brand of communication magic, this little beauty will translate any known, human language into your native language as it's spoken with only a point-five second lag. Aesthetically, it's either blue or red pending on your school colors and clips onto the ear as if a wireless cellphone accessory. Please enjoy your stay on the Twin Campus.
[+] Spoiler
These contact lenses were developed to fix the problems of both glasses and contact lenses in high stress situations. Upon contact with the eyes, these lenses mold to the user’s eyes completely, preventing unwanted slipping/removal and will cause no irritation, even in your sleep. They allow for constant ventilation to the eyes while remaining firm, preventing things such as dust and other irritants (including chemicals and glass dust) from irritating the eye. Any irritants are quickly washed away by the natural lubricant of the eye. While they are protective, larger damage, such as from solids, large amounts of smoke or highly corrosive acids cannot be prevented by these.

Once in, the lenses start to change their prescription to correct the vision of the user to 20/20, taking half an hour before the world comes completely comes in to focus, and are constantly updating this prescription. They can change to focus on something farther away or closer up than is normal, but it takes a few moments for it to turn your vision back to normal and can only stay within human parameters of sight. At any point, the corrective function can be turned off and then on to return to the prescription it was at the time of turning the corrective function off.

Evo Lenses Enhancements:
Underwater and Coloration Upgrade: Correction and irritant protection now include being in water, allowing for crystal clear vision under the water along with no side effects from having eyes open in water. Version 2 also includes a color-change mode within the lenses, with two ‘modes’, clear and colored, which can be swapped at any time simply by closing the eyes firmly for five seconds, allowing those with non-normal colored eyes to be able to blend in to normal society without garnering attention.
[Compatible with: Zoom, Targeting G.I, Light filter, Night vision.]

Light Filter Upgrade: With this upgrade, the lenses structure allows filtering of light, so intense sources of light (such as the sun in an eclipse) can be seen directly without risk of retinal burn. This filter works immediately, so it also protects from bright explosions, but only within the limit of a solar eclipse intensity. This filter polarizes light, making a clear image but less bright, due to the nature of this filter, it's activation is done when an intense flash of light happens, or a gradual increase in light happens. Since it polarizes light, if a flash outside the protection range happens, the lenses will protect the eye by blocking the light completely, leaving one seeing darkness.
[Compatible with: Underwater and color, Zoom, Targeting G.I]

Zooming Upgrade: The version three adds to the lenses improves the zooming function, turning the lenses into zooming glasses that can be used either to see small things, or to see long distances. They basically allow a zooming from X2 to X10, meaning a sight from 200 to 1000 meters, depending on conditions too, such as mist, light, and so on. The focus can also be changed to allow magnification from X2 to X10, meaning objects would see from two times bigger, to ten times bigger; due to the optics nature, is impossible to use both functions at once on different eyes. To activate the zoom, the user needs to focus in the object in the distance, allowing between five to ten seconds for the lenses to recognize the attempt at seeing a distant object.
[Compatible with: Underwater and color, Targeting G.I, Light Filter.]

Night Vision Upgrade: This upgrade, as it's name implies, allows the vision in partial darkness, based in a light amplification process. It's worthy to note that this system fails after certain distance, making useless the zooming function and cutting to a half the usual range of sight, losing details as distance grows. It's also important to know, that due to the way this works, some light must be present, thus in total darkness the upgrade is useless. This function is activated through thought unlike the Light Filter, meaning that one has to desire to see in the darkness for it to activate; of course this means it's incompatible with the light filter function.
[Compatible with: Underwater and color, Targeting G.I]
[+] Spoiler
An alternative to the Safeguard Pendant, this is a small wrist mounted device that provides the same functionality as the necklace, but with the added benefit of being able to activate it or shut it off at will. Lance's bracer is a four inch thick dark brown leather wrist strap with metal studs and a belt buckle. It is deactivated upon Lance grasping the clasp and undoing the buckle, freeing it from his wrist. Much like the pendant, school staff can impose penalties on any student who warrants this punishment, locking it so that they cannot turn it on or off. This device does not override other safety pendants, so students who have to wear one by school standards cannot overcome that deficit with this. This device also cannot circumvent the weaknesses of powers that are in use, as a method to use the strengths of a power but never have to deal with the drawbacks of it.
[+] Spoiler
Elemental Cloth is a special fabric based off of Watercloth that is much more resistant and that through some enhancements can provide much better protection for magi and evos alike. For a start, the cloth adapts to the body, making buying new clothes only necessary when looking for a new style and pattern. This also implies that if the owner was to shift forms, the cloth would mold to the new shape and optionally integrate to the skin.

