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Chapter Ten


“Abigail! No!”

“EJ help me! Please! Where are you? Help me!”

“Mr. DiMera?” He felt a soft hand touch gently touch his shoulder and woke with a start. Confused, he looked up into the warm hazel eyes of his assistant Hannah, who had accompanied him on his trip to China. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I didn’t realize you’d still be asleep.”

EJ took a deep breath, struggling to get his bearings. Abigail’s voice had sounded so real, so close and so scared.

“You asked me to let you know once we were back over US airspace, remember?”

He nodded.

“We just finished crossing the Pacific and will be landing in San Francisco to refuel in a few minutes. I knew you’d want to get in touch with your family as soon as possible.

“Thank you, Hannah. Go ahead and take your seat.” EJ waved her off and leaned back in his own seat. He was anxious to talk to his children, but more pressing was his need to check on Abigail. He wasn’t someone who often remembered his dreams, but when he did, they had meaning. Abigail was in danger. He could feel it.

The past few days had been torturous. The trip had been stressful and extremely hectic. Fortunately it appeared that it had been worth it though as Mr. Shin was now firmly on EJ’s side, which would make the upcoming Board of Directors review go a lot smoother. The bad thing was Mr. Shin had demanded their meeting take place in his home village, far away from the trappings of modern technology. As a result, EJ hadn’t been able to check his emails or text messages or even make any calls. While the break from Samantha’s daily chatter had been appreciated, not being able to check on his kids or on Abigail had driven EJ more than a little crazy, even before the nightmare. He couldn’t wait to call her and let her know he was finally on his way home. A few more hours and he’d be able to check on her in person. In the meantime, now that he was back in range of the States, he could start wading through the umpteen voice mails, text messages and emails that he was bound to having waiting for him. He pulled out his cellphone and turned it on.

Abby rolled over and groaned as the alarm on her cell phone went off, cursing the early hour. She hit the snooze button and closed her eyes, determined to get a few more minutes of rest. The last few days had left her physically, mentally and emotionally drained and combined with her pregnancy, it was all she could do to collapse into bed every night. Somehow she’d managed to get roped into not only helping Sami Brady plan her wedding to EJ, but now Sami was expecting her to EJ’s ‘best person’ too. JJ had called Abby nuts for letting Sami steamroll right over her, but Abby didn’t know what else to do. She was pregnant with the groom’s baby. Sami’s life was about to implode and Sami had no clue. Abby’s own feeling of perpetual guilt – the guilt that her mother would say she inherited from her dad, made her feel obligated to help – at least until she heard back from EJ.

EJ… He was the other thing that was causing her great stress. She had texted him about Sami’s wedding plans and hadn’t heard a peep back. He had warned her that communication might not be possible during his trip, but her own self-doubts had momentarily made her wonder if he was purposely avoiding her. Thankfully Sami herself had cleared up that when Abby overheard her offhandedly mentioned to Monica, the professional wedding planner who was assisting them, that EJ hadn’t even called or emailed the kids while he was away. If there was one thing about EJ that Abby was absolutely sure about, it was that his kids always came first. If they hadn’t heard from him, then there was a good reason for it. She prayed that he was okay.

The alarm chimed again. Abby sighed and turned it off this time. As soon as the alarm was disabled her phone came to life, pinging and vibrating as her text messaging, email and voice mail came out of hibernation mode. Abby waited until everything seemed to be in and then looked at her notification hub. She had 20 text messages from EJ, 5 voice mails and a handful of emails. She glanced at the most recent text message. “Please text me back as soon as you get this. I’m at SFO, grounded due to fog. I hope to get out of here today, but it may take a while.”

Abby, climbed out of bed and took the time to shower and eat breakfast before finally sending him a response. Seconds after she hit send her phone rang.


“Abigail! I got your messages. What the bloody hell is going on there?”

Abby snorted. “Funny, that’s what I wanted to know from you. When exactly were you planning to tell me about your wedding plans?”

“I don’t have any wedding plans!”

“That’s not what Sami seems to think.”

“Look Abigail, I don’t know what Samantha has told you, but she’s wrong.”

“So you didn’t know anything about her plans for a quickie wedding tonight at midnight?” She waited for his response, expecting another quick denial. As the pause stretched over seconds she grew suspicious. “EJ? Are you saying you did know?”

“Abigail.” EJ sighed in frustration. “She ran the idea past me before I left. I told her no, in no uncertain terms. If she’s gone ahead and made arrangements anyway, it’s all her own doing. I didn’t have anything to do with it. You have to believe me. I would never let this happen–”

“Well you have to admit, it’s not unusual for an engaged couple to make wedding plans.”

“Abigail, you know that there are extenuating circumstances—”

Abby felt her trusty self-loathing kick in. “Oh I’m well aware of that. After all, I’m one of those extenuating circumstances.”

“Abigail, you’re much more than that, you have to believe me when I say that.”

“Honestly EJ, I’m not sure what to believe anymore. You said you needed time and I’ve given you time, but from where I stand nothing has changed. You’re still engaged to Sami Brady and as far as she’s concerned, the two of you are about to embark on your married life together.”

“You know it’s complicated.”

“Yes I know it’s complicated, but I’ll tell you what, I can make it really easy for you. Sami has roped me into being your best person.”

“Samantha did what?”

“It’s a long story. She can tell you about it when you get home. Suffice to say that I’ve been very involved in planning your little wedding. I’ll be up there, standing beside you when you exchange vows. If you can stand in front of me or beside me or wherever the hell it is that Sami expects us to stand, and pledge your love to another woman, then I’ll take that as my cue to leave.”

