What are you going to wear at the Stroke of Midnight

What are you going to wear at the Stroke of Midnight

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Originaly posted on December 31 2001.

Allright guys (and gals), What are you going to be wearing tonight,at the moment the clock strikes midnight. Anyone is welcome to participate,if you can provide a scan,please do. If not,just tell us what you`ll be wearing. Even Non-Seiko`s are welcome for this once-a-year-event!

OK,becuase I have 2manywatches, I still have`nt decided.

<img src=http://www.fototime.com/{6263DDAB-42B9- ... icture.JPG>

I`ve been able to narrow it down to these three........

It can be the sliderule, if I`m done with it in time...

<img src=http://www.fototime.com/{72CD5197-207D- ... icture.JPG>

Or it could be the King Seiko I got for Christmas.....

<img src=http://www.fototime.com/{3EE16C16-0FD1- ... icture.JPG>

This one comes in a close third,only because I`v allready been wearing it since yesterday. Beautifull BELLMATIC from 1972.....................

<img src=http://www.fototime.com/{69D83801-528A- ... icture.JPG>

OK, so lets see what you`ll be wearing tonight, at the start of 2002!!

PS,not to leave our friends out that are in Japan,Malaysia,and other points east,show us what you got on right now, and a happy NEWYEAR to ALL.


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