Minor forces are effectively spread through the cloth, making paper cuts, bruises and similar minor threats from walking around a wild environment null. This however doesn't implies you won't get slashed by a sword, or stabbed by a dagger or knife, this only protects from minor threats and can be upgraded to obtain more resistance.

Elemental Clothe Upgrades:
With this upgrade, the clothes will recover from harm through time not being worn. As long as a single thread of the clothe exists, it can regain it's original shape and size though for this to happen, at least one day will be necessary... Minor damage such as small cuts and similar will recover within minutes or hours depending on size.

With this upgrade, any piece of cloth will behave as a motorcycle riding gear, able to sustain a good deal of abuse and stop some minor attacks before breaking. Effectively, this turns the clothes that have been upgraded with this in to a heavy leather armor without the weight or heat.

Fire Retardant:
Well worth it for the pyromancers and fire-using evos, with this addition, fire will not only take longer to start consuming the clothes and wearer, but minor heat, such as the one to cause a first degree burn, will be reflected and dispersed. Magical Fire and fire that is in general able to melt light metals might not be affected by this though, so be careful anyways.

Gym Adaptation: Most athletes know that the uniforms end as a royal mess after training, and often they can't go change just as soon as they'd want to. With this adaptation, that trouble is drastically reduced. The Elemental Clothes repel dirt and mud, and clean the sweat of the body as well as provide a good breathing to the skin, making this uniform feel like fresh and just washed for long time periods. Of course this doesn't substitutes the need to wash it, but... You'll look hot and not smell bad even if sweating from that match.

Functionshift: Who wants to wear the same thing day in and day out? With this upgrade the elemental cloth gains a memory function to change its shape, color, and even size based on the user's request! Not only does it change its shape, but it can alter the shape and style of other pieces of clothing and equipment! So no longer do your ATRFs need to be sneakers when its freezing outside! While it cannot duplicate things like evil minion uniforms or true armor (including mesh/Kevlar type builds), the cloth gains the capability to shift its appearance and design from one article of clothing to another within a one minute time period. There is one other notable limit in the fact that it can only duplicate school uniforms that the user has earned. As in, a first year student cannot disguise themselves as a 2nd or 3rd year. This means your shorts and tank top Elemental Cloth can now be formal party attire, just in case that day at the beach becomes a night of fancy dining and dancing! The cloth maintains all the other properties you've invested in it of course. Best yet, the switchback to its regular form is instantaneous!
[+] Spoiler
Aesthetics:: This coat can look like any type of coat, jacket, hoodie or over clothing and can have as many pockets as you want, but only a certain amount are actually connected to a pocket dimension. These can be made to match your Elemental Cloth outfit or can be integrated in to an already existing piece of clothing you have.

Each pocket can fit up to what a normal pocket could size wise through the ENTRANCE, however beyond that, the size is unlimited! 300 lbs of rope? Sure, if you can deal with the weight! However items can only be taken out one at a time and once one item is taken out there is a timer before you can put anything back in or take anything back out. However, the timer is separate for each pocket.
Table of Dimensions for Coat of Holding
Weight MultiplierNumber of Large Storage PocketsItem Storage per large pocketWeight Limit per Large PocketNumber of Small PocketsItem Storage per small pocketWeight limit for small pocketsPocket Refresh Time[/td]
111100lbs2120lbs120 seconds
Elemental Cloth Upgrade: This upgrade will sync your Coat of Holding with your Elemental Cloth and ALL upgrades that apply to the Elemental Cloth will then also be awarded to your Coat of Holding. However to do so, the coat must match your elemental cloth outfit.