“Leave? Abigail, what are you planning?”

“Yes. Leave, as in move away from Salem. Remember how months ago you suggested that I move back to Europe? I think I’ll do exactly that.” As the days without hearing from him had ticked by, fearing the worst, Abby had started working on her back up plan. She’d spent a semester in Spain once and had many friends there, and she was no stranger to England either, having lived there with her parents for a few years. Moving to Europe was quickly becoming the safest, most logical thing to do. She could have her baby and then, with JJ’s help, break the news to her mom. She had no intentions of divulging her baby’s paternity, and figured it would be easy enough to claim to her questioning relatives that she had a quick wintertime fling while getting over Chad, and that the father wanted nothing to do with the child.

“I’m not letting you cut me out of our child’s life, Abigail.”

“And I won’t cut you out. You can visit from time to time and I’ll email you pictures. But if you’re with your Samantha, you’re not going to be in our daily lives. It’s bad enough that you’ve strung me along for this long. I grew up with my dad coming in and out of my life depending on the whims of my parents. I won’t put our child through that heartbreak.”

“Abigail, this is damn impossible to do over the phone. Just wait until I get back, please. We’ll talk in person.”

“And Sami?”

“I’ll handle Samantha.”

“Like you’ve done so far?”

“Bloody Hell Abigail, just give me some time.”

“The clock is ticking EJ and I turn back into a pumpkin at midnight. Surely by now you have an idea of what you want to do with your life?” Without giving him a chance to reply she continued. “Look, it’s time for me to head to the hospital for work. And I meant what I said - when you get back to Salem, make up your mind. You know where to find me. And if I don’t hear from you, I’ll see you at your wedding tonight and then I’ll make all of our lives a little less complicated.”

With that she hung up her phone and turned it off, knowing that he wouldn’t be content to let her have the last word.

EJ cursed as he heard the phone disconnect. He immediately pressed redial, swearing again as it went straight to voicemail. “Dammit Abigail, you didn’t even give me a chance to warn you about my dream.” He ran his hand through his hair in frustration as he paced across the floor in the airport’s VIP lounge. She might be ticked off at him, but at least he knew in that moment that she was alive and safe. Maybe his dream had been nothing more than a manifestation of his worry over how he was going to clean up the mess he’d made of everything.

“Mr. DiMera?”

He looked up as Hannah walked back into the room.


“The pilot says that air traffic control isn’t expecting the fog to lift until early this afternoon, so we’re going to be stuck here for a while. I already checked with the commercial carriers, but everything is fully booked or delayed as well.”

“Thanks. Remind me to let my father know that we need to upgrade the plane’s navigation system as soon as possible. This is bloody ridiculous. The technology exists to take off through fog. I don’t understand why our plane doesn’t have it.”

“I will, sir. Oh and by the way, I just forwarded you the results from a background check that you asked to be run just before you left for China.”

“Thank you. I’ll read through it now since apparently I’ll have lots of time on my hands this morning.”


“Well I don’t care if it’ll take the staff all day to make, that’s what I want for dessert tonight. EJ DiMera is paying you a lot of money. Make it happen.” Sami growled into her phone as she headed for the shortcut through the park on her way to Horton Town Square. Rounding the corner she cursed as she literally ran into someone, sending her phone tumbling into the bushes.

As she bent down to pick it up she caught a sniff of a very familiar perfume. The clanging of the jewelry cinched it. Without even looking up she muttered. “Hello Kate.”

“Sami!” Kate beamed with her usual fake sincerity. “I couldn’t help but overhear you. Problems with your staff again?”

Sami managed to successfully retrieve her phone and stood up. Brushing off the dirt, she frowned, noticing that the battery had spontaneously drained with its fall. She hoped she hadn’t completely killed it. EJ would never let her live it down, saying she killed phones faster than she killed people. She shoved it in her purse and tried to move past Kate. The older woman sidestepped, intercepting her. “Look, I don’t care what you’re selling Kate, I’m not interested.”

“Oh? A bit testy are we?”

“Oh, I’m fine.” Sami plastered a grin on her face. “Ecstatic even.”


“EJ and I are getting married at midnight tonight.”

Without missing a beat, Kate quipped back. “Ah yes, we have heard the chimes at midnight. Tell me Sami, does EJ know that he’s getting married tonight?”

Sami had the decency to look a little guilty. “Well actually, no. It’s a surprise. But I suggested it to him before he left on his business trip.”

“And he actually agreed?”

“To the idea in general, yes.” At least that’s what she’d managed to convince herself of over the last few days. Sure, EJ had been adamant about waiting, but he was just stressed about everything with Mr. Shin. Once he solved that she knew he’d be fine.

Kate’s eyes narrowed like a hawk stalking its prey. “In general? What are you up to, Sami?”

“Nothing!” Sami chuckled. “I swear.”

“Like that’s worth anything.”

Sami was indignant. “I’ll have you know that my word does mean something!”

Kate threw back her head and laughed. “Oh I’m sure my sons would have something to say about that.”

“You’re a fine one to talk! If you hadn’t interfered Lucas and I would still be together.”

“Right.” Kate snorted. “As if Lucas would want anything to do with you after all the stunts you’ve pulled on him over the years.”

“My stunts! My stunts!” Sami’s voice was teetering on the edge of shrieking. “You’re the one who didn’t let Lucas confess to killing Franco in self defense, causing me to be executed on death row.”

