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I haven't posted this fic here yet because I thought at first that it would be solely an Ejabby fic, but it's looking like I may have some Lumi in it after all.
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Rescue Me


“Miss Deveraux, Mr. DiMera, I have the results of the pregnancy test.” Dr. Garcia smiled at the couple as she walked into the exam room, carrying a clipboard.

Abby looked up at EJ. He looked as nervous as she felt. How Abby actually felt about the impending news was hard for her to define. On one hand she was hoping for a negative result. She loved children and looked forward to one day having a family, but she felt she was nowhere nearly ready enough to have her own baby right now, especially with the added complication of it being the result of her affair with an engaged man. On the other hand, when she did picture her future children, there was only one father that she could imagine them having, and he happened to be the tall, handsome, oh-so-taken man standing next to her. It left her torn. EJ had assured Abby that if she was pregnant he would claim the child as his own, but Abby knew that was the extent of his promise. He would always belong to Sami. He made that abundantly clear when he ended their affair.

EJ swallowed hard as his hands instinctively went to the back of Abigails’ neck and shoulders. He could feel the tension in her taut muscles as he rubbed them in an attempt to sooth her. For the millionth time he chastised himself for getting into this situation. He didn’t regret their lovemaking. It was an unexpected gift, the memory of which he would cherish forever. But he’d never meant for them to be left with a permanent reminder of their undeniable, uncontrollable connection. It wasn’t like he was an inexperienced teen who simply forgot to use protection. He was a grown man – a man who knew perfectly well what might happen. Yet he got so caught every time he was near her that common sense didn’t just fly out the window, it migrated south for the winter.

He was anxious for a negative result, of course because that would be the simplest outcome. He’d dodge a potentially fatal bullet. But if he was truly honest with himself, part of him was hoping that Abigail was actually pregnant. She would be an absolutely amazing mother, kind and loving, generous with her time and her affection. Their child would grow up knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he or she was thoroughly loved.

It was a future he could only dream of for his other children. Samantha tried, but in the pecking order of her world, she came first, followed by her firstborn, Will and his daughter Arianna Grace. Occasionally EJ liked to think that he and their kids came third, but the mess with Kristen and Eric, had shown him that her twin stood above them. Given the sheer amount of times that Samantha had threatened to take Johnny and Sydney away from him, he knew that they fell into the next spot on priority list. He supposed that Allie would have been there too, if not for Lucas. Samantha didn’t need to make her eldest daughter a priority because Lucas always would. On good days, like the ones they had before Brady’s wedding to Kristen, EJ felt confident that at the very least he ranked above Samantha’s exes, Lucas and Rafe. On bad days, he knew better. There had been a lot of bad days lately.

It was a sobering thought, one that lingered in the back of his mind as he waited for Dr. Garcia to say the words that might change everything.

Dr. Garcia opened her clipboard and scanned the page. With a smile on her face she looked at Abby. “Congratulations. You are pregnant.”

Abby gasped and felt her knees begin to buckle. EJ’s arms swiftly moved to encircle her waist, steadying her against his body. She felt his lips kiss the top of her head. “Pregnant? I’m really pregnant?”

“Yes you are.”

EJ’s heart thumped wildly in his chest and his mouth suddenly felt dry. “You’re absolutely sure. 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt?”

Dr. Garcia nodded at him. The odds of a false positive are extremely miniscule with the type of test I administered. Of course if you’re still in doubt, we can do a vaginal ultrasound to confirm it, but I really don’t think that’s necessary. Abigail, based on the symptoms you described, I am confident that the test results are correct.”

Abby forced herself to take a deep calming breath. EJ hadn’t let go of her, which was helping her maintain a semblance of calm. “So what’s next?”

“Well.” Dr. Garcia explained. “Mr. DiMera mentioned that you have your own family doctor. It’s up to you whether or not you want to keep seeing me for the remainder of your pregnancy or not.”

Abby turned her head and gave a questioning look at EJ, half expecting him to insist on her staying with Dr. Garcia.

EJ met the challenge in her gaze and replied sincerely. “I meant what I said before. Now that we have the results, you can see whichever doctor makes you feel comfortable. The only thing I will say is that if you stay with Dr. Garcia you can guarantee that no one at University Hospital will find out. Dr. Garcia practices out of Salem General Hospital. But again Abigail, the decision is entirely yours.”

Abby had been weighing the pros and cons of seeing her family doctor while they waited on the results. For her it came down to privacy. As much as she loved the hospital that her grandfather had practically built, she couldn’t deny that it would be extremely difficult to keep her pregnancy a secret for long if she went to her own doctor – a doctor that her mother also visited on a regular basis. And besides that, she liked Dr. Garcia. She was professional, yet approachable. “I’d like to stay with you Dr. Garcia.”

“Alright then. So I will write you a prescription for prenatal vitamins, which I recommend you fill today. And if you stop by my nurse’s desk on the way out, she can book you in for your first ultrasound, four to six weeks from now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a telephone consultation scheduled. I’ll see you in a few weeks Ms. Deveraux. Feel free to call me before then if you have any questions.”

Abby and EJ waited until she’d left the room before looking at each other. To say they were stunned, was putting it mildly. It reminded EJ of the moments immediately after their first time in the cabin, when they‘d both been too overcome by the enormity of what they’d done to speak. “Abigail, you have to believe me when I say that I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t mean to take advantage—“

She cut him off. “We’ve had that conversation before, EJ. Don’t you remember?” At his wordless nod, she continued. “You didn’t take advantage of me then and any other time we were together. I was a willing partner and now we have consequences to deal with.”

“We need to figure out what we’re going to do.” EJ agreed. “But we can’t do it here.”

“Smith Island?”

“I’ll call for the boat.”

They left the doctor’s office together, stopping only to make the ultrasound appointment, which EJ insisted he was going to be at, and to pick up Abby’s vitamins along the way. Neither spoke on the boat ride as both were still coming to grips with the fact that with one small sentence from the doctor, everything had changed.

Chapter One

Abby watched EJ as he stoked the fire that he’d started in the fireplace moments before. “Should I make us some tea?” She was so nervous that she wasn’t sure she could keep anything down, but she needed something to occupy her, if only for a minute. The enormity of what they were facing had begun to sink in on the boat ride to the island and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could go without succumbing to the irresistible urge to start bawling her eyes out. “It’ll have to be herbal because I can’t have any caffeine—.” She heard the catch in her voice.

EJ returned the fireplace poker to its stand before crossing the room and enveloping her in the warm circle of his arms. “Shhh.” He soothed. “It’s okay sweetheart. It’s going to be okay.”

Abby leaned into his body, resting her head against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. “You don’t know that.”

“Yes, I do.” EJ corrected her. “I’m a DiMera. Do you honestly think I would settle for any other outcome?”

Abby craned her head back to look up at him. She laughed, despite herself. “Right.”

“I’m serious.” EJ insisted. “I don’t know how this is all going to play out, but I do know one thing.”

“And what’s that?”

“That you are going to be the best mother ever and our child is going to be the luckiest person in the world.”