Clothing/Armor storage: 6 slots This adds a pocket that can store either a set of regular clothes or a single piece of custom armor, or a single piece of school equipment like the elemental cloth OR ATRF. When a small rip cord is pulled, the regular clothes or piece of stored armor appear in a flash of non blinding light (choice of your color). The item is magically summoned to replace what you were wearing, and what you were wearing is stored inside this special pocket. Can only be used once per day and requires three seconds to activate.
Slot 1: Blood Iron Breastplate
Slot 2: Blood Iron Greaves
Slot 3: Left Blood Iron Vambrace
Slot 4: Right Blood Iron Vambrace
Slot 5: Blood Iron Helm
Slot 6: Unused as of yet
[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler
Aesthetics:: Comes in a variety of glove shapes from Parka gloves to This here
Table of Dimensions
Weight MultiplierInternal Room's LengthInternal Room's WidthInternal Room's HeightNumber of "Hot-Keys""Hot-Key" Reload TimeGeneral Inventory Summoning Time
x.01.5 meters.5 meters.5 meters190 seconds10 minutes
Special: Hot Key Summon Time
Unlike the normal bag of holding, the glove of holding contains the ability to instantly summon a hot key item via mental communication to the gloved hand of the user (or phsyonic thought mimic, or minor electric current so that robots, and everything else (as in any owner) can summon their hot key item). The cool down time applies, however, as usual. 'Cool down' effectively means how long it takes to summon another hot keyed item, so choose carefully!

[+] Spoiler
Aesthetics:: Comes in a variety of glove shapes from Parka gloves to This here
Table of Dimensions
Weight MultiplierInternal Room's LengthInternal Room's WidthInternal Room's HeightNumber of "Hot-Keys""Hot-Key" Reload TimeGeneral Inventory Summoning Time
x.01.5 meters.5 meters.5 meters190 seconds10 minutes
Special: Hot Key Summon Time
Unlike the normal bag of holding, the glove of holding contains the ability to instantly summon a hot key item via mental communication to the gloved hand of the user (or phsyonic thought mimic, or minor electric current so that robots, and everything else (as in any owner) can summon their hot key item). The cool down time applies, however, as usual. 'Cool down' effectively means how long it takes to summon another hot keyed item, so choose carefully!

[+] Spoiler
In a combination of Red Claw research and military genius, a possibility for a shoe was born that surpasses anything that a person can buy on the public market. These shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the wearer's needs, but that is where civilian market comparisons end. ATRFs are designed for combat purposes with crossing difficult terrain in mind. These shoes contain a gel layer beneath the foot that adds as a shock absorber, which through using magic technology is kinetically transferred to the bottom of the shoe based on the current stability needs. This can either be used to minimize or maximize force per square inch, or to maintain perfect balance over shifting and difficult terrain. The shoes do monitor the nervous system for responses to make certain they act upon demand. Finally, the regenerative part of the acronym is not just there for show. These shoes can and will compensate for massive speeds (up to 200 m/s) without breaking, but even still they are capable of self repair to fix any damage aside from complete destruction. It takes twenty four hours of off time for them to fix massive destruction (as in having less then a quarter shoe left), and less time for lesser amounts of damage. The only rule is that they must be off the feet and unused for the time required to repair.

With a set of ATRFs, a person does not loose their balance just due to shifting terrain. Thus they cannot be knocked over unless they actually trip on something or get pushed. When attempting to run over loose packed snow, the shoes will wind up absorbing most of the force one's feet exert while still allowing them to run, giving them the ability to cross atop the snow. Over something like ice, the force is amplified just to the point to provide constant traction should that be the user's will. Yet, if one wanted to slide, the shoes would also allow for this thanks to the nervous system monitor. Thanks to the improved capabilities for tracking though, these shoes make it possible to run up difficult rocky terrain or even through a dense forest, assuming you can manage to not trip on an exposed root. They cannot be used to walk on water, or over extreme surface temperatures like lava.

ATRF Enhancements:
Heat Resistance Shield: The sole and entire shoe is given the ability to generate a temporary heat neutralization spell that shields not only the feet, but the entire body. This heat shield, when activated by nervous system request, lasts 30 seconds and works against temperatures up to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit (the average temperature of lava). Because of the amount of power required to generate this shield, the shoes can only do this once per day.