“I was trying to protect my son and my grandson. You were going to marry that Italian sleaze and take Will away from Lucas. I couldn’t allow that to happen.”

“So you were willing to let me die in exchange.”

Kate shrugged. “Well maybe that was wrong of me, but you proved me right when you nearly ruined Austin’s life a few years later when you tried to marry him in Vegas. Thank god I showed him your true colors, just in time.”

“Yeah, thank god for that, because if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have fallen head over heels in love with Lucas a couple of years later, but wait, you ruined that relationship too when you drugged me and put me in bed with Brandon.”

“I was only doing what I thought was right.”

“Do you realize that if you hadn’t done that, Lucas and I would be celebrating our tenth anniversary next Valentine’s Day? Do you? And half of my kids wouldn’t be fathered by the guy who rap—”

Kate raised her brow. “Finish the sentence Sami.”

Sami shook her head and sank down onto a nearby bench. As Kate sat down beside her, she muttered. “It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t trade Johnny and Sydney for anything else in the world.”

“I think it does matter. Deep down you still think of him as the man who raped you, as you should. So why on earth are you preparing to spend your life with him?”

“I could say the same thing about you and Stefano.”

“Sweetie, do you see me lining up to remarry that old bastard? I would die first before I go back into that family.”

“EJ’s different. He’s a really good father to Johnny and Sydney and Allie loves him as her stepfather.”

“So?” Kate shook her head. “Lucas is a really great father to Allie and he treats Johnny and Sydney like they’re his own, yet I don’t see you lining up to marry him, thank god.”

Sami let out a little cough. “Lucas doesn’t want me anyway.”

“Well of course not. He’s with Sheryl now.”

“I guess he hasn’t told you yet?”

Kate frowned. “Told me what?”

“He and Sheryl broke up.”

“What? But they were getting along so well. I thought for sure it was just a matter of time…”

“Well you were wrong.”

“What on earth happened?”

“You happened, Kate.”

“Excuse me?”

“Kate, has it ever occurred to you that in all your attempts to do what you think is the best for your children, all you’ve managed to do is screw up their lives?”

“I have not! My children are happy!”

“Really? Let’s see. Austin is married to Carrie. She cheated on him once with Mike and almost cheated with Rafe. They’re together because of the baby, and maybe they’re happy now, but they’ve had a lot of miserable years. I take the blame for some of that, but you need to share in it too. Carrie wouldn’t have felt alone and miserable and turned to Mike when Austin was busy helping me fight the murder charges if, I don’t know, say you hadn’t framed me for murder.” She took another breath. “And let’s talk about Billie. She’s never been able to get over my Uncle Bo.”

“That’s hardly my fault.”

“But maybe if you hadn’t hired Franco to go after Hope, then maybe Uncle Bo and Hope would have reconciled sooner, and Billie could have made a clean start a lot earlier.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I’ll skip Lucas for a minute. We’ll come back to him. Let’s see, Philip. He’s another one. You did your best to keep him tied to Belle, even hiding Claire’s true paternity.”

“Belle and Philip were perfect together. I still don’t understand what she sees in Shawn.”

Sami shrugged. “If I’m totally honest, neither do I, but he makes her happy and that makes me happy. So poor Philip wasn’t allowed to get over Belle, and where is he now? Hiding in Chicago after going through a bevy of women: Chloe, Morgan, Stephanie, Melanie, you know he should have stuck with Morgan. There’s something about him with women whose names end with an ‘e’ that just doesn’t work.”

“Hey! My name ends with an ‘e’.” Kate protested.

Sami arched a brow. “Exactly. And let’s talk about Rex and Cassie for a moment. Where are they? And why do they never visit? Hell, nobody even talks about them.”

“They’re off living their lives. I’ve asked them to come home, but they always have an excuse not to.”

“Because they’re smart, that’s why. They’ve heard the horror stories from everyone else and they know that the only fighting chance they have involves staying the hell away from you.”

Kate crossed her arms and shook her head. “I’m just trying to keep my children from making mistakes.”

Sami ran her hand through her hair in frustration. “But all you’ve done is made them miserable. You want to know what would have made Lucas the happiest man in the world?” She didn’t wait for Kate’s answer. “Marrying me, and giving Will a family. That’s all he ever wanted. And we had that, until you ruined it.”

“Sami, if you and Lucas were truly meant to be, my interference wouldn’t have stopped you from being together. In fact, you did end up together, remember? You had that big fancy wedding and rubbed cake in my face. But you screwed it up by not cutting all ties with EJ.”

“I was protecting my family! Stefano was going to kill them!”

Kate rolled her eyes. “If that old geezer wanted the entire Brady family dead, they’d be dead. Stefano lives for the game. He’s the puppet master. He lives to control people, and you’re one of his puppets, just like John was and still is his pawn. And his chosen method for controlling you is his son, Elvis.”

“Maybe in the past, but it’s not like that anymore. EJ loves me.”

“Are you sure about that Sami?”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I mean, do you trust him?”

“Of course!”

“No, I don’t mean just with the kids because yes, I’ve seen enough to know that he loves them more than anything, but how well do you think you know him?”

“I know him better than anyone else ever could!” Sami said defensively.

“Well for your sake, I hope that’s true.”

“What are you trying to hint at, Kate? Tell me, please.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing, nothing at all.” Kate stood up and motioned towards the town square. “Run along now. Have your little surprise wedding with EJ. I just hope it brings you both everything your hearts’ desire.”

