My Favorite 6138 chrono (Many HUGE 200K scans) >>>

My Favorite 6138 chrono (Many HUGE 200K scans) >>>

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August 20th, 2008, 8:39 pm #1

Let`s test you connections gentalmen, shall we?

I do believe that if I was ever asked what my favorite 6138 chrono was, it would be the following iteration.

Now I could let the scans do the talking, and I can and I will, but I must really tell you what it is for me about this watch thats drives me to put pen to paper as it were.

Its the dial man!

This dial has a cornicopia of textures, colors, and

glisten`ings,...... it is down right sexy!

Now I know we all love are mat black and simple white mil dials, and those are nice.

But what really drives me to lust in a watch is the kind of dial that you can stare at for hours, and yet never find a flaw in it. You know the kind of dial, the one where the initial reaction to it lasts and lasts? The kind where six monthes later you still look at it and say "WOW". Kinda like that perfect woman, eh?

The feeling persist`s, nes pa?

This dial dances. This dial dances like a ballarina, dancing for me. Dancing in the light like a rare jem, full of color and life!

There is the very rare occasion where a dial can drive the emotions, tear the heart, and make you fall in love with a watch.

This is that kind of dial.

Ohh, BTW, If you dont have one of these, then you really dont grasp the reality in my prose, as these pictures can do nothing to come close to what she looks like in the flesh.

<img src={25FA4B2A-2272- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={9500BDEA-2F46- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={EDD985F7-6545- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={C6743D4E-97E3- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={F41FD3F1-F2CA- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={07D7F47C-E64F- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={0C4B0C59-C905- ... icture.JPG>

<img src={D743E492-F152- ... icture.JPG>

Hope you enjoyed, but shes on my wrist,:^)



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