Deepstance Boots: Sometimes movement and balance are not what a user is looking for. Instead, they want their boots to gain significant amounts of traction and provide a counterbalance to help them hold on to a rope or the like. Either way, what this upgrade does is both raise the co-efficient of friction produced by the users feet and increase their mass by a specific amount to help provide boots of unmoving, unwavering style. This mode takes only 1 second to activate and lasts a total of five seconds. The boots begin with increasing the co-efficient of friction by 50% and adding 50 lbs to one's current weight. In order to activate the boots must ALREADY BE TOUCHING A SEMI SOLID OR SOLID SURFACE. To upgrade: 3 additional credits can be spent multiple times to increase the co-efficient of friction an additional 50%. Added weight may also be increased by an additional 25 pounds per an additional 3 credits spent. Please note that the character actually feel just as heavy as they are amplified to the point of when this mode is used, so it is not recommended to add drastically into the weight category. Also, when active the boots activate BOTH ENHANCEMENTS, meaning you cannot add mass to increase strike force without managing to slow yourself down.
Coefficient of Friction Increase: 100%
Added Weight: 50lbs
[+] Spoiler
Mukae-bi: A small, crackling flame that has been enchanted, the Mukae-bi doesn’t emit heat or need fuel to burn. Instead, it hovers like a will o’ wisp over the palm of the owner. It comes in a variety of colors that can be changed at will and emits a soft light, but measures only 6” from base to tip. Placing the fire on an object will hold the flame to the surface like a sticker, crackling and safe while being an effective light source in a five foot diameter. To temporarily extinguish the flame, closing it in the palms of the owner will dampen it and reduce it to a manageable 1” that can be put in one’s pocket or bag of holding without ruining the item. This fire has been enchanted to extinguish completely in circumstances that would interfere with its magical nature, so enhancements cannot alter its use. After being destroyed or extinguished, it will take 24 hours to reappear in the owner’s palm when summoned.

Skywriting Sparklers: Shaped like a typical sparkler, these fireworks have been modified to a degree. When waved about, the light trails they leave behind persist, allowing for limited writing in the air. The light persists for fifteen seconds before fading away again. The sparklers themselves last for one minute and come in a variety of colors, each having this property, along with one other significant difference from a standard sparkler. Once spent, these items regenerate themselves over a period of twenty four hours, meaning they can be used again and again. Obviously, they work best in the dark, but certain colors can be seen in daylight as well.

Current Available Credits: 38
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+3 November Activity Credits (SafiMoyo 12/1/10)
+3 February Activity Credits (Falque 03/04/11)
+3 July Activity Credits (Endless 7/31/11)
+3 Bon Festival Prizes Added (Diss 10/14/11)
+7 Lilium's First SL (Opp 11/9/11)
+7 King in Yellow II (Nami 7/1/12)
+48 CSL 2.0/CSL 2.5 (Glum 10/13/12)
+4 Debate mini-SL (Falque 10/14/12)
+3 December Participation (Revloid 1/4/13)
+10 December Posting Events (Rev 1/13/13)
+3 Survey (Silver 1/21/13)
+12 Incomplete Research Team SL (Reverie 1/30/13)

Total Earned Credits : 106
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+3 Referred CausticChaos
+6 Credit Gift from Callum(Falque 6/15/12)
+6 Credit Gift from Callum (Glum 10/21/2012)
+6 Credit Gift from Callum (Silver 11/23/12)
+6 Credit Gift from Callum (Arikarka 1/28/13)
Total Gifted/Returned/Referral Credits : 27
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-3 Elemental Sensory (Diss 12/4/10)
-9 Store Sale (2 GoH: 6 credits, Elemental Cloth: 3 credits, Fire Retardant: 3 credits, Hardening: 3 credits, Set of ATRFs: 6 credits, Deepstance: 3 credits, Heat Resistance Shield: 6 credits;;30 credits total, /2 January store sale, 15, 6 prefect charges used, cost reduced to 9 credits) (Diss 2/12/12)
-12 Store Sale (3YU, Masqurade, Coat of Holding) (Glum 10/18/12)
-3 Gym Adaptation, Functionshift upgrades (3YU) (Glum 11/3/12)
-10 Artisan Blacksmith (3YU) (Yuki 11/4/12)
-35 Blood of the Forge, Blood Iron, Honor's Demand, Blood Iron Plate (3YU) (Yuki 12/4/12)
-9 Titan's Rampart Fighting Style (Yuki 12/8/12)
-6 Titan's Rampart Speed Upgrade and Giant Stature upgrade (Yuki 12/8/12)
-8 Evo Lenses with underwater, light filter, zoom, and recon and ATRFs coefficient of friction 50% to 100% (Silver 2/13/13)

Total Spent Credits : 95
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New Character Accepted - staffer 00/00/00
Prefect Badge - (BrianRonin 3-4-2011)
Added Limit Bracer (Diss 8/1/11)
Added 2YU (Diss 12/26/11)
Added 3 credit participation voucher (Opp 2/6/12)
Spent 3 credit voucher on Recovery upgrade for EC (Falque 6/15/12)

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