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I'm looking for information about Norwood Motor Co. According to my NCRS Historic Document Services shipping records:
Zone 32 Dealer code 555

I own a Black 1969 Chevelle SS that was originally factory equipped with the L89 396 (375 HP) with Aluminum Heads, and delivered to Norwood Motor Co in June of 1969. The car was originally black with black bench seat equipped with a 4-speed.

The original owner of my Chevelle says that Mel Perry removed the 396 block when the car was new and installed a 427 with a Chevrolet experimental cam. Mel put a holly 3 barrel on it, tuned headers, ladder bars, 488 gears and Ansen aluminum wheels. According to the original owner, the Chevelle was scary fast! The car was raced at Connecticut Dragway and according to the original owner "it was a consistent 10s car." I would expect that someone might remember a car like that!!

The original owner traded the car in to Scuncio for a 454 Chevelle a couple years later.

The car remained in the Massachusetts area until I bought the car in 2006.

Here are a few photos of the car circa 1984 in hopes that it jogs someone's memory...

Please call or text me at 403-803-3879 if you have any information on my 1969 Chevelle SS, or if you recall Mel Perry doing this sort of modification on a customer's 1969 Chevelle SS.

If anyone can put me in contact with Mel Perry, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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