“It’s the world that I’m worried about EJ.” Abby explained as she disentangled herself from his arms and took a seat on the edge of the bed. She waited until he sat down beside her. “We’re going to have a baby. You and me. What was it that you said the first time in the cabin? Oh yes, the daughter of the Horton family and the son of the Prince of Darkness. It’s a little implausible.”

“It became not so hard to believe the moment we got those positive test results.”

“I’m glad that you acknowledge that. Now do you care to explain to me what we’re going to do? My family is going to kill me and most likely you when they find out.”

“No they won’t. Samantha will kill us both first.” He attempted be flippant, but it was a legitimate concern. Samantha wasn’t exactly known for keeping her temper in check, especially when her pride was publicly assaulted. He harboured no illusions that she’d mourn for him for long if they broke up quietly, but there was no way that this could be done quietly. Even if he hid Abigail away for the duration of her pregnancy, he had every intention of having his child in his life and knew Abigail would want to be involved in raising the child too. The truth would have to come out eventually, and knowing his fiancée, it would be dramatically.

EJ reached over and grasped her hands in his. He brought them up to his lips for a quick kiss. “Abigail, I know I’m hardly in the position to make many promises right now, but I do promise you this. I will support you throughout this pregnancy, not just financially, but physically and emotionally too. This baby is unexpected, but it’s also a tremendous blessing and I don’t plan to miss a minute of the experience.”


He smiled sadly at the skepticism in her voice. How could he blame her though? “Yes. Abigail, you have no idea what it means to me to involved in this from the beginning. After what both Nicole and Samantha did during their pregnancies, I honestly never thought I’d have another chance. You have given me such a gift.”

“I guess—“

“No guessing.” He shifted his position on the bed before reaching over to haul her closer to him. “I can never repay you.”

Abby snuggled against him. “I don’t want money, EJ.”

He opened his mouth to say something and she quickly cut him off. “Or jewels. Or fancy cars or villas on the Mediterranean.”

He chuckled. “I wasn’t—“

“Yes you were.”

“Okay, okay but anything you want, it’s yours.”

“I just want you.” It took a second for Abby to realize that she’d spoken that out loud. She glanced up to see how he had reacted and what she saw nearly took her breath away. He was wearing the same look that he’d had in the cabin that first time. And now, like then, she was powerless as his lips crashed into hers.

“We probably shouldn’t be doing this again.” Abby gasped between kisses as she felt his fingers slip between the buttons of her blouse and stroke her nipples through the thin material of her bra.

“What’s the harm?” EJ teased as his hand snaked around her back and unclasped her bra. Her shirt would need to go next, he decided. He whispered into her ear. “It’s not like I can get you more pregnant than you already are.”

“That’s a technicality.”

“I’m a lawyer.” EJ murmured as his hands continued their mission of ridding her of her clothing. “I live for technicalities.”

Abby knew she should put a stop to things, but she’d spent every waking and sleeping moment since their shower room encounter craving his touch with every pore in her body. She didn’t have the will to stop him or to stop herself, nor did he.

Afterwards, she snuggled against him, absently trailing her fingers across his bare chest in a circular motion. She could hear the accelerated thumping of his heart. “This doesn’t fix anything.”

“I never claimed it would.”

“But we agreed that this – us – we couldn’t happen again.”

“We were obviously wrong.” EJ chuckled as he smoothed her hair back and popped a kiss onto the top of her head. “Abigail, I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do know that there’s an incredible pull between us. The more I try to ignore it, the stronger it gets, especially now that you’re carrying my child.”

“EJ, I don’t want you being with me just because you feel obligated. “

“Abigail you’re not just an obligation, believe me. That pull I mentioned is the reason why you’re now pregnant with my child. I’m a DiMera. If all I felt was obligation, I’d pawn you off to someone else to take care of and go on to live a happy life with Samantha and our children.”

Abby snorted. “Happy?”

EJ was instantly defensive. “Of course happy.”

“Like you were so happy back in January?”

“There were extenuating circumstances. Samantha was angry about what my sister had done to Eric.”

“And she took out her anger on you.”

“Not me specifically. She was furious with all DiMeras.”

“Are you seriously that blind?”

“What?” EJ was stunned by the bite in her tone.

“You’re engaged to her. She supposedly loves you. You have two children with her. She supposedly loves them. You’re a DiMera. Johnny and Sydney are DiMeras. Yet Sami was furious with all DiMeras and took her anger out on all DiMeras.”

EJ flinched. “It wasn’t like that.”

“Really? Because I seem to remember your vein popping out when I mentioned her back then.” Abby pulled herself up and reached across him to stroke the side of his neck. “Just like it is right now.”

“Look, can we just not talk about this right now? “ EJ snapped with frustration. “We were having a perfectly lovely afternoon—“

“And I ruined it by bringing up your inconvenient fiancée.”


The subtle warning tone in his voice was enough to push her over the edge. Without warning she burst into tears.

EJ let out a big sigh and hauled her back into his arms. Abigail challenged him on a daily basis as it was. She spoke her mind and had an unerring accuracy when it came to reading his inner thoughts. Pregnant Abigail, with the added surge of hormones coursing through her blood was going to be an even bigger challenge for him to handle. Oh who am I kidding? He thought to himself. His attempt to “handle” her back in January was what ultimately led them to this moment. All he could do was hold on and hope for the best, while preparing for the worst.

A couple of hours later, when Abby finally felt settled enough to return home they took the boat back to Salem and met with EJ’s waiting limousine. On his boss’ instructions, EJ’s driver took them to a side street near Horton Town Square, hidden from view, but still close to Abby’s car. “I’ll be back in a moment.” EJ told his driver.

“I could have walked the half block by myself you know.” Abby chided.

“You can’t be too careful. How would I explain it to your mother if something happened to you because I couldn’t be bothered to escort you to your car?”

“I think that’s the least of the worries my mom is going to have about you.” Abby grimaced. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell her just yet, but eventually she’ll find out. I can only imagine how well she’s not going to take the news that she’s going to be a grandmother and to a DiMera to boot. ”

“She might surprise you. Just remind her that she married your dad, despite everyone warning her against it.”

“That’s a very valid point, but I’m not so sure she’ll be in the mood to hear it.”

“Well what did she have to say when you were dating Chad? He’s also a DiMera. Surely she had some of the same concerns.”

“She did.” Abby agreed. “But I don’t think I ever gave her the impression that I was that serious about him.”

“Were you?”

Abby paused and looked up at him. “Not really. Maybe it could have developed into more down the road, if he hadn’t—“

“If he hadn’t lied.”

Abby nodded. “Yeah. That was the deal breaker. That was kind of the end of what would ever be. EJ I can handle a lot, just as long as it’s honest.”

“Duly noted.” They reached her small sedan and he opened the door for her. Before she got in he leaned down and gave her a lingering kiss. “I meant what I said. Call me if you need anything. Call me even if you don’t need anything. We will figure this out. I just need some time to come up with the best plan moving forward.”

Abby got in her car and looked back up to him as he moved to shut the door. “I know. And I’ll give you that, but don’t take forever.”

