SFV - Modding Discussion Thread

Want to discuss anything related to SFV modding? Post it here! Ask questions, request mods..etc
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SFV - Modding Discussion Thread

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February 16th, 2016, 3:51 pm #1


Now that SF5 is released, I open this thread for any modding discussion for the game.

The first post also serves like index page for anything interesting and useful info related to SF5 modding scene.

So here we go again
Info about character code
Info about where to put the files extracted from the PAK files
How to swap 2 characters (eg. swapping Nadeshiko over R. Mika) --> can be used to swap between 2 costumes too (eg. from C1 to C2)
List of tools and guides used by moddah (can serve as modding starting point)
Script and batch files to extract the pak files (easier, has instructions at the bottom) --> a must have for people who want to start modding or for people who don't want to / can't use the Mod Manager
Dummy folder for easier character code identification (just for show, updated for v1.04)
How to remove parts of the character (eg. Dhalsim's turban)
How to edit colors with manual hex editing
How to edit CostumeColorPreview files
How to swap costumes (can be used to swap DLC character too) --> Obsolete in Update 1.04
How to remove NPC & textures in all stages (useful for slower computer, preview is here)
How to remove the hit counter and notification texts (Reversal, Counter, etc)
How to change the lighting state in any stage
Preview of the new premium costumes (also includes file to use them)
Info about costume color file and how to update mod for v1.02 game (updated info for costume color file on v1.06/1.07 is here)
How to swap stages
Easier costume swapping (eg. C2 to C1) by mass file renaming & mass hex editing method
Story DLC Codes from StreetFighterV_General.pak
How to extract v1.06 PAK and make it work with extracted game (extra info is here) --> Required for almost all mods to work in v1.06 (still needed in v2.010)
List of the pak files' content (+ character & stage code) --> Updated for v2.015
How to hide some costume parts by using Capcom's special hider material file
Guide for various modding including mesh editing (still WIP though)
How to import model with textures in 3DSMax and UE4 - Main Post
How to import model with textures in 3DSMax and UE4 - Related Post
How to import model with textures in 3DSMax and UE4 - Related Post 2
Video - Modding Tutorial - part 1
Video - Modding Tutorial - part 2
Video - Modding Tutorial - part 3
Video - Modding Tutorial - part 4
Video - Modding Tutorial - part 5
Info about Colorization - part 1
Info about Colorization - part 2
Info about Colorization - part 3
Info and related tools for PhysX / APEX Clothing
PhysX / APEX Clothing tutorial using Nvidia's tool
Info about fixing normal maps extracted from UModel
Info about editing PhysicsAsset file
Info about editing PhysicsAsset file 2
Info for "SFV colorization in UE
How to avoid unnecessary "Armature" bone while exporting FBX from Blender
Explanation on "Color Customization" - Part 1
Explanation on "Color Customization" - Part 2
Physics Asset Tutorial
Juri's C1 Eyepatch Material Setup
How to load animations (latest UModel required)
How to change any text strings
Editing Costume Colors Video Tutorial
How to make glowing / light stuff texture

Skeletal Mesh Socket Tables: (Not complete but contain several characters)
Tables for Skeletal Mesh Sockets

Costume Mesh files with Materials & Textures attached: (useful for anyone who want to use other than 3DSMax to modify the mesh) --> NOTE: Use character modding resource pack below instead
Ken C1, Ken C2
Cammy C1 C2 C3
Chun-li C1 C2 C3
Karin C1 C2
Laura C1 C2
R.Mika C1 C2
Nadeshiko C1
Nash C1 C2
Ryu C1 C2 C3
M.Bison (Dictator) C1 C2 C3
Birdie C1 C2
Vega (Claw) C1 C2
Fang C1 C2
Dhalsim C1 C2
Rashid C1 C2
Necalli C1 C2
Zangief C1 C2

Character Modding Resource Pack Vol 1 - By BrutalAce
Character Modding Resource Pack Vol 1.1 - By BrutalAce
Character Modding Resource Pack Vol 1.2 - By BrutalAce

Misc & Fixes:
How to get rid of the character hovering over the other when they laying on the ground after getting KO'ed instead of "going through" like in SFIV
Fix for low res textures in game
Some nice ini files tweaks
Cammy's jiggle fix explanation

How to make mod posts on forum ?