Sami was perplexed, but didn’t have time to question it further. “Of course it will. It’s what we both want.” Even if EJ doesn’t realize it yet.

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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YAY!!! So glad you updated this!!

Loved Kate and Sami's talk. I think they both made great points about each other's lives.

Can't wait to see what happens next...

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Dang, Kate and Sami covered a lot of history in that conversation...I'm bringing popcorn to "watch" this wedding!

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Chapter Eleven

“Caroline, is Allie ready to go? Sami wants her back at the mansion on time.”

Ciara turned her head and looked at Lucas who had just come into the pub.

“Allie’s upstairs playing with Joey and Aunt Kayla.” Caroline smiled at him. “I’ll go up and let her know you’re here, Lucas.”

“It’s fine. I can run upstairs and get her.”

Caroline waved him off as she walked out from behind the bar. “I have to talk to Kayla anyway. Have a seat. Ciara can keep you company for a few minutes.”

“Thanks.” Lucas smiled and then sat down at the table beside the bar. He grinned at the little girl. “Hi Ciara.”


“How’s school?”


Lucas smirked. Ciara and Allie were only months apart in age, but couldn’t be more different in personalities. Allie, although quiet, was very open when you talked to her one on one. Ciara was much harder to read, at least that was Lucas’ experience. He never knew what the small brunette was thinking or worse, plotting behind that cool exterior. “Is something wrong?”

“There are many things wrong.” Ciara sighed dramatically. “It’s like Salem has gone crazy.”

“Really?” Lucas leaned forward, intrigued. “Like how exactly?”

“The wrong people are together.”

“Is this about your mom?”

Ciara shook her head. “No. It’s about Allie’s mom. And Abby.”

“What? What about Sami? And what about my niece?”

Ciara turned her head and made sure no one was eavesdropping before leaning forward and whispering to Lucas. “Allie told me that her mom’s getting married tonight, to EJ DiMera.”

“What?” Lucas knew that Sami had been practically frantic in her insistence that Allie be dropped off at the mansion on time, but he had chalked it up to Sami being her usual overdramatic self. “I guess this is how she decided to handle EJ.” Lucas muttered softly, but not so quietly that Ciara didn’t hear.

“It’s all wrong though.”

“I agree.” Lucas bit his lip and frowned and then remembered who he was talking to. “Wait a minute. How do you know it’s all wrong?”

Ciara rolled her eyes. “You adults are all the same. You assume that the kids are blind and deaf to everything. Okay, maybe that’s true about Johnny, but Allie and Sydney notice things and I notice even more things.”

Lucas’ brow furrowed. “And what exactly have you noticed?”

“EJ DiMera has no business marrying Allie’s mom when he’s in love with my cousin Abby.”

Lucas’ mouth gaped open. Out of all the potential secrets he was expecting Ciara to reveal, that was the last thing he thought she’d say. “What? What are you talking about? EJ DiMera and Abigail Deveraux, my niece?”

Ciara nodded.

“But they barely know each other! I mean I know that Abby dated his little brother Chad for a while, but I know that they didn’t exactly run in the same social circles.”

“Well, they seemed to know each other really well when I watched them together at the sleepover at Abby’s and JJ’s house.”

“You what?” Lucas was sure his jaw must have dropped a foot. He struggled to recover. “They were together in front of you?!”

“No. They mostly hid it. But like I said before, I’m observant.”

“Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand?”

Ciara checked around her once again before carefully rolling up the sleeve on the sweater she’d changed into after school, holding out her wrist. “Does this look like I misunderstood?”

Lucas stared at the gleaming bracelet on the young girl’s wrist. He was no jeweller, but he knew the real deal when he saw it. “Those are diamonds.”

Ciara smiled smugly. “Yes they are.”

“EJ gave that to you?”

“It took a little coaxing, but yes, he gave me the bracelet in return for my silence.”

Lucas rubbed his temple before running his hand through his hair. “Let me get this straight, you blackmailed a DiMera?”


“And he let you?”

Ciara shrugged. “I didn’t give him much choice.”

“Okay, so if EJ gave you that bracelet in return for you not telling anyone about his relationship with my niece, then why are you telling me?”

“Because Sami is planning to marry him at midnight tonight and they don’t belong together. He belongs with Abby and Sami belongs with you.”

“Excuse me?”

Ciara frowned. “Don’t you want Allie to have her parents together?”

“In a perfect world, sure.” Lucas sighed. “But it’s not a perfect world.”

“But you still love her. I’ve seen how you look at her, and I’ve seen how she is around you.”

Lucas’ eyes narrowed. “What do you mean?”

Ciara took a deep breath, rolling her eyes. Adults could be so dense sometimes. “Sister Mary Celina would say that most days Sami acts like she’s a few beads short of a rosary.”

Lucas bit his lip to keep from smirking. “Who’s Sister Mary Celina?”

“She’s a substitute teacher at school. We don’t get her very much because she’s over 80 and likes to just randomly blurt out things and that makes Father Louis nervous, but sometimes they have no one else, so they bring her in. She’s my favourite teacher. You always know what she’s thinking.”

“I see. So you think that if Sister Mary Celina met Sami, she’d say she’s crazy.”

Ciara nodded. “And she’d be right, unless you were with Sami. She’s not crazy when you’re with her. Even my dad used to notice the same thing and say that to my mom.”

Lucas chuckled to himself. “Look Ciara, I care a lot about Sami and she cares about me, and that will never change.”