“I won’t. And don’t forget to take your vitamins.”

“I won’t.”

EJ stood back and watched her sedan until it rounded the corner and disappeared from sight before making the short walk back to his waiting limousine. He told the driver to take him to the office as he had a lot to think about before he faced Samantha again.

Chapter Two

“Where were you last night?”

EJ looked up from his laptop and removed his reading glasses as Sami flounced into the living room in her usual loud manner.

“I waited up for you.”

“Late night at the office. I had a video conference with the Hong Kong office.”

“I gathered it was something like that, but why didn’t you come to bed when you got home?”

“Oh I had a splitting headache after the meeting. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to sleep, and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“You wouldn’t have.” Sami assured him. “Besides, you know I don’t sleep when you’re not next to me.”

“Right.” EJ just managed to catch his eye roll in time. The truth was that when he had finally returned home, he’d popped his head in the bedroom to see if Samantha had been waiting up and found her sleeping soundly, practically dead to the world.

“So anyway, I’ve been going through the flower choices that Monica, our wedding planner gave me for our wedding. She liked my idea of blood red roses everywhere but wants to accent them with another flower in a different color. I’m undecided. What color do you think would work best?”

When he didn’t answer right away Sami waved her hand in front of his face. “EJ, did you hear what I said?”

“Excuse me?” EJ shook his head.

“Where were you?”


“I was asking you what color the other flowers should be for our wedding. It’s coming up so soon.”

“Oh. Yes of course. Pink and blue are quite lovely.”

Sami looked at him strangely. “For a baby shower maybe, but with red roses? I mean, I suppose a dark enough blue would work, but there’s no way in hell I’m mixing pink and red. That’s something Sydney would choose.”


“Here.” She shoved some colored pages into his hands. “Have a look at these. I printed out all the arrangement options that the Monica thought we might like. See if there’s anything in there that screams ‘EJ & Samantha forever.’”

“No. I’ll leave that decision to you. I’m sure whatever you choose will be fine.”

“That’s what you’ve said about everything related to our wedding.” Sami whined. “Come on EJ, I know you’re pre-occupied with work, but at least help me with the flower choice and I promise I won’t bother you about the rest.”

“Sure. Okay.” He rifled through the papers in his hands and chose one randomly, barely giving it a second glance. “This. I like this.”

Sami’s eyes widened as she took the winning one back from him and looked at his choice. “Seriously?”

“You told me to pick one. I’ve picked one. That’s it. That’s what I want.” He spoke with authority leaving no doubt that he now considered the topic closed.

“Okay. I’ll let her know that we made a decision.”

“Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of work to get done. Would you mind closing the doors on your way out?”

“Sure. No problem. I have a meeting with CW’s marketing department in half an hour to get to. I should get going.”

“Yes you should. Have a good day Samantha.”

He waited until he heard her car drive away before picking up his phone.

After flushing the toilet, Abby held a cool, damp washcloth to her forehead and examined her reflection in the mirror. She was amazed that she still looked like her old normal self. She felt anything but like her old normal self. “Hey little one.” She said as she patted her abdomen with her other hand. “I know you’re trying to grow big and strong so that you can come out into the world in a few months, but it would help if you’d stop making eating my breakfast such an ordeal.”

Not for the first time she wondered how long her morning sickness would last. It was going to be a challenge to hide her morning vomiting sessions from her mom and brother. Thankfully her mom was so wrapped up in her reconciliation with Daniel that she hadn’t been paying much attention to her of late. And as for JJ, Abby was grateful that his community service kept him from hanging around the house for too long every morning.

“Abigail, are you okay in there?”

Speak of the devil, Abby thought to herself. After taking one last glance in the mirror she tossed the washcloth in the hamper and opened the door on JJ’s side of the Jack and Jill bathroom they shared. “Hey squirt, what’s up? I thought you left already.”

“I was about to ask you the same thing. And I did. Leave that is. I got halfway to the square and realized that I’d forgotten my phone. I ran back up here for it and I heard you tossing your cookies. Are you sick?”

Abby shook her head. “I think I ate something that didn’t agree with me. I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.” Abby laughed and pushed him playfully towards the door. “You’d better get going or you’ll be late for your shift. You don’t want to screw that up.”

“You’re right. I’ll catch you later. And don’t’ forget that we’re watching Parker for Mom and Daniel tonight since they’re having their dinner party.”

“I remember.” Abby breathed a sigh of relief after she heard the door shut downstairs. She was going to have to be very careful for the next few weeks, at least until she and EJ could up with a plan to break the news to everyone.

The sound of her vibrating phone caught her attention. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw EJ’s photo pop up. “Hi.” She said a little breathlessly. “What’s up?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?” EJ chuckled softly.

Abby felt the heat infuse her cheeks and was grateful he couldn’t see her blush. “Let me rephrase that. Is there something I can help you with?” She regretted her choice of words before she even finished saying them.

“I’d say so.” He teased.


“Okay. Okay. I’m calling just to see how you’re doing? How did you sleep last night?”

Abby smiled at the genuine concern she heard in his voice. “I had a little trouble falling asleep. My mind was racing.”

“I’ll bet. You?”

“Same. I stayed at the office until I was sure everyone would be asleep and then snuck home.”

“I’ll bet that went over well with Sami.” Abby said dryly.

“Fortunately Samantha is accustomed to my late nights at the office.”

“If I was Samantha I’d be questioning why a man such as yourself, with access to every resource known to man, has to stay at his office to work late when he could just as easily work from home.”

“Fortunately you’re not Samantha. I prefer you to be Abigail.” EJ quipped, purposely ignoring her subtle dig at his relationship with his fiancée.


“So the reason I called was to see if there’s anything you need before I head to the office.”

“Just a cure for morning sickness.”


“About the only thing I’m managing to keep down before noon is crackers and ginger tea.”

“I’m sorry Abigail.”

“For what?”

“For being the reason you’re dealing with this.”

“EJ, we’re both to blame. I take full responsibility for our mis-“

“Our child is not a mistake.” EJ corrected her fiercely. “Our child is a gift. Never forget that.”

“You’re right.” Abby agreed as tears gathered in her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” EJ soothed, sensing the distress in her voice. “I didn’t mean to snap. I just don’t want our child growing up thinking it was a mistake.”

“He or she won’t. They’ll be loved and they’ll know it.”

“Good. Now aside from the morning sickness, how’s everything else?”

“Fine. I’m heading to work at the hospital for the afternoon and then tonight JJ and I are going to be babysitting Parker Jonas.”

“Sounds fun.”

“It will be. He’s a good kid. I was thinking that I’d pull out the cupcake tins tonight and teach him how to bake.”

“Don’t let Johnny hear that. He covets your cupcakes. He’ll be jealous.”

“Like father, like son?”

“Of course.”

Abby laughed. “Well thanks for checking in on me, but I really should get going. I have a couple of errands to run on my way to the hospital.”

“Take care Abigail. And again, call me if you need anything.”

“I will.”

“Your usual?” Ben asked as Abby smiled at him across the counter at club TBD.

