Blue Dreglyn's Trough

Role-playing is welcome here! Please be respectful of the rules set by the GMs in this forum.

Forum rules
Blue Dreglyn's Trough Rules All basic courtesy rules apply in this forum, of course. Some extra things of note:

1) Feel free to talk about your tabletop experiences or ask questions to learn more if you are a newbie!

2) If you want to run an RP, this forum is specifically for RPs based in Archaiea. You are free to discuss non-Archaeia RPs though!

3) If you are a GM looking to run a game in this forum (and you aren't TheMentalist or Paulo Frota), please run the idea past the mods or with Rufi first.

4) If Rufi isn't the GM, then please note that whatever content is within the RP is not strictly 'canon'. However, GMs are given freedom to use Archaeia as a base to create their own story and have fun with it!

5) Please follow the rules set by the GM running a game. If you have a grave issue with how something is being run, please take it to PMs. However, the final say belongs to the GM.

Finally: please have oodles and oodles of fun!
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