“Good. Then you can go stop her from marrying EJ.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Of course it is. Look, I know that Allie won’t say anything because she’s too nice and she doesn’t want to hurt Johnny or Sydney, but deep down she wishes you two were married.” In reality, Allie had never brought up the subject with Ciara, nor had Ciara asked, but Ciara was sure that if her cousin had the choice she’d choose to live with both her parents full time. After living with her own father’s absence for the past couple of years Ciara knew that she certainly would if she could.

“Well what am I supposed to do?”

“Just go there. You’ll think of something.”

“I’m glad that you have confidence in me, but what makes you think I have any experience in stopping weddings?”

Ciara rolled her eyes again. “I’ve heard the stories. You’d be amazed at what Aunt Kayla and Aunt Kimberly talk about on the phone when they think I’ve gone to sleep.”

“There he is, Allie.” Caroline’s voice sounded before Lucas could formulate a response. He turned and held out his arms to his daughter, who ran straight into them.

As he hugged her close, Lucas couldn’t help but ponder everything he’d learned from his little cousin. He’d told Sami that he wanted nothing to do with the shenanigans in her life anymore, but that was before he found out about EJ’s involvement with his niece. That changed everything.


“Oh hi sweetheart. What’s up?” Jennifer smiled as Abby walked through the door of her office.

“I’m just surprised that you’re still here. Weren’t you and Daniel heading over to Smith Island for a few days?”

Jennifer beamed. “We are. Daniel got called in for an emergency surgery, which he should be out of in the next half hour, so we’re not leaving til a little later this evening.”

“Oh okay.”

“We were planning on grabbing takeout from Buddy’s Burgers and then going to the house to grab our stuff. Do you want us to pick up a burger for you too?”

Abby shook her head. “Thanks, but once I’ve finished here I have to get over to Sami’s.”

“Oh that’s right, Sami’s getting married tonight. You know you might want to take me up on that burger offer. Guests at Sami’s weddings rarely get to eat because things usually implode before the reception.”

Abby couldn’t help but smile at that. She felt a little guilty, but it was true. “I’m not just a guest. I’m one of the ‘Best People’ whatever that means.”

Jennifer stood up and walked around the desk to stand facing her daughter. She reached over and lovingly caressed Abby’s cheek. “It means that despite appearances to the contrary, someone in that household has a lick of sense, because you, my daughter, are the best person.”

Abby shook her head. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes you are. I know it. JJ knows it and your father knew it.”

Abby’s face clouded at the mention of her dad. What on earth would he think about her current predicament? Knocked up by the almost-married son of Stefano DiMera; she imagined he’d be terribly disappointed in his little angel. Her behavior of late certainly hadn’t warranted his pet name for her.

Jennifer didn’t miss her daughter’s change in demeanour. “What’s wrong baby? You know you can tell me anything.”

Abby shook her off. “It’s nothing. I’m just a little tired and not really looking forward to the rest of the day. It’s going to be a long day.”

Jennifer clucked sympathetically. “Well, if it goes the way of all her other weddings you won’t have to suffer for too long.”

Abby shook her head ruefully. “I’d offer to keep you updated, but I know there’s little point. Cell service is almost non-existent on Smith Island.”

“That’s why we’re going.” Jennifer grinned. “3 days of Daniel not being on call – it’s too good to miss.”

“Well you try to have a good time at the wedding or non-wedding, whatever it turns out to be.

“We will, and do me a favor and try to check in on JJ over the next couple of days.”

“Speaking of JJ, you’d better hurry over to Buddy’s Burgers. They’ll need extra time to make all the burgers for him.”

“No need. He said he’d be out late with Rory.”

Abby scrunched her face. “I really wish he’d find some new friends.”

“He assured me that he won’t ever make the same mistakes again.”

“Famous last words.”

“I trust your brother, and you should too.”

“I do.” Abby sighed, thinking to herself that she should probably cut him some slack. Soon it would be apparent to everyone that she was the family screw up, not him. “Old habits die hard, you know?”

Jennifer was amused. “I know. Well listen, Daniel should be just about done soon. I don’t mean to rush you out the door, but I do have a couple of things I need to finish before I go.”

“No worries.” Abby gave her mom a hug. “Have a wonderful time and we’ll catch up when you get back.”

“We will do that.”

Abby left her mom’s office, pulling the door shut behind her. She turned to head back down the hallway and was startled to run into someone. “Oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching— Liam?”

“Oh hello Abigail. Nice to see you.”

“Are you looking for my mom? She’s just inside her office.”

“No, no. I was just walking by.”

“Oh.” Abby felt the same unease in the pit of her stomach that she always felt around the dark haired pharmaceutical rep. She wondered momentarily if EJ had ever done that background check like she’d asked.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Have a good time at the wedding.” Liam called out as he walked away.

“What?” Abby was confused. Very few people knew anything about her plans for later that evening. “Was he eavesdropping?” She shook her head as she wandered back to her office to finish her work for the day. Liam Frazer was a strange guy, but who wasn’t just a little strange in Salem?

Abby shut off her monitor, grabbed her purse and keys and mentally went over the list of things she’d put in her car earlier in the day in order to get ready for the wedding. She planned to take everything to the mansion and change in one of the guest rooms before helping Sami get ready. “I have my dress, my makeup, my hair stuff, my jewellery, my shoes-- Oh dammit, I forgot to grab my shoes.” She looked at her watch. “Well, if I leave now, I have just enough time to stop by the house and get them.”