“No, I’m trying to kick my caffeine addiction, so just a large ginger tea please. And maybe one of those scrumptious-looking raspberry scones too.” She figured by the time she got to her office she’d finally be able to keep something down.

“Hey Abby.”

“Uncle Lucas.” Abby turned at the sound of his voice and gave him a big hug. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I’m meeting with a colleague.” He nodded towards his table in the corner where Abby could see a pretty long haired brunette typing on a laptop. “That’s Sheryl, right? You introduced me to her a few weeks ago.”

“It is.”

“So how are things going between you two?” Abby teased. She’d sensed some sparks between them when she’d met Sheryl and hoped it was turning into something more. Her uncle hadn’t been the same since his break up with Sami in the summer of 2012 and she’d been worried that he’d never find anyone else. There was no good reason why he didn’t have women swarming around him. He was handsome and successful and a lot of fun. She supposed it had to do with Lucas’ lingering feelings for his ex. For the millionth time, Abby wondered just what it was about Sami Brady that inspired the men she cared about to be so fixated on that mess of a woman. Hell, even her own father had defied Salem logic and been close friends with Sami.

“We’re just co-workers. Nothing more.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way.” Abby reminded him gently.

Lucas pointedly ignored her last statement. “I’m glad I ran into you.”


“I have a favor to ask.”

“Ask away.”

“Sami’s supposed to drop Allie off at my place tonight but I have to fly to New York City this afternoon for an evening business meeting, so I was wondering if it would be okay if Allie gets dropped off at your place and stays over night? I’ll be back to get her by the time she’s finished school tomorrow.”

“Sure. JJ and I are already babysitting Parker for Daniel tonight. It’ll be fun if Allie’s there too.”

“Perfect. I’ll text Sami and let her know what the plan is. You’ll be home by six, right?”

“I will. Have fun in New York City.” She nodded over to the table where Sheryl was working. “Are you taking Sheryl?”

“As a matter of fact I am.”

“You know how much we love having Allie stay with us, so if you want to stay away an extra night it’s no problem.”

Lucas rolled his eyes at her. “Thanks.”

“Here’s your tea and scone, Abigail.”

“Thanks Ben.” She handed him her money and headed out.

Abby had just taken a bite of her scone when she heard a knock on her office door. She chewed and swallowed and then called out. “Come in.”

“Abigail.” Sami said breathlessly as entered the room.

Speak of another devil. Abby thought to herself. She forced a smile on her face. “Sami! What a surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see you until tonight.”

“Really? What’s happening tonight?”

“Oh didn’t Lucas text you yet?”

“I was in a meeting all morning. I haven’t checked my phone.”

Abby watched with interest as Sami scrolled through her text messages, looking for one from Lucas.

“Stupid phone.” Sami muttered. “Every time I try to get to the most recent message it jumps back.”

“Here, we have the same phone. Let me see if I can fix that for you.”

Abby took the cell from her and had a look. “Well here’s the problem, your conversation with my Uncle Lucas goes back to 2012. Every once and awhile you need to delete them to keep them from scrolling back.”

“I can’t delete that!”

“Why? Is there something critical in there?” Abby was perplexed as to why Sami objected so strongly.

“Yes. No. I mean. Isn’t there a way we can fix it without having to delete it?”

Abby raised a brow. “Okay. Yeah. There is. We just need an app so we can save it. Give me a minute. You might even have one on here already.” As suspected, she found one. “There we go. It’s all saved.”

“You’re a miracle worker.” Sami said gratefully.

“No. I just know how to use my phone. So anyhow, there’s a new message from him in your inbox now.”

She waited for Sami to read it. “Oh, now I get it. Lucas wants me to drop off Allie at your place tonight instead of his. Are you guys doing some family dinner or something?”

Abby shook her head. “No. He wants us to keep Allie overnight because he’s going out of town on business.”


“With Sheryl.”


Abby bit her lip to keep from smirking. Sami was practically turning green. She wondered whether EJ knew just how much interest Sami still took in her ex-husband’s life. Of course it wasn’t like she was going to run to EJ and tattle on Sami. She wanted EJ, in her life as her partner and soul mate, but she needed him to reach that point on his own or it wouldn’t be authentic. Still, the thought that perhaps the home she was “wrecking” was a doomed one anyway made her feel a smidge less guilty about being EJ’s pregnant mistress.

“So it’s no problem for Allie to stay with us. Just drop her off whenever. Parker’s staying with us too tonight.”

“Sure.” Sami said distractedly.

“If you didn’t know about that before you must have had another reason for stopping by?”

That got Sami’s attention. “Yes!” Despite the fact that there was no one else around she leaned over and whispered. “Did you get your results back yet?”

“Results?” Abby’s heart thumped loudly.

“You know. Of the pregnancy test.”

“Ah yes. I did.”


Abby took a deep breath. There was little point in trying to lie to Sami. Very soon everyone would find out anyway. “And the test was positive.”

“Omigod! Abigail. Congratulations!”

Abby tried not to wince as Sami enveloped her in a huge hug.

“You don’t seem as thrilled.” She said after she released her. “I’m sorry. Is it the father? Did he give you grief?”

“No. No. The father’s been wonderful and supportive. It’s just complicated.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” She gently pushed Sami towards the door. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to get a lot of work done this afternoon and I can’t stay late, so I’m afraid I don’t have any more time to chat. What I just told you, that’s just between us, okay?”

“Of course.”

“I will tell my family soon, but I want it to be done the right way.”

“I will not tell a soul. It’s our little secret.”

Abby watched her walk away and had no doubt that very soon EJ would be hearing her news from his fiancée. Sami might be able to resist telling the town, but Abby knew better than to expect her to keep it a secret from him. If you know only knew, Sami.

“I’m heading out honey.” Jennifer called out to Abby as she walked into her office later that afternoon.

“Have a great time. Daniel’s dropping off Parker at the house, right?”

“He is. Oh and before I forget, Hope asked if it was okay if Ciara stayed over too. That way she doesn’t have to rush home from the party. I already texted JJ, he’ll pick her up at the pub on his way home.”

“Oh that’s perfect. Did Uncle Lucas mention to you that Allie’s staying with us?”

“He did. You and JJ will have a full house with the three kids.”

“It’ll be fun. We’ll order pizza and make it our own little dinner party.”


“Down here.” EJ called back as he handed his coat and brief case to Harold to put away. He’d missed seeing the children the day before, so he’d made a point of being home in time for them to return from school today.

“Good.” Sami said as she hurried down the staircase carrying a small overnight bag and her briefcase. “I was going to call you.”


“I have an early morning meeting in New York tomorrow and since your father took the plane with him on his European trip, I have to fly commercial.”

“Oh the horror.” EJ deadpanned. “New York?”

“New York City, yes. One of CW’s clients from Paris is in the States and wants to meet me with me. The only time he’d agree to is bright and early tomorrow. I would have run it by you but you were tied up in another meeting.”

EJ waved off her explanation. “It’s fine. Are the children home yet?”

“They got home about 10 minutes ago, and that’s the other thing. It’s Allie’s day to go to Lucas, but she needs to go to Jennifer’s because they’re keeping her for the night.” Sami scrunched her face apologetically. “Do you mind taking her there?”

