LordMatic (LM) Special: 5216-6050, 5216-7000, & 5216-7070

LordMatic (LM) Special: 5216-6050, 5216-7000, & 5216-7070

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Here's my little family of LordMatic Specials. These are from Daini, running @28,800bph, at the Seiko "B" accuracy grade [-10 to +15 secs/day]. This is one grade higher than the "regular" LM from Suwa [cal. 5606] and 1 grade below the King Seiko [KS]. These came in 2 variants: 23j & 25j.

They were also made with the cal. 5206. The only difference, as I understand it, is the 5206 had a limitation on when you could safely "quickset", while the 5216 removed that limitation. They both hack & they both quickset the day & date.

I. 5216-7070

First up is mine with the original faceted crystal to show you the original design:

Next is another example, but with a plain crystal to show you the beauty of the "honeycomb" dial:

Here's the back:

Shot of original bracelet with LM marking:

II. 5216-7000

Note the 2-toned effect on the dial [light blue on edges, dark blue band in center running from 12 to 6 o'clock. This one is my most "sedate" LM Special.

Here's a back shot:

III. 5216-6050

This one appears to have a 2-toned dial, but it's really because the dial is angled up to the centerline [running from 12 to 6 o'clock], so lighting is actually responsible for the differing hues of blue in this case. Another example of the "mod" look with the monument style markers!!

Another view of dial:

From the back:


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