She glanced at her cell phone, which she had turned off after arguing with EJ earlier in the day. She assumed that he’d left her a message or two, but she was determined that she wasn’t going to listen to his words until he called off his farce of a wedding. And if he didn’t, well then the messages wouldn’t mean anything anyway.

Lucas forced a smile onto his face as Harold, the DiMera butler, opened the door. “Ah, Mr. Roberts sir, please come in. I’ll tell Ms. Brady that you and Miss Allie have arrived.”

“Daddy, I’m going to go see Johnny and Sydney.” Allie said before running upstairs.

“Okey dokey.” Lucas called behind her. “So Sami –”

“She’s just upstairs, if you’ll wait a moment, I’ll get her.”

“Thanks.” He glanced around the foyer. Knowing Sami, it would take her forever to come down to see him. He may as well make himself comfortable for the wait. He grabbed the handle for the living room door and turned it, gasping as he opened the door. “What the hell?”

EJ terminated his call with agitation, and leaned back into the leather seats in the backseat of the limousine as his driver took him home from the airport. “Dammit Abigail, pick your phone. It’s important.” He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He’d been trying to talk to her again since she’d hung up earlier and after reading through the file on Liam Frazer, it was becoming a matter of life and death, at least as far as he was concerned. He’d tried her at the hospital too, but according to Maxine, she’d left about fifteen minutes earlier. He’d even tried Jennifer, but she was long gone too, and there was no answer at all at the Horton house. It was driving him more than a little mad. On top of that, there were umpteen messages from Samantha, clogging up his voicemail. He’d listened to one, where she’d prattled on and on about a big surprise for tonight. It all made him feel rather nauseous. A year ago, marrying Samantha was the only thing he could think of that would make is life ever better. Now it just filled him with an overwhelming sense of dread.

“Do you want to be dropped off at the front door, Mr. DiMera?”

“No. Just park in the back. The fresh air on the walk up to the house will be good.” He replied.

“Very good sir.”

EJ didn’t reply. Instead he hit redial on his phone, praying that eventually Abigail would pick up.
Abby walked into the kitchen after parking in the back. She was surprised to see her mother’s and Daniel’s cars both still there as she thought they’d be long gone to Smith Island by now. “Maybe they decided to start celebrating their time off a little early.” She mused. She had no intention of disturbing them if that was the case, so she quietly walked to the foyer and prepared to creep upstairs. A moan from the darkened living room caught her attention. “Oh god, don’t tell me they couldn’t even bother to take it to the bedroom.” She cringed and pretended she hadn’t heard it. Another moan sounded, this time louder. She paused. “That wasn’t the moan of pleasure. Someone’s in pain.” She spun around and headed for the living room, flicking on the lights as she entered the room. “Omigod!”

All she could see was a pool of blood near the sofa. Someone was hurt, and from the size of the puddle of blood, very badly. He heart thumped in her chest as her hand reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She mentally cursed as she realized her phone was still off and wasted no time in turning it back on. She advanced towards the sofa, fearing what she would find as she waited for her phone to come to life. Just as she caught a glimpse of who had been hurt, her phone rang. She glanced at the call display as she answered. “Omigod EJ, you have to help me—”

“Abigail? Abigail? ABIGAIL?” EJ screamed into the phone, but the line had already gone dead.

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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Argghhh....nooooo, you're going to give us a cliffhanger like that???? Cruel woman! :)

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October 19th, 2014, 8:34 pm #36

Not another cliffhanger. This is really getting good. Loving it!

I love Ciara. Loved her talk with Lucas!

Can't wait to see what happens next....

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Chapter Twelve

EJ’s heart was racing as his car screeched to a halt in front of the Horton house. He wasted no time in climbing out of his car and running up to the door, his heart sinking as he found it partially open. He carefully pushed it open – far enough to slip inside. The foyer was dark and the house was quiet, but EJ couldn’t shake the sensation of dread in the pit of his stomach. He reached over and flicked the light switch on the wall. The room was bathed in light just as the door banged open all the way.

“Oh there is someone here. Hey dude. You’re EJ DiMera, right?”

“Who the hell are you?” EJ growled at the younger man, noting his messy chin length dark hair and sloppy attire.

“Duuuuude, relax. I’m Rory, JJ’s best friend in the world.”

“Where’s JJ? Have you seen Abigail? Has JJ seen Abigail?”

“He’s just parking the car. We tried to park in the back, but Abigail’s car was in the way, so JJ’s bringing it around to the front. He’ll be right in. Just chill.”

“Abigail’s car is here?”

“Yeah it is, and so are Daniel’s and Mom’s.” JJ answered as he joined them. “I don’t get it. Nobody is supposed to be home tonight.” JJ frowned at EJ. “And why are you here? And how did you get in?”

“I’m looking for Abigail. The door was open, but the lights were all off.”

“What? That makes no sense. Where is everyone?”

“Uh guys?”

EJ and JJ both ignored Rory. “Why would Abigail be here? She’s supposed to be the best person at your wedding tonight.”

EJ waved his hand impatiently. “There isn’t going to be a wedding.”

“I should hope not considering that Abigail is carrying—”

“Uh guys?” Rory repeated, this time more insistently.

“What?” EJ and JJ both turned towards him.

“I think you’d better come take a look.” Rory said with a touch of fear in his voice as he pointed into the living room. “Is that blood?”