EJ’s pulse sped up at the thought of seeing Abigail. “Of course not. Anything else?”

“Oh and Theo is staying with us overnight. Abe dropped him off and asked if he could come for a sleepover with Johnny and Sydney since he has plans and couldn’t get Theo’s normal sitter.”

“Oh good. I always love spending time with my nephew.”

“That’s what I told Abe.” Sami glanced at her watch. “Anyhow, I hate to dump this all on you and run, but I won’t make my flight if I don’t leave now.”

“Don’t let me keep you.”

The wheels in EJ’s head were turning as he wandered into the kitchen, where Mary was treating Allie, Johnny, Sydney and Theo to an after school snack of melon slices. He heard Johnny comment to his twin. “You’re so lucky. Abigail will probably make you cupcakes. They’re soooooooo good. Aren’t they daddy?”

“Best in the world.” EJ agreed with a big smile.

“That’s because Abigail is awesome.”

“She is indeed.”

“I wish we could all go to Abigail’s house for cupcakes.” Johnny said wistfully.

“Yeah.” Sydney chimed in. “That would be fun.”

EJ crouched down to eye level with his daughter. “Well why can’t we?”

“Do you mean it Daddy?”

“Well we’ll have to see if it’s okay with Abigail when we get there, but I don’t see why we can’t all go with Allie, at least for the evening. We’ll stop and get some surprises on the way too.”

“Yay!” The kids chimed in chorus.

“Oh that must be Daniel with Parker. I’ll get it. I have to fold anyway.” She tossed down her cards and left the table.

“Oh sure. Leave me to fend off the shark alone.” JJ called out with a laugh.

“It’s not my fault that I’m a much better poker player than you.” Ciara said seriously. “You need to practice more.”

“I was taught by Jack Deveraux. I should be winning.”

Ciara shrugged. “I taught myself. From a book. You know what books are, right?”

“I read.” JJ protested defensively.

“Obviously not enough.”

“Look who’s here!” Abby called out as Parker ran into the room, straight to JJ who scooped him up and gave him a big hug.

“Excellent. Reinforcements!”

“Parker’s too young.” Ciara reminded him. “When will Allie be here? At least she knows how to play poker properly.”

“Should be soon—” Abby was cut off by the sound of the doorbell ringing. “I’ll get it again.”

She was still chuckling over the beating JJ was taking from Ciara as she flung open the door.

“Hello Sam—” She stopped cold. “EJ?”


?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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Aww... I'm loving this!!

Loving Sami's jealousy and all the Ejabby!!

Can't wait to see what happens next....

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Love it!!! Can't wait to see what happens with the awesome cupcakes :)

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Chapter Three

“EJ?” He was the last person Abby had expected to find on the other side of the door.


Abby looked down and for the first time realized that in addition to Allie, who she’d been expecting, Theo, Johnny & Sydney were all standing there, grinning up at her.

“We brought pizza!” Johnny announced proudly.

Abby looked at the stack of boxes that EJ was holding and nodded. “I see that! Looks like you brought enough to feed the whole neighborhood.”

“Well they all wanted different toppings and I didn’t know what you and JJ would like. And I figured if Parker’s anything like Sydney and Johnny at that age, then he’ll just want cheese.”

“Good guess.” She gave EJ a quizzical look. “But I thought Sami was bringing Allie over?”

“Oh she had to go out of town for a sudden business meeting.”

“Really? She didn’t say anything when I ran into her.”

Abby felt a sudden tugging on her pant leg. She looked down into Sydney’s big blue eyes and smiled. “Yes honey?”

“Where’s Parker?”

“Parker is in the living room with JJ. And Ciara’s here too. She’s been whipping poor JJ at poker. Why don’t you guys go find them?”

The kids took off, leaving EJ & Abby alone in the foyer. “I don’t mean to be rude, but is there somewhere I can put the pizzas?”

Abby snapped out of her momentary trance, a happening she took for granted whenever she was around EJ. “Of course. We’ll put them in the kitchen. Here let me help you.” She reached out her hands only to be met by EJ’s shaking head.

“I don’t think so sweetheart.”

Abby sighed and then whispered. “I’m pregnant, not an invalid.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll carry all of them. Just lead the way.”

Abby led him into the spacious kitchen. “We can set them up on the island and everyone can pick whatever kinds they want. You didn’t have to bring all of these. We were just about to order in.”

“Nonsense. I added 3 children and 1 adult to the guest list. The least I could do was bring dinner.”

Abby poured herself a big glass of ice water from the pitcher she’d already brought out to put on the dinner table. She nodded to EJ to ask if he wanted one. He shook his head. She took a sip from her glass before asking him. “So Sami had a business trip?”

“Yes. To New York City.”

Abby started coughing, nearly choking, and causing EJ to rush to her side with concern.

“Abigail! Sweetheart, are you okay? Can you breathe?”

Abby coughed a couple more times. “I’m fine. Apparently I’ve forgotten how to drink water.” She paused and caught her breath. “So New York City?”

“Yes. One of our European clients asked her to meet him for a breakfast meeting tomorrow. Sami felt it was better to get there tonight rather than risk the timing of a redeye flight.”

“I’ll bet she did.” Abby muttered under her breath.

“Pardon me?”

“I mean, that was smart thinking. You never know what kind of delays you’ll face when flying. She obviously cares a great deal about that New York meeting.”

“Samantha works very hard for CW.”

“Mmm-mmm.” Abby decided to let the subject drop and went to the cupboard to get the plates for everyone for the pizza. She remembered the promise of non-interference that she’d made and kept the remainder of her thoughts about Sami’s sudden New York City trip to herself. She did feel a bit bad for her uncle and his co-worker/aspiring girlfriend Sheryl though. Lucas was certainly well accustomed to Sami’s ways, but it would be an eye opening experience for poor Sheryl.

New York City

“Can I start you off with some drinks?”

Lucas smiled across the table at his dinner companion before lifting his head to the waiter. “A glass of your best champagne for the lady and a glass of your best sparkling cider for me.”

“Lucas, I don’t have to have alcohol.” Sheryl started to protest.

“I insist.”

“I’ll be back with your drinks in a moment and to take your order if you’re ready.”

“We will be.”

Lucas turned back to face the pretty brunette. “After the miracle that you pulled off in that presentation, you deserve that champagne and more.”

“Well thank you.” Sheryl said sincerely. “I couldn’t have done it without you. We make a fantastic team.”

“That we do.” Lucas agreed. “And I’m hoping that you’re open to that team being not just in the boardroom.” He slid his hand across the table to cover hers. It was a bold move on his part, and he hoped it wouldn’t backfire. He’d been trying to keep things strictly professional between them, but the more they worked together the more he enjoyed it and enjoyed being with her. It was the first time since the great Sami fiasco of 2012 that he felt that maybe he wasn’t doomed to spend eternity alone. Sheryl was nothing like Sami. She was easygoing, low maintenance and emotionally stable. It was a refreshing change, one that was long overdue in his life.