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February 16th, 2016, 3:56 pm #2

paks are a bit messy, you have to put the extracted files in the right folders:
pak0 needs to be extracted in the main "StreetFighterV" folder.
pak1 to 14 need to be extracted in their respective character folder (those are character's files: animations, meshes etc)
ex: pak 1 inside "Chara/A4B"
(pak7 contains 2 characters, I don't know why).
pak 22 to 40 need to be extracted in a "02" folder inside their respective character "SkelMesh" folder (those are 2nd costume files, when there's a 3rd costume you have already the "02" and "03" folder).
ex: pak22 inside "Chara/EB2/SKelMesh/02"
pak 41 to 50 need to be extracted in the "Content" folder (those are stages files).
pak 53 need to be extracted in the "Chara" folder (those are story files).
pak 54 is Ryu's 3rd costume and needs to be extracted in "Chara/ABD/SKelMesh/03"

I made a mistake for pak 41 to 50 in my former post and I can't edit it as it's in a closed thread.
They need to be extracted in the "Content" folder.

edit: added some examples.

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February 16th, 2016, 4:27 pm #3

Here are Evil Ryu and Dante Ken that I edited for the released game:
Dante Ken: http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/kv8BHVWq/file.html (v2.0 / S2 is here)
Evil Ryu: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/ZwCkJFT7/file.html (v2.0 / S2 is here)

Instead of a common DataAsset folder for all the characters like in beta, each character now has his own DataAsset folder (containing the "DA_XXX_CustomizeSetting_01.uasset" file that you need to edit to change colors.
edit: I should sleep more, "DataAsset" folders where already in the characters' folders in beta.

@robhal: don't worry, game released at 1am here, so I just launched the game to get my CFN Id then went to sleep.

I have the game on steam but I tested pak extraction and mods on the RELOADED release.
Not to sure how steam/online will react with modified files.

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February 16th, 2016, 5:27 pm #4

Anyone know how you get the alternate stages in the game?
I've been able to hex edit them quite easily but I don't know if you can select them normally.

@Tom12422: I don't think there's a way to repack the pak files atm.

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February 16th, 2016, 6:12 pm #5

Don't know if this would be useful to anyone, but here's a small batch tool to unpack the .pak files. It'll unpack them to their own folders, which u can then copy where u need to. It'll handle multiple pac files & a time.

The only input required is the .pac number I.E 1, 10, 40 ETC...

Just place the .pak files u want to extract in the Files folder, then run my SFVUnpacker. Follow the onscreen prompts


And here's a batch file for umodel, that'll extract all uasset files that are in the same folder as the .bat & umodel. It'll extract them to their own folders as well.


EDIT : Here's an updated .bat for my Unpacker to allow unppacking of pakchunk0 :

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February 16th, 2016, 6:16 pm #6

I can select the New York stage in training mode, if that's what you mean by alternate stage.

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February 16th, 2016, 6:21 pm #7

how to unlock another costumes, u know, in story for ex. Cammy have her 2nd costume, how to unlock it to choose that cost. in training mode?

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February 16th, 2016, 6:25 pm #8

wait, we cant play with extracted paks?

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February 16th, 2016, 6:26 pm #9

@robhal: no, I mean the stages I hex edited and shown in my screenshots: Kanzuki during daylight and Lair of the four Kings without the FANG statue nor pnjs.

@Tom12422: you can't get them atm: you unlock them by playing the story mode with each character, then they'll be purchasable with Fight Money in March when the shop will be opened.

@hecz: it works, at least with the RELOADED release (offline)
I don't know if you can with the real game on steam (online), I haven't messed with it yet (my steam game is on a ssd and I tend to be a little messy with files when I mod and it's not very good for ssd's life, so I tested on the cracked game on a hdd).

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February 16th, 2016, 6:45 pm #10

Can anyone make some kind of "mini tutorial" about how to make character swap by file renaming and hex editing?
eg.: Laura with Karin moves or Chun Li with Ken moves