“Omigod, Abigail!” EJ hissed as he pushed past the two younger men and hurried into the living room. He stopped short as he passed the sofa, feeling immediate relief as he realized that the blood had not come from the mother of his unborn child. He bent down to take a closer look.

“Daniel?” JJ exclaimed as he followed EJ into the room. He held his hand up to his mouth, feeling a wave of nausea threaten to overtake him. “Is he?”

EJ nodded. “No pulse and he’s not warm. He’s been gone for a while.”

“Omigod!” JJ cried out. “Mom? Abigail?”

“We need to check upstairs.” EJ replied, his years as a race car driver giving him the ability to appear completely calm despite the rapid thumping of his heart.

“I just did.” Rory said as he ran into the room. “There’s no one up there.”

“We need to check the whole house.”

EJ shook his head at JJ and pointed to the smashed cell phone that was on the floor only a few feet away from Daniel. He instantly recognized it as Abigail’s. “No, it’s a waste of time; he’s taken them.”

“Who? Who took them?”


“Liam? That weird guy that Mom dated this winter?”

EJ nodded. “Yes, Abigail was concerned and had me run a background check. He has a history of psychological problems, including violence towards women he’s involved with. He’s a sociopath.”

“And you couldn’t be bothered to let us know?” JJ snapped.

“I was out of the country and your sister wouldn’t take my calls today.”

“Well can you really blame her considering you’re getting married tonight?”

“Look, we don’t have time to bicker about that. I need to get on the road and find them.”

“I’m going with you.”

“Somebody needs to stay and alert the police.” EJ countered.

“Rory can do that.” JJ insisted.

“Fine. I don’t have time to argue, let’s go.”

Abby struggled to loosen the ropes that were digging into her wrists and ankles, all the while praying that EJ had heard her scream before Liam disconnected her phone and smashed it with with a hammer. He was her only hope and her mother’s only hope. She felt ill as she thought back to what she’d seen before Liam had grabbed her. Daniel… Daniel was gone. She was sure of it. And her mother… She couldn’t bring herself to go there, not yet. She bit her lip and continued trying to rub the rope on her wrists against the seat belt buckle in the back, praying that it would loosen so that she’d have a hope of getting out if Liam ever slowed down. Hold on little one she thought to herself as she willed EJ to hear her call for help. Daddy’s coming. He’ll save us.

“How do you even know where to go?” JJ barked, grabbing the door handle and hanging on as EJ’s car rounded another hairpin curve in the winding road at twice the posted speed limit.

“It’s a hunch.”

JJ was incredulous. “You’re going on a hunch? What the hell?”

“It’s a good hunch.”

“What?” JJ snapped.

“This is the road to Mirror Lake.”

“I know. Out of all the roads, why this one?”

“Because Liam bought a parcel of land up here in January.”

“And you think he bought it with the intent to kidnap my mom?”

“Seems like it. That seems to be his modus operandi.”

“I hope you’re right. But shouldn’t we call the police? I mean, I know you told Rory to call them back in Salem, but they don’t know where we’ve gone.”

“It’s taken care of.” EJ replied, his eyes never leaving the road.

“How? I didn’t see you call anyone.”

“I didn’t need to. When I heard Abigail scream on the phone I alerted my staff. My men are on the way.”

“Of course they are.”

“JJ, I’m not going to let anything happen to your sister.”

“Or your baby.”

That made EJ’s head turn for a second. “You know?”

“She didn’t tell me. I figured it out and she had no choice but to confirm. Look, I don’t know what kind of arrangement you have with Sami Brady, but I think it’s a pretty rotten thing to do to someone as kind and loving as Abigail.”

“What exactly is it that you think I’m doing?”

“Well you’re marrying Sami tonight.”

EJ nodded towards the road. “Obviously not.”

“Well you were planning to.”

“No I wasn’t. My fiancé took it upon herself to arrange—”

“But that’s just it!” JJ argued. “She’s still your fiancé.”

“Look JJ, I know you’re worried, but let’s focus on finding Abigail and your mother, okay? Everything else is between me and Abigail, and she’s the only one that I’m going to explain myself to.”

“Fine.” JJ sulked and stared out the windshield. “Wait!”


“That!” JJ pointed down a rare straight stretch on the dark road. “That looks like a car, but it doesn’t have any lights turned on.”

“Which makes perfect sense if you’re trying to avoid being detected. Hold on.” EJ murmured as he pressed the accelerator all the way to the floor.
“Lucas?” Sami smiled as walked into the living room. Harold said you wanted to see me? Does this mean you’ve decided to stay for the wedding?”

“So this isn’t a joke? It’s really a wedding?”

Sami bristled. “Why would you even ask that? Of course it’s a wedding. EJ and I are getting married at midnight.”

“Sami.” Lucas gestured to the multi-colored balloons and streamers that were covering virtually everything in the room, well everything except the out of place blood red roses. “It looks like a circus in here. All you’re missing is a juggling clown and an elephant.”

“They’re in the garden.”

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for the kids.” Sami said completely seriously. “So the clown is waiting in the garden with the elephant. Actually I think it’s two clowns – one on a unicycle and one juggling. And there’s a mime too, plus the monkey.”

“What? No tiger?”

Sami frowned. “We tried, but Salem outlawed tigers in town after the incident with Horton years ago. You remember Horton, right?”

