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Game Xentral – Asia Gaming Network is going to be the next big gaming community in Asia and we would like to invite you to join us in this exciting journey. If you are a passionate writer who enjoys everything video gaming or PC, then this might be an interesting place to start building or expanding your portfolio. We are looking for aspiring writers to feature their best content of all Platforms, ranging from PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Hand Held Consoles and lastly, applications (apps) on Game Xentral.
What Our Contributors Get
• Author’s bio with picture to run with every post.
• Your author’s bio can contain one outbound link to a reputable domain. NO LINKING TO SITES DESIGNED FOR UNDERGROUND MARKETING, LEAD GENERATION OR ADVERTISING REVENUE. All links are vetted prior to publication. Links to personal websites, social media pages like FaceBook and Twitter, etc. are fine. We will help promote your Facebook or Blog as a credit to your post and write up.
• Access to a platform that reaches a wide audience.
• Regularity: A minimum of one post per month.
• Originality: 100% original – we will NOT publish duplicated content or content consolidated for SEO purposes.
• Good command of the English language.
• Fairness: No bashing, spreading rumors or defamation. Strong opinions are welcomed, as long as they’re supported by logic and evidence. J
• Passionate about Games!
• Play a crazy amount of Games!

If you think you are what we are looking for, do drop us a mail at with
1. Full Name
2. Contact Number
3. Age
4. Games that you are currently playing
5. A short description of yourself.