Sheryl glanced down and then up to meet his deep brown eyes. Her blue eyes sparkled as she flirted back. “What exactly are you getting at?”

Lucas leaned forward and lifted her hand to his lips. He brushed a soft kiss across her palm. “Well, I was hoping that you’d be open to seeing just how far our teamwork takes us.”

“Oh I’m definitely open to that.” Sheryl winked

After giving the driver the name of the hotel, Sami glanced at her watch and swore under her breath. The direct flight from Salem to New York City that she’d planned to take, the one that would have put her in the city hours earlier, had been cancelled due to mechanical problems. She’d just managed to catch a flight to New York via Chicago, but it had added hours to her travel time. This was all Stefano’s fault. If only he hadn’t taken the DiMera jet to Europe with him. If only Stefano and EJ weren’t too cheap to buy a second plane. She’d suggested it months earlier but EJ had shushed her on the topic, citing it as a frivolous expense during a time when the company couldn’t afford to throw away money. She recalled a time when he would have not only bought a second plane, but decked it out in her favorite colours, just to win her approval. Since the Eric/Kristen fiasco, those days were long gone. Although she wouldn’t ever dare speak the thought aloud, especially around her all-seeing mother, more often than not these days, she wondered if she’d made a huge mistake.

She sighed and leaned back against the seat. One good thing about the lateness of the time was that she’d be able to call her client in Paris tonight before she went to bed. She’s outright lied to EJ about her meeting tomorrow, so he’d be expecting results. She just hoped he didn’t press her for too many details.

Her thoughts turned to the real reason she’d come to New York City: Lucas. He’s going to kill me when he finds out I followed him and he’s going to demand to know why. Sami wasn’t sure she even knew what had compelled her to do this. All she knew was that the moment sweet little Abigail Deveraux had innocently let it slip that Lucas was going on a trip with his hot brunette co-worker she’d felt a burning need to stop him, at any cost. She just hoped she made it in time to the hotel to stop him before things got too far.

After hearing about his trip she’d called in a favor from Lucas’ assistant Heather at Mad World. A promise of a fully paid weekend at a Colorado spa had yielded Sami not only the name of Lucas’ hotel, but also his full itinerary. His meeting would have wrapped up and hour earlier and if he stayed true to form, he’d be dining with Sheryl in the hotel’s fanciest restaurant right now. All she had to do was get there before they headed upstairs. She had no idea what she was going to do once she saw him, but she trusted in her ability to plan on the fly.

“EJ!” Abby squealed as she felt his arms slide around her from behind. His right hand swiftly traveled upwards, until his thumb found what it was looking for. She shuddered with desire and leaned against him as he stroked her sensitive nipple. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing sweetheart?” EJ murmured in her ear before gently nipping at her lobe.

“It looks like you’re trying to get us caught. The kids and JJ are in the living room.”

“I know.” EJ chuckled. “I just sent them there.”

“Yeah, with the promise that you’ll call them back in here to make cupcakes after we put away the leftover pizza and clean up the dishes.”

“Exactly. Believe me. You won’t see a single one of them coming back a second sooner and offering to help.”

Abby couldn’t really dispute that point. They’d practically run out of the room when they saw EJ get up from the table, and start putting things away. She made a mental note that their child, would grow up with better manners.

“But still. You’re still engaged to Johnny’s, Sydney’s and Allie’s mother. What if they walk in and see us? They’ll be confused and upset.”

EJ released her with a kiss on the top of her head and a regretful sigh. “I can’t argue with that. At some point though, the truth will come out.”

“It will. But we’ll do everything we can to make sure that the impact on them is minimized.” Abby couldn’t help but continue to feel guilty though. She loved Johnny and Sydney just as much as she loved her cousin Allie and she knew that no matter how things played out, their lives would be forever impacted by the existence of the baby she was carrying. She could only hope that everyone involved would do their best to make them all feel loved and secure.

They continued working side by side until all of the dishes had been loaded into the dishwasher and the left over slices of pizza had been stowed away in the fridge.

“I guess it’s safe to call the kids back in now.” Abby said as she walked into the pantry and started organizing all of the ingredients that they’d need. “Do you want to go get them?”

“Already on it.” EJ called back.

A minute later Abby emerged and found an excited Johnny and Theo waiting for her. “Where are the rest of them?”

“Ciara says that she doesn’t do baking and Allie says she already knows how to bake. JJ said he was going to teach them how to play blackjack since they’re so good at poker already.”

“Oh that should be interesting. What about your dad? And Sydney and Parker?”

“We’re right here. We just have to make a couple of pit stops first. Abigail, would you mind helping Sydney?”

“I don’t need help Daddy.” Sydney frowned.

“Daddy knows that. You’re a big girl. It’s just to show you where to go. That’s all, sweetheart.”

Abby glanced at Parker nodded at EJ. “You know where the bathroom is by the front door?”

“I do. We’ll meet you back here in a few minutes.”

“Come on Sydney. I’ll take you upstairs.”

“Was that the doorbell I heard?” Abby asked as she followed Sydney back down the staircase.

“It was. You know that guy that Mom was dating a couple of months ago?”


“Yeah, Liam.”

“What was he doing here?”

“I don’t know.” JJ shrugged. I heard the door. I answered it. He started telling me something about his phone charger and then suddenly stopped when EJ and Parker came out of the bathroom. He looked, like, really surprised to see EJ, and then he mumbled something about remembering where he’d left his charger after all and hightailed it out of here.

“That’s weird.”

“I know, right?”

“Abigail, he works at the hospital, correct?”

“Sort of. He’s a pharmaceutical salesman.”

“Oh I know that. Believe me, I know that.”

Abby giggled and her cheeks turned red as she remembered where and why EJ had encountered Liam before. “Oh that’s right.”

“What?” JJ looked back and forth between them with confusion.

“Sorry. It’s an inside joke.” Abby explained.

“I didn’t know you two knew each other well enough to share inside jokes.”

“Of course we do.” Abby did her best to allay his suspicions. “I used to date Chad, EJ’s little brother, remember? We spent time together. We’re friends.”

“If you say so. Just don’t go reminding mom of that fact. She’ll go ballistic.”

“I know. So you’re sure you don’t want to help us bake cupcakes JJ?”

“I’d love to help, believe me, but I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because if I don’t stay and beat Ciara in blackjack, she will never let me live it down.”

“JJ Deveraux, are you telling me that you’re afraid of a ten year old girl?”

EJ, who’d been watching and listening to the siblings interact, couldn’t help but come to JJ’s defense. “Pardon me for saying this, but Ciara Brady isn’t exactly a typical ten year old girl.”

“Well she’s always been precocious.”

“There’s precocious and then there’s Ciara. One day that lovely young lady will rule Salem.”

“I think she already does.” JJ quipped. “Anyhow, have fun baking the cupcakes. Call us when you want them eaten.”

“We will.”

Sami sent a quick text off to Heather as she waited to check in at the front desk. She glanced at the reply a few seconds later. “Hi, you should have received an email from Heather at Mad World a little while ago? I’m Lucas Horton’s wife.”

