The Thinking Mind as Computer

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The comparison between computers and the human mind is not a new one, but one that many seem to have not fully considered.

The colloquial English language, as it relates to computers, is rife with phrases such as “my computer is thinking”, “the computer is confused”, etc..

Would you click on a link that said “Click here to claim your FREE iMac”?, or download and run an unknown executable from a Russian porn site? If not, why would you entertain and reflect upon bad data in your mind? Perhaps you wouldn’t want to spend much time on a website with such ads in the first place.

If you do such a thing it should be no wonder your computer runs slowly and poorly. Similarly, if a human mind is constantly fed garbage input, you will see things such as mental illness, depression, anxiety, or even simply finding your mind is producing non-sense thoughts.

If reading or watching the news, for example, is causing you to feel negative emotions, then why would you indulge yourself in such a thing?

The society you live in may indeed be rotten, but does it do you or anyone else any good to rage at it?

Bad data won’t harm your computer if it is fully ignored.

This is why arguments are a sin. If a conversation descends into an argument, do not engage. It’s a 502. It’s a Bad gateway. No communication is occurring. The only thing to do is keep it moving.

If you have ever been in a physical fight that could cause death or serious injury, or even just humiliation, chances are you know what can be done when you turn your organic computer off, entirely.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly; The contents of your computer may reflect you, and your thoughts may reflect you, yet you are not your computer, and your thoughts are not you.

Your thoughts are not you any more than your digestive processes or any other of your biological processes.