Those Pesky Chrono buttons,or I found something to do while on medication......

Those Pesky Chrono buttons,or I found something to do while on medication......

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Originally posted on November 30 2001

Well,looking around for something to do while in the state im in,it occured to me that I might try replacing those pesky chrono button gaskets that arived today. Having messed up my first attemp,I thought theres got to be a few DYS`ers here that may incounter the same problems I did on my first attemp.

Although I gave it a good shot the first time,my fingernail ripped a brand new gasket,so I set forth to put a little more thought into it. I realize that some of this may be accademic to most,but if you didnt think far enough to order more than two gaskets,follow along as I try to show how I did it RIGHT, the second time around.

First the equipment.........

<img src={91CB6054-E33B- ... icture.JPG>

From left to right on the botton row: Microgliss D-5 (lubricant),alcohol,the new pusher gasket,the pusher held in a pair of locking tweezers,the largest Pin Vise,and finaly,a orange wood stick (pegwood).

First,theres a trick to get the pusher out in the first place.

<img src={485C3C3B-7344- ... icture.JPG>

Both pushers must be pushed in,while the movement retainer is carefully removed. This will allow the pushers to come free of the case.

The bigest problem here is size,or the lack of. You`ll note that the screwdriver blade is only 1.5mm.

This rubber donut is just a little bigger than the head on a pen.

<img src={1EFE47D5-AB8C- ... icture.JPG>

Yap,thats the screwed up brand new gasket there :^(

Now,with the pusher removed,its the pin vise that alows us to come down to its size (this was one of my first misstakes,thinking I could do this with my fingers)

<img src={D6EDC815-CCCC- ... icture.JPG>

Note how Ive only got the pusher half way in,this is the strongest part of the pusher,and the pin vise is only finger tight,so as not to crush the pusher. If you dont have a pin vise,you may want to try a short 1/4 socket,that the pusher just fits into. With a driver extension on the socket,I think you`ll have enough control over the pusher. In the folowing scans and discriptions,you`ll see that we`re only applying pressure in but a couple of directions,you`ll see how it would work.

This is the point where you want to remove that old dried up gasket,preferably with a fine exacto knife. Be carefull to not damage or scratch the stem.

Next,we`re going to coat the extended portion of the pusher in the D-5 oil. You could also use 3-in-1 oil,or eny other oil that will be easy to clean up when your done. I would not recomend useing enything tacky,like vasaline,as it doesnt like to clean up when your done.

<img src={92E7C27A-1CE7- ... icture.JPG>

I mean COAT that baby!!

<img src={3BB77AAE-081E- ... icture.JPG>

Now,Place the new gasket on the pad of the index finger. Set the pusher on the new gasket at a right angle,and roll it over the end,this was the easy part:^)

<img src={A2C1A732-7C68- ... icture.JPG>

Now,heres where I made my misstake. Whatever you do,dont think that you can ease it over that large hump with your fingernails,as they have some very sharp edges. Here,I`m using the pegwood to get it started around the hump. I use the pad of my finger to keep it in place,as I walk the gasket around the stem with the pegwood.

<img src={65B9DC30-57CE- ... icture.JPG>

After the new gasket pops into the slot,wash all that oil off in some alcohol(rubbing,denaturerd,NOT Jack Daniels). You dont want the watch oil comtaminating the silicon grease your going to use.

<img src={4CB09F2F-C322- ... icture.JPG>

After the stem has been cleaned of the watch oil,carefully look over the entire gasket with a 10 power loupe,to make shure that it hasnt suffered eny damage.

<img src={5AD3B72A-47A5- ... icture.JPG>

Now your ready to replace the pusher stem in the watch. I use a product called 747 silicon grease. Its an all purpose grease made specifically to lubricate watch gaskets. If you dont have access to a watch parts supply house, you can pick up a product known as silicone gease at the local auto parts house,it should work almost as good. Dont confuse it with silicon sealer,or your pusher will not push very long. It should resemble a grease when rubbed between your fingertips,and should not dry out when exposed to the air. Apply just a very thin coating to to the gasket only. Too much and its liable to come off and contaminate the watch movement after awhile.

Now replace the spring and insert the pusher in the case,push it in and out to be shure that everything is fine. If the gasket is good,the spring should have no problem returning it to the rest position.

<img src={0C7E0D78-9B2E- ... icture.JPG>

Oh oh,looks like I forgot to put the spring in!!

And of course a disclaimer of sorts: Unless you`ve replaced all such sealing gaskets in the watch,AND have pressure tested it in an appropiate testing devise, dont even think that your watch is waterproof,you`ve only solved the "sticky pusher problem".

Now,in a earlier post this week,I suggested that my pusher had some how gotten larger in size,and so I proceded to open the hole up with hand tools. After Kens helpfull insites into what to check,I removed the old gasket,and the pusher worked as it was suposed to. Fortunatly for me,I was very carefull when useing the tools I sugested and I dont think I did eny permenent damage (Judgeing by the feel of the new gasket in the case). At eny rate,its doubtfull this watch will ever see eny water,as its condition mandates that I KEEP IT!

Well,feeling a little better now,perhaps its time to see if I can control the elusive "deft touch" and get something done.

Best regards,And thanks for reading.


BTW,the pusher gasket is Seiko #DJ0060B,As far as I can tell,this part number is the most popular pusher and stem gasket for the seiko watches.


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