“Ah yes, you were able to join your husband after all. I’ve got your key card here. It’s room 2329. Enjoy your stay Mrs. Horton. I’m sure Mr. Horton will be happy you’re here.”

“Thank you. I’m not sure that happy is the word he’ll use, but it’ll definitely be something he never forgets” She smiled as the wheels started spinning in her head. On her way in she’d poked her head into the restaurant and as expected, saw Lucas and Sheryl dining. They were still on the main course, so she knew she had a little time to prepare. There were certain advantages to knowing Lucas so well. For example, she knew that if he intended to spend the night with Sheryl, he’d do it in his own hotel room where he could properly hang up his suit jacket and tie. All Sami had to do was get dressed, or rather, undressed and wait.

“I can’t believe they’re all gone. We made two dozen cupcakes and the only evidence left is the dirty bowls from the batter and the icing.”

“They were good!”

“Johnny’s right.” JJ piped in. “You make the world’s best cupcakes Abigail.”

“Well thank you, but you know I can’t take credit. I had wonderful helpers.” Abigail said as she went around to Theo, Johnny, Parker and Sydney and gave them each a big kiss on the cheek. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

“You forgot to kiss Daddy. He helped too.”

Abby bit her lip and looked from the small blue eyed child over to EJ. Her look said it all. What do I do now?

“Yeah. Daddy helped.” Johnny agreed. “ He says that he can’t bake, but he sure does like your cupcakes Abigail.”

“I’m sure your daddy is just being polite. Surely your staff at home make cupcakes that are just as good?”

“Mary doesn’t make us cupcakes. She makes us pies and cookies and tira – how do you say that again?”

“Tiramisu.” EJ automatically corrected. “And Johnny’s right. Mary doesn’t do cupcakes. We’ve asked but she says that she can’t possibly compete with your pretty ones.”

“Pretty? She thinks my cupcakes are pretty?”

“They are pretty.” Sydney insisted. “Especially when we put sprinkles on them, like the ones we had tonight. Now kiss Daddy.”

Abby’s brown eyes pled with EJ’s.

“You heard her. “ He smirked.

In the back of her mind, Abby replayed the time when she reminded him that they were known friends and how it would be suspicious if they suddenly started avoiding each other. She supposed the same thing applied here. She walked over to him and leaned down to kiss his cheek. At the last second he turned his head, causing their lips to meet instead.

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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I'm loving this fic!!

Thinks are about to get really interesting... I can tell.

Can't wait to see what happens next...

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Chapter Four

Sami glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand as she smoothed non-existent wrinkles from the mid-thigh length skirt of her lavender satin and lace nightie. “He should be up here any minute now.”

Upon arriving in Lucas’ hotel room, she’d briefly considered disrobing completely and waiting for him, naked, in the middle of his bed. She ended up dismissing the thought after weighing the odds of him being furious enough to immediately toss her from the room. He was a passionate man and she knew how to push his buttons better than anyone. Better safe than sorry.

Of course if she did end up out the door, it wouldn’t be the first time for them. She smirked as she thought back to the time that Lucas had booked them a suite at the Towers for a night of romance before their last wedding, and how their usual hijinks had led to Lucas getting locked outside the room in nothing but his boxer shorts. At least if something similar happened to her tonight, her nightie was cute and new and no more revealing than any of the dresses worn by the twenty-somethings in the hotel night club downstairs. Despite already having a closet full of new nightgowns ready for her upcoming honeymoon, she’d bought it on a whim at Barrens a week earlier, right after running into Lucas with Sheryl at the club.

Sami knew her mother would have a field day pondering the significance of that. If she was honest with herself, Sami wasn’t sure what to make of it either. Her head liked to remind her that she was an engaged woman. Her heart liked to remind her that despite a thaw in her relationship with EJ back in mid-February, things weren’t entirely back to normal between them. He was distant and he’d been very distracted lately. It was disconcerting, as Sami had grown accustomed to EJ bending over backwards to please her. If he was any other man, his recent disinterest would have her wondering if he was cheating on her.

She shook that unpleasant thought out of her head. EJ was capable of a lot of things, but he would never betray her that way. His only mistress right now, was his work. She understood his loyalty to his family company, but she needed attention too. His work schedule would have to change after their wedding, but for now, Sami considered his preoccupation with other matters to be a blessing. There’s no way EJ would understand why Sami just had to come to New York. Sami wasn’t entirely sure why she was here either. All she knew was that she had to stop Lucas from making a horrible mistake.

Lucas grabbed Sheryl’s hands in his as they stopped outside the door of her suite, which was directly across the hall from his own. “I know it’s getting late, but I was hoping that you’d like to come inside with me for a while?”

Sheryl beamed. “I’d love to.”

“Really?” Lucas grinned like a boy who’d been handed a shiny new toy truck. “Are you sure? I don’t want to rush—”

“I’m completely sure.” Sheryl answered. To prove it she reached over and pulled his head down to hers and gave him a lingering kiss that left no doubt what her intentions were.

“Well then, shall we?” Lucas licked his lips and eagerly pulled his key card out and swiped it through the magnetic reader. A second later he opened the door. Grabbing Sheryl by the hand, he led her down the short dark hallway. His free hand reached for the light switch just past the closet door. Light flooded the room. Just as Lucas was about to lean in for another kiss he noticed that Sheryl was looking past him, at something on the bed.

“What the hell?”

Abby’s pulse raced as her lips collided unexpectedly with EJ’s. A little voice buzzed around her mind, telling her that kissing EJ in front of her brother and the children wasn’t a good idea, but she pushed it away. There was something so intoxicating about him, them – a pull that she couldn’t resist. Fortunately she was saved by the bell or rather a quacking duck.

“Is that your phone JJ?” Theo laughed.

“It is! Oh hey Parker, it’s your dad. Come here buddy, we’ll go take this in the living room.”

That was enough to break the moment. Abby pulled back and looked at EJ. He was smirking. You are terrible she mouthed to him. His smirk grew even bigger. She shook her head at him and backed away.

“So kids, who wants to help me clean up?” Abby said as she waved her index finger in the air in front of them. “And don’t think that any of you are escaping it this time.” Her announcement was met with a series of groans. “I’m not kidding.”

“We’ll all help you.” Johnny volunteered. “Come on guys.” He stood up and grabbed his dirty plate, motioning for the rest of them to follow.

Ciara shook her head and pushed her plate towards Allie, who automatically picked it up with her own. Ciara waited until the kids were tied up at the dishwasher before turning her attention to EJ. “I saw what you did there.”

“Pardon me?”

“I said.” Ciara rolled her eyes and said it again, this time more slowly. “I saw what you did there.”

EJ wasn’t sure what to make of her. He’d heard stories about this small, dark haired, dark eyed child from Samantha, especially after Samantha had been coerced into taking her earring shopping. How was it that Samantha had referred to her small cousin? Oh yes as a minx in training. EJ had quipped at the time that if anyone should know one, it was her. Samantha had shaken her head and insisted that she wasn’t half the schemer that Ciara was at that age. She’d been the good girl until her teens when she found herself in constant competition with her older, perfect sister Carrie. EJ had been skeptical at the time, not having been around Ciara much at all. “And what exactly is it that you think I did, young lady?”