“Of course!” As if he could ever forget about the night the tiger got loose and terrorized them at the circus, or the kiss that he and Sami shared when they crawled into the clown car to escape him. Nor could he ever forget about Will’s camping trip, and how the tiger caused them to end up making out in a cave. Lucas sighed. “What I don’t understand is why on earth you would make a circus be the theme of your wedding.” He held up his hand. “Not that I disagree, cause almost every Sami Brady wedding inevitably turns into a circus, but I wouldn’t have pegged you and EJ as a couple who’d pick that on purpose. He does know, right?”

Sami was instantly defensive. “Of course he knows. He picked it out! Not many people know this, but EJ has a thoughtful side. He loves elephants. And according to what Abigail told me when she was tutoring me in art history, elephants are the only animals that have only positive symbolism associated with them. So you can see that EJ put a lot of thought and consideration into his choice.”

“Really?” Lucas chuckled.

“He did!” Sami assured him. “I chose the roses and I asked for his input into the rest of the wedding theme and this is what he picked. So this is what we have and I couldn’t be happier.”

Given what Ciara had told Lucas about EJ and Abby, Lucas could only surmise that the Brit had been pre-occupied at the time. “Has he seen it yet?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him. The bride and groom aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding. Remember? It’s bad luck.”

Lucas threw back his head and howled with laughter.

Sami crossed her arms and glared at him. “Stop that. It’s not funny.”

“Oh yes it is. It’s freaking hilarious.”

“Is not.”

“Is too.”

“I mean it Lucas. Don’t make me throw you out.”

“Oh baby, you’re not throwing me out. I’m not missing this circus for anything.”

“Well then you’d better be on your best behaviour.”

Lucas held up his hand, while smirking. “I will. I promise.”

Sami glared at him one more time. “Good, now why don’t you do me a favour and go see if he needs any help getting ready.”


“Well I’d ask Will, but he can’t come over until Sonny’s off from the club and that’ll be just before the ceremony. And Abigail must be running late too, plus I need her to help me. So can you please, for our son and daughter’s sake, do me a favour and go check on EJ?”

Lucas opened his mouth to protest again, but seeing the pleading look in Sami’s eyes, relented. “Okay. I’ll run upstairs and check.”

Sami leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Lucas shook his head and muttered to himself as he left the room and headed upstairs.

Sami stayed behind in the living room, wondering if Lucas would forgive her for the little white lies she’d just told. The truth was that EJ had been too distracted to care the day she made him help her pick out wedding flower colors. She’d realized that as soon as he’d shoved the picture of the circus at her. It had been an ‘oopsie’ in the stack of photos he’d gone through; a kids birthday theme that their wedding planner had accidentally included. Sami had considered scrapping it altogether and would have if Johnny hadn’t seen it and confirmed that he’d heard Ej and Abigail discussing elephants, Yoda, angels, and Rafe while baking cupcakes. Sami assumed he’d misheard Yoda for yoga, a practice she knew Abigail was into, but she was still perplexed about why they were discussing Rafe. She’d have to ask EJ about that on the honeymoon, provided he actually married her. She knew he was annoyed that she’d sprung this wedding on him, but hoped that he’d be able to see through that anger and remember the love they shared.


“What’s the matter?” She turned around and looked at Lucas, who’d just re-entered the room. “EJ turn you down?”

Lucas shook his head. “No, not at all. EJ isn’t even here.”

“What? He should have been back over a couple of hours ago.”

“No. I asked Harold, and he said that the plane did land in Salem, but EJ hasn’t come home yet.”

“Oh he must be out buying me a surprise. She fingered the diamond pendant hanging around her neck. Something to match this – probably the matching bracelet. He’s so romantic that way.”

Lucas raised a brow in scepticism.

“It’ll be fine. He’ll be home soon. I’d better get upstairs and out of sight. Wouldn’t want to jinx things.”

“No, we wouldn’t want that.” Lucas answered with a touch of sarcasm that if she noticed, Sami chose to ignore as she fled the room, leaving Lucas to wonder if this wedding was about to go the way of most Sami Brady weddings.

“So let me get this straight. You and JJ came here and found EJ DiMera standing over Daniel’s dead body?”

“No dude, it wasn’t like that.” Rory explained to Roman Brady for the third time. “JJ and I got here just after EJ. All three of us found Dr. Jonas’ body and JJ and EJ took off to rescue Abigail and JJ’s super hot mom from that weird Liam guy.”

“But they didn’t tell you where they were going?”

“No, they just told me to call the police. JJ has his phone on him. Just call him and ask him where they are.”

Roman glanced at Abe, who glanced back at him. “Of course. We were about to try that. What’s JJ’s number again?”

Rory dutifully rattled it off and watched the two men as they waited for the call to be picked up.

JJ blinked as the vibration of his phone in his pocket stirred him awake. Still groggy, he struggled to figure out where he was. His eyes popped open as it all flooded back – the chase, the bumping of the vehicles with EJ desperately trying to keep from hitting Liam’s car too hard lest he hurt Abigail and their baby. “Omigod! EJ wake up! We slid off the road after we touched Liam’s car.”

At the sound of Abigail’s name, EJ’s eyes popped wide open. He was instantly alert. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” JJ answered as he struggled to untangle his seatbelt, finally succeeding. He and EJ emerged from the car at nearly the same time and ran down the ditch to where Liam’s car had come to a stop.

EJ steeled himself for the worst as he peered into the vehicle. He recoiled in shock at what he saw.

“What? What is it? What do you see?”

“Nothing. They’re not here.”

?To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux


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Yay!! So happy to see that you are updating this again.

Can't wait to see what happens next...

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Wow!!! Exciting update, but these cliffhangers are killing me!!!!