Some Serious Stuff from SEIKO......(many large scans)

Some Serious Stuff from SEIKO......(many large scans)

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Please Note: If you change your monitors resolution to 1024X768,the scans wont crowd the screen.

When the word Seiko is thrown around in casuall conversation,most consumers think good quartz watches.

Even those that have come to recognize seiko with quality usually think in terms of the ubiquitous automatic,the 7s26. Here it is in a dejeweld version,the 7002.

<img src={54B950EC-7234- ... icture.JPG>

While it can be agreed that the 7s family of movements are very functional,theres a economy of form that is readily apparent in the finish.

But it wasnt too long ago that if you bought a Seiko,You where getting a serious peice of horology.

I`d like to take a short step back in time,and show you some Seikos that really packed a punch. All of these save one are from my personal collection. All are heavily jeweled,most offer hand winding. For those that think of Seikos as a lower branch on the tree of horology,I offer these pictures. Unfortunately,I hav`nt listed these in eny particular order. I have removed the winding rotor in almost all examples,so as to give the reader a better look at "what makes them tick". I will try to add what specifacations I know about the movement,but as always,if I Boo-Boo,or omit something,please feel free to correct me,or add aditional details I`m not aware of.

Let the show begin.............

Below is the Cal 5246. A high beat movement,its beating at 28,800 bph. Covered in 25 jeweles,it has a micro regulator. It can be handwound,both day and date can be quick set at the crown,and the second hand can be hacked (stoped for accurate time setting).

<img src={85F3B189-6B08- ... icture.JPG>

Below is a Cal 8306. This movement can be found in some Sealion case`s. It has been jeweled in no less than 30 areas. It can be hand wound,and the date quick sets. This is a awesome movement.

<img src={39B06B4E-0A2A- ... icture.JPG>

Again with the rotor removed.

<img src={C2D9A7FB-E11E- ... icture.JPG>

Next comes my favourite of the bunch. And not just because its the most highly jeweled movement here. The Cal 5106. It Runs in 33 jewels. With its "tadpole" fine regulating device, it is chronometer grade (this was one of the first cal.`s that Seiko certed for chronometer status,I belive). It can be hand wound,facilitates accurate second hand setting. It beats at 19,800 bph,showing just a step up from 18000. Allthough the day is semi quickset,the date can be advanced by pushing the crown in. Look at the balance cock in both scans and note how accessable the hairspring is.

<img src={208EA8A2-6A41- ... icture.JPG>

Here it is with the rotor removed. Note how the the hairspring is fully developed. Like a heart that beats,nineteen thousand and eight hundred times a hour.

<img src={D941FCE4-D562- ... icture.JPG>

Here is the only "Gilted" Seiko movement I`ve seen yet. The Cal 6206. Being outfitted with 26 jewels,it is nicly jeweled to say the least. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to the 6106 family of movements. It does however,have the balance cock on the oppisite side than the 6106,therfor I`m not shure what parts it shares with the famous 6105. Using the "magic lever" bidirectional winding system that is a trademark of Seiko`s enginering.

<img src={321678A9-52FD- ... icture.JPG>

Here you can see the winding bridge,with its covered "magic lever" and the transfer wheel going to the barrel.

<img src={227E2443-8C1A- ... icture.JPG>

Here is the 6206`s little brother,the Cal 6205. Being as much the same as the movement above,except no gilting and two less jewels.

<img src={B35FA677-730C- ... icture.JPG>

And last but not least,as this is just a very small sampling of the serious movements Seiko has made,is the Cal 5606. The 5606 is a base calibre for many higher grade movements,as if it could be improved.

Beating at 21,600,it has 23 jewels. It can be hand wound,both day and date quick set,and the second hand "hacks". It again shows Seikos freedom of design,with a yet different style of micro regulator.

<img src={23EAD402-A444- ... icture.JPG>

And the last picture for the evening is with the 5606`s rotor removed. Note the diafix cap jewels,and the three quarter plate assembly.

<img src={3932D8FB-C19A- ... icture.JPG>

Now,if you`ve made it this far,it means that you`ve probably waited several minute for your browser to load. I thank you for reading,and hope you`ve enjoyed being able to see how adept at watchmaking Seiko really is.

Please feel free to save any pictures you`de like,but if you publish them,please give me credit.

Happy hunting,Randall,Aka:2manywatches

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