“You kissed Abigail.”

“No.” EJ shook his head. “She kissed me, just like she kissed Johnny, Theo, Parker and Sydney.”

It was Ciara’s turn to shake her head. “Oh no, that’s what you’d like us to believe. But I saw you turn your head at the last second. And more importantly, I saw you smirk afterwards. You did that deliberately. You’re very lucky that JJ’s phone rang at just the right moment. What would my cousin Sami think of her fiancé kissing another woman? ”

EJ could feel his heart thumping in his ears. His eyes fluttered uncontrollably and he stuttered. “Clearly you mis - misinterpreted what you saw.”

Ciara smiled smugly. “I don’t think so. I spend a lot of time watching people, observing what they do. Body language is very telling. You’ve spent most of this evening watching Abigail, especially when you think no one is watching.”

EJ was instantly defensive. “Abigail and I are friends, nothing more.”

“Oh really?” Ciara raised an eyebrow, and reminded EJ in that moment that she was definitely the daughter of Detective Hope Brady. “Then why does Abigail keep sneaking glances at you, too?”

“Like I said, we’re friends. That’s all.”

Ciara crossed her arms. “I don’t think so. She looks at you the way my brother Shawn looks at his wife Belle and you do the same with her. I don’t think my cousin Sami is going to be happy when she realizes what’s been going on right under her nose. And look out world when Sami Brady is angry.”

EJ was stumped. He knew how to handle adults who posed a threat to him, but what on earth was he supposed to do with this girl? There was no Bad Man Guidebook to tell him what to do when a pint-sized vixen in training was calling the shots.

“You’re wondering how to handle me, aren’t you?” Ciara said knowingly. “You could try asking your daddy for help, but believe me; he’d be just as flummoxed as you are.”

“Flummoxed? That’s quite the word for a ten year old.”

“I read.” Ciara explained. “A lot. Not just kids books or even young adults. I read the psychology books that my mom brings home from work. The ones that help make her the best detective in Salem.”

EJ sighed. When he was younger, he would have put more effort into throwing her off track. Having years of experience dealing with people who were trying to hold things over him, he knew better than to waste his time now. Sometimes he won, sometimes the blackmailers won. This was clearly going to be a case of the latter. “So let’s cut to the chase then my dear. What’s it going to take? More earrings?”

Ciara shook her head. “No, those are too visible. I want something I can hide more easily when I’m with my mom.”

“A necklace then?”

“No. I already have a necklace that my daddy gave me before he left that I don’t take off. I want a diamond bracelet. I have one picked out at Barrens. If you ask the staff at the fine jewelry counter, they’ll know.”

“A bracelet? And just how are you planning on hiding that?”

“Oh that’s easy. We wear long sleeved jackets as part of our school uniform. I can easily hide it underneath.”

“You’ve thought of everything.”

“Unlike you, yes.” Ciara looked over to the kitchen where the kids were helping Abby put the last of the dishes inside. She slid off her chair and started walking towards the exit to the living room. She turned back and looked at EJ one more time. “Barrens is open ‘til 9 tonight, by the way.”

EJ forced a smile and nodded. “Understood.”

After the kids scampered off into the living room Abby walked over and sat down next to EJ at the table. “What were you and Ciara talking about?”

“She knows.”

“Excuse me? Knows what?”

“About us.”


EJ shook his head. “Not all the details of course, and not about the baby, but she knows there’s something more between us than just friendship.”


“I can only assume that she inherited her observation skills from both of her parents and got the cunning of a full blooded Kiriakis. Victor must be so proud of her.”

“Omigod. What’s she planning to do?”

“The usual. Blackmail.”


EJ nodded. “I have to stop at Barrens and pick up a small token of appreciation for Miss Ciara at the fine jewelry counter. She’s had her eye on it for a while. In agreement for me doing that, she won’t tell Samantha what she knows.”

Abby bit her lip to keep from laughing. “I don’t even know what to say. I mean, she’s, she’s—”

“I know!”

“She’s ten. And she’s already blackmailing people. And a DiMera no less!”

“You sound proud.” EJ accused with a touch of annoyance.

Abby shrugged. “I am. And I know my dad would be proud of her if he was here. You have to admit that she’s doing something that most adults can’t pull off. You bad men can be a scary bunch.”

“Yes. So scary. It’s amazing that you just didn’t run away from the cabin that day.”

Abby laughed. “I tried. You stopped me, remember?”

“I do. And I don’t regret it for a second.” He took a quick glance around the room, making sure that no one was watching, in particular a small brunette, before leaning over and giving her a kiss. His hand automatically went to her abdomen, rubbing it affectionately. As their kiss ended he murmured softly. “No regrets, ever.”


EJ and Abby broke apart and stood up at the sound of her name being called.

“Yes Johnny?”

“Can we watch Frozen

“It’s a school day tomorrow. I don’t think there’s time to watch it and get you home for bed.” Abby said. “If it wasn’t for that, it would be no problem. I love that movie.”

“Why can’t we sleep over here?” Johnny grinned.

Abby shrugged and looked up at EJ. “It’s okay with me. We already have three of them staying, what’s three more? There’s lots of room here, and I’m sure JJ won’t mind.”

“Daddy can we? Please?” Sydney asked, having overheard Johnny’s request.

“It’ll be fun.” Allie piped in as the rest of the kids joined them.

“But you guys didn’t bring anything for a sleepover.” EJ reminded them.

“You could go home and get their stuff.” Ciara suggested helpfully. “And you could run that errand at Barrens that we talked about a few minutes ago.”

EJ sighed. He knew when he was outnumbered. “Fine. I’ll run home and get your books and clothes for tomorrow. But that means that when I come back that you guys will co-operate and do whatever Abigail and JJ ask of you. And it also means that as soon as the movie is over, you will go to bed, with no arguments.”

“We will.” They chimed in unison.

“Good. Then I’ll be back in less than an hour. I’d suggest that you start watching your movie now.”

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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Said this at s&b but it deserves repeating... Wonderful.
Do you remember what she told him? She took her lover?s hand, and she said, ?just because something is intangible doesn't mean that it's not real.? Lucas, no matter what happens, no matter what we?ve been through, no matter what I say, you will always be in my heart. -- Sami Brady, November 2007

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^^ Thank you! And just for you, I changed my avi here ;)

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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Nice! They were so cute.

Unfortunately my current avi here doesn't exactly suit your story.
Do you remember what she told him? She took her lover?s hand, and she said, ?just because something is intangible doesn't mean that it's not real.? Lucas, no matter what happens, no matter what we?ve been through, no matter what I say, you will always be in my heart. -- Sami Brady, November 2007

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Medea wrote:Nice! They were so cute.

Unfortunately my current avi here doesn't exactly suit your story.
That's okay, he's my back up guy for her ;) Honestly, I'd be torn if they got JS and JKJ both back and put Abby in a triangle. I'd be shipping harder than ever for a 3 way. Phabby/Pelvis/EJabby. :drool:

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux