1860 attribution guide

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I have finished my 7th attribution guide, for 1860 this time.
As always, it is a free PDF file you can download from my page:

The whole thing started from Ken Seholm's article, "A Provenance Reclaimed" in Gobrecht Journal #130,
where he was wondering if his 1860 from William Harmon's collection was a V-3 proof or not.
V-3 was on the ANACS slab label, but we learned from Mr. Half Dime that the slab labels often did not match William Harmon's (very accurate) attributions.
At the time, I checked the 1992 Al Blythe book, where he illlustrated 3 non-proof varieties that he called V-3a, V-3b and V-3c.
This style of numbering suggested to me that he thought these were 3 different die states of the V-3, which did not seem likely.
At the time, I attributed Ken's half dime as a V-3, non-proof, and I said that V-3 was both proof and business strike.
With this attribution guide, I can finally answer this question a little more accurately.
There are 2 newly designated obverse dies whose date positions are almost the same as V-3.
Using this info, I found that V-3 is apparently a proof-only die marriage.
So the new question is, which die marriage is Ken's ex-Harmon coin?
The new attribution guide should help answer this as well.

Below I have included some of the tables and image arrays from the guide, in case they are helpful for discussion.

- Clint
1860_rarity_attraction.gif 1860_die_pair_table.gif dp187vt12 ov.jpg