insert foot in virtual mouth!What are the rules on FSH forum? What can I day and not say?

insert foot in virtual mouth!What are the rules on FSH forum? What can I day and not say?

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November 10th, 2010, 9:10 pm #1

I posted in the primary infertility board and got an unfavorable response I think because I mentioned previous success in IVF. I'm afraid I became a bit defensive. SHould I be posting on this part of the board? I'm already nervous about IVF and now I just feel horrible that I put my foot in my virtual mouth. ARgh.

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November 20th, 2010, 1:32 am #2

don't know if you'll be checking this slooooow moving BB again. I check here periodically mostly out of a special affection for this bb, which was such a sanity saver for me while I was ttc#2.

I went digging for your original post on the primary BB. What a mess, eh? Some people get a bit nasty from the safety of anonymity, sadly.

You got some good advice in there, regarding putting warnings in the subject line. Don't let this little clash stop you from participating again. Maybe you've found the private secondary bb by now and are actively sharing there. Good
The ads on this one drives me batty. The original owner is gone, I tried to be caretaker/moderator but it's no use, I can't get in touch with her.
..not that I ttc anymore

This bb was very active for a good chunk of time and I am sure you aren't the only one ttc a second or more so keep checking back--if you want to remain on a bb that isn't private, and post a hello every once in a while, you might start something ..too bad about the ads though.

Try that private secondary bb, it's really liberating to be able to talk about ttc#2 (and beyond) openly and not worry that you are deeply hurting someone inadvertently. I found that ttc#2 came with special emotional challenges and guilt.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you on the pg bb (where I co-moderate, btw) and maybe you'd like to join in the fun that is the playgroup bb, come lurk and see if you want to dive in.


me:41, DH 42
FSH 26
DS: born by c-sec Apr15'03, 9lbs5oz 41wks gest. (after 4 years of ttc, starting in 1998)
DD born by c-sec Oct 13 2007, 8lbs13oz 39wk gest. (after just under 3 years of ttc)
DS was conceived naturally the cycle following a cancelled DE IVF, using my good friend's eggs. She was on the verge of hyperstimming.
DD's nat conception I attribute to using OPKs like a crazy nut, eating grapefruit daily and using preseed. also 5 cycles of TCM ending 2 cycles before that lucky cycle.