1869 Half Dollar ???

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Hello, I would like to get peoples opinion on the following coin. I have a question posted on another forum and I am getting mixed reviews on it. Some say that it is AU Details from polishing and/or buffering and I thought it would be an Uncirculated Details coin from a dipping. But then someone else chimed and saying a possible PR 58. That person stated the following,

"Buffing creates flatness. I don't see any flattening on this coin. the strike is exceptional and there is no sign that it has been buffed. 

The color of the coin looks shiny like a buffed coin, but it also looks like a prooflike coin that has clouded up a little." 20180411_162815_001.jpg 20180411_162807.jpg
I tend to agree with that comment. What are your